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  1. So my fist round of scarlett temple failed miserably. Fish kept up rooting it and ied find it floating in the tank so I tried putting more of the stems in the substrate. Everything melted and died. That time I didnt have any ferts. This time I have all the easy line and root tabs. How should I go about planting the new stems when they get here to avoid this happening again? Everything is on it's way in the mail now.
  2. I just got my delivery of several plants from Aquariumcoop. I have an established tank with fish but nothing planted yet. My hardscape rocks haven’t been delivered yet so I’m not ready to plant as not sure of placement. A few questions. 1. Can I leave the plants in the bags for a few days until I’m ready to plant? Can I leave them in the pots and put in my tank until ready? Will being in the pot affect the water? How long before they establish roots and are difficult to move? 2. How do I prep before adding to tank? Do they need a bleach bath? Do I just rinse them? Thanks for helping the newbie.
  3. To keep nitrogen cycle under control with fish that eat plants what can I use that will look good in the fish room and not harm animals? I love orchids and pathos is dangerous for animals. What kind of Vine could I grow around my stand to make the room beautiful? Help me plan my new fish room.
  4. Gotta say. I love a planted tank. From my observations of my own tank, fish seem to be more relaxed and act more natural in a real planted tank as opposed to a empty or a tank filled with plastic plants. So I have a planted 60 gallon I am upgrading to a 150 gallon. I don't want to run CO2. My tank runs around 86 degrees for my Dicus. I use ECO-Complete for sub straight. Have a nice piece of spiderwood I will be moving over as well. All the plants I have now will be moving over except the little mico ones that float at the top. Not sure the name. I would like to add some color. What plants would fit all these restrictions?
  5. Just got done setting this up. I'm thinking monti carlo from the bottom making a path up into the middle or I could go with dwarf hairgrass or moss for the more highlander look. Anyhoo, how would you guys proceed. It's a 10 gal that's not gonna run CO2. Fluvial nano light and fluval stratum on top of small river stone.
  6. So Hygrophila Pinnatifida is a rather unique plant in my opinion in that it is commonly grown both as a stem plant planted in substrate and as an epiphyte plant attached to hardscape. It was one of the first plants that I saw and absolutely needed to get it. I love its unique leaf shape. I finally got some when I did my 40 breeder and it's growing nicely. I planted it as a stem. How do you like to grow it? Does anyone know how it grows in nature? If anyone has experience growing it both ways have you noticed differences is the plant depending on how its grown? Which way do you prefer?
  7. 55 gallon, half soil (rear half) capped with Safe T Sorb (from Tractor Supply, HAS TO BE CLEANED ALOT). Top Fin 55 gallon starter kit. (plus top fin 20 filter) Hood lights on a timer for 5hrs. I use Flourish on Monday and Leaf Zone on Friday. Just started the leaf zone because I think I have potassium deficiency. Any opinions, help or advice is welcome
  8. I'm not much of a plant keeper, just trying to learn the ropes, but I didn't know if someone had compiled a list of plants that do well in high pH, hard water? My pH is usually somewhere around 8.9-9.3, kh and gh are off the scales that test strips have. Some plants I have had pretty decent luck with, others not so much. I have had good luck with java moss, java Fern (although I really don't like them), some sort of lily, i believe it is a dwarf aquarium lily. And crypt wendti green and bronze. I have had bad luck with swords of different varieties, blue hygro, hornwort, pennywart, and some tissue culture java ferns. Thank you in advance!
  9. I'm looking to setup a black water biotope in a 50 gal tall. I know that golden anubus will do well in that low ph and light. What other bright plants can I add to the build list. Side question. Do you think cardina shrimp thrive in this tank? Tank mate will include 3 discus maybe 4. And something creepy and labyrinthy. I'm open to suggestions as well
  10. Added the anubias ( glued to wood ) , vallisneria ( planted) , radican sword and Amazon sword ( planted ) . Root tabs , ferts. Water parameters are good. Every time I add new plants the roots get this gunky buildup along with the leaves get the same thing and darker spots. Any ideas ?
  11. I have a 50 gallon planted tank, with 2 angelfish, 1 blue gourmai and 2 bristle nose plecos (female). I would love to add more fish but I'm not sure which ones. Water perimeters -ph:7.6 NO2, NO3 and ammonium:0, gh-5, and 17kh Here are a few of my ideas -A male bristle nose -I would like to breed plecos (will make a tread about this in the future) - A pair/trio of apistogramma - 2 more angles (I think it would be a problem to add younger ones with my two old ones) -pygmy catfish-dont know a lot about them but they seems cool -a school of tetras/barbs/ rainbows Thanks for any suggestions
  12. Is it normal for emerged growth to give zero craps about being submerged? Ordered a red melon sword from the co-op a month ago, and the emersed growth (at least, judging by shape, texture, etc it appaears to be emersed growth) seems to be 100% content with life in my tank. Has anyone else experienced this before? I'm going to trim those stems off when it gets moved to the new tank, but I found it interesting, as typically that growth immediately starts melting as new leaves grow in.
  13. Hello everyone. So over the weekend I decided to purchase some new plants. As most of you know, I really don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to aquatic plants. All I know is I don’t like the look of fake plants, and that I want nothing but naturalistic things in my tanks. So I purchased penny wort, ovalis, and bacopa. I’ve read a lot of recommendations on how to plant each one of these in the aquarium. But a lot of them are mixed and not really that straight forward. Any recommendation is appreciated as always guys. Thanks
  14. So this is my first time putting plants in my aquarium, I went with anubias and I am planning to put another plant in maybe dwarf lilly or tiger lotus. I plan on using easy green fertilizer and was wondering if using carbon in my filter would be counter productive. The only reason im using carbon now is to remove tannins. Is purigen a better option? Or will the carbon in the filter be ok?
  15. Hi! so I have had my planted tank setup for about a week now and the plants have already had lots of new growth some of my plants are experiencing some new yellowing and holes so I was recommended to add a fertilizer(root tabs, easy green) but before I do that Im still cycling my tank so my water parameters arent super stable currently I have nitrates and nitrite present in my tank with around .50 ppm of ammonia but because I have sieryu stone my ph has been rising Im hoping once it settles all will resolve in itself but would the fertilizer affect my parameters since they arent stable or is fertilizing such a new tank just an invitation for algae? ... I have lots of floater plants but my spiderwood already has a clear supposed biofilm growing any opinions?
  16. I just got some tissue cultured plants just wanted to if anyone has had success with growing them
  17. Morning from rainy Ontario. Question about planting in a new set up. I have only been doing live plants for about a year. WHY did I wait so long!!! Anyway, back to question. When I started with plants I already had a very well established tank with lots of fish, bacteria, snails ect... Now I am wanting to season my new tanks with plants from the get go. I have seen videos where people put in substrate, few inches of water, decor and than 🪴. They play around and make it look pretty and than at the rest of their water. Is would make set up much easier as I am sort amd arms just barely reach the bottom of the tank as is, but is it the correct way? Thoughts, comments and suggestions greatly appreciated! 🙂
  18. My Java Fern, anubias, and crypts(?) are all doing great. My other plants that are rooted (water sprite, val, and the foreground plant I can't ever remember) are not. I use Aquarium Co-op root tabs and liquid as directed. The rooted plants were doing great for a while. However not too long ago they just stopped growing as fast. The water sprite used to be so thick I had to trim it. The val was similarly fast growing with several shoots. Now the val has one small (3" tall) shoot left. The foreground plant is yellowish and has holes in the leaves. Even my dwarf water lettuce isn't doing as good as it used to. Is it some kind of mineral deficiency? SHould I use more root tabs and liquid? My nitrate levels are 20-50 based on water changes. I have hard water (12) and pH8. The light is on 10 hours a day (fluval Plant at 30%). Substrate is Eco+ with Flourite black sand on top. Fish snails and shrimp are all doing well.
  19. Hello. We are currently transitioning our tank into a planted tank. Our tank is a Top Fin Corner tank. We are looking for a top floating type of plant that will do well with hard water , low to medium lighting and no co2. We also don't see the very top of the tank, so we want something that would have longer cool looking roots that would hang down into the tank. I was thinking about Red Root Floater possibly, thinking it might add some depth of color to tank , to go along with the scarlet temple in the tank. Photo for reference. Excuse the cloudiness, we completely redid our tank yesterday so everything was clearing. Under the rock is a layer of Fluval Stratum. Plans are to eventually remove the octopus in the back and move the sword in the planter to that location. and then add another piece of driftwood and attach some anubias or more java fern. Also we will be adding in more Scarlett temple plants as well. https://photos.app.goo.gl/QVZrLZvnFtsHgoDZA Here's a before the transition just for fun: 🙂 https://photos.app.goo.gl/tVw8NPvjr4znrgei6
  20. Got all my plants in, did a Hydrogen Peroxide dip, let them rest in a bucket of water for a day, treated them to an alum soak and finished setting up the tank. Two bags of eco-complete topped with black gravel and some rinsed dragon stone. The base of the tank is eggcrate with some dense foam under the large rocks - partially to raise the stones and to keep plants from rooting under them if I want to redecorate. Planted Java Ferns, Amazon Sword, dwarf Sagittaria, Cryptocoryne lucens, Pogostemon stellatus octopus, Valisneria and various Anubias. The POS and Valisnaria looked a little worse for wear when they arrived compared to everything else. One of the POS stems melted and died the rest came back and is growing well. The Valisnaria died back to the gravel but there are a few green shoots so I am not giving up all hope. About half of the dwarf Sagittaria has melted the rest is still green. I will have to wait and see if any comes back. Added some American Frogbit at the one week mark. That doesn't seem to ship well as 1/2 were essentially DOA and did not recover. The survivors are shooting out roots and new leaves though. Started the fishless cycle off using Fritz Fish Fuel and bacteria. Started off by adding Easy Green (3ml), Easy Iron (3ml) and easy Carbon (3ml) once a week after water change. Ammonia went to zero but my NO3 (40) and NO2 (10) are rather high still. My KH dropped to 80 after the water change but my GH is extremely hard (300). My tap water GH is 150. Lighting is a Fluval 3.0. Total light is 10 hours. One hour sunrise, 7 hours at 50% (no blue), 2 hour sunset. Room has no natural sunlight but indirect lighting can be on for a few additional hours every now and then. Could GH be this high just from the fertilizers? Think my lighting is to high or too low? Thoughts or comments welcome, Tom
  21. I need help! I cannot keep plants alive and thriving. I have a 45 gallon tall tank with a fluval 34" wide plant led light. Hang on back filters with co-op black mesh filter media. Used to run carbon filters but no longer... Haven't for a few months as a recommendation to help plants survive. Have purchased numerous plants over the past 8-12 months to try and create a nice planted tank and they all wilt, wither and go brown within weeks. All the big leaveas get holes too. I use root tabs and easy green fertilizer and was recommended to even dose iron. I started with fluval substrate to create a nice gravel base. I do weekly water changes (sometimes 2) at 25% and monitor water levels to stay in healthy ranges. I use prime on all water I add in water changes. Temp is 80 and pH is always between 6.6 and 7.2. My fish, 2 plecos, 3 dwarf chain Loaches, 4 rainbow fish, 3 danios, 4 raspboras, 3 silver tip tetras, 1 petricola, 1 rainbow shark, 1 reticulated algae eater, 6 sterbai Cory and 2 Roseline sharks. The only plant that does remotely well is floating dwarf lettuce. I appreciate the help and feedback... I don't know what else to try. I just want to be able to grow nice healthy plants.
  22. I’m in the process of setting up my first planted aquarium. The plan is have either a single species of tetras or a bunch of similar sized tetras in different colors. Maybe flame tetras, lemon tetras, or Columbia blue tetras as examples. The tank is appx 40 gal and is 20w x 18d x 25 tall. So not a large footprint, but I have height. I’m a visual person and, as I’ve never done plants before, I’m having a hard time deciding on what plants to order and where to put them when they arrive. Is there such a thing as a “blueprint” that I could look at examples and the just follow the “recipe”?
  23. Hey all! I need your collective big brains to help me understand why my plants are unhappy! My 10-gallon houses a number of species that had been stable since I set up the tank about 3 months ago. My root feeders (cryptos and amazon sword) have been doing well with their root tabs, however my non-root feeders (aponogeton, bacopa caroliniana, windelov java fern) are all struggling (detailed below). My water parameters have held stable at: pH: 6.8-7.0 dGH: ~6.8 dKH: ~1.1 NO2: 0 NO3: 0-10 Each week, I do a 20% PWC and dose with 1ml Easy Green, some Seachem GH/KH buffers (to keep up the dGH and dKH as we have really soft water), and some liquid CO2. The tank gets a low to low-medium amount of light for roughly 8 hours daily. Some time ago, some plants had (and still have) some mild level of brown developing on the leaves (which I believe are diatoms/brown algae). Apart from this, the plants were largely fine. The animal life appears happy and healthy. When I just went to do my routine PWC and noticed: The aponogeton's growth rate has slowed dramatically and the edges of some leaves are rotting (pic below). Previously, I had to keep clipping healthy leaves to keep it from taking over the whole tank. Now, I still see some new shoots coming out, but far less and slower than before. I've also noticed it has lost that vibrant green it used to be. My windelov fern originally came with a few black spots on the leaves, however those spots recently accelerated and some of the leaves I have clipped are predominantly black. After some research, I was under the impression that it was possibly a nitrogen shortage, so I dosed with a little bit more Easy Green, but it didn't do the trick. Lastly my bacopa has been growing well (they started to grow up and out of the water), however during my PWC today, two strands floated to the top as the base of the stems had rotted away. I clipped away the dead portion and left the healthy part floating to hopefully grow new roots. EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention, I actually have two clusters of bacopa. One cluster is in a more open area by itself and those stems seem healthy. The other cluster is close to some other plants, including some of the long fronds of the aponogeton. I'm not sure if that makes a difference. I'm not sure if it is a competition for light, but if so, the bacopa would surely lose out to the aponogeton. I'm really at a loss at this point. I know the issue is likely due to some imbalance between the balance of CO2, light, and nutrients, but unfortunately, I haven't dealt with this enough to understand how to investigate further. Any insight would be very much appreciated! Thank you guys as always!
  24. I have 10 week new planted aquarium with fish and I cannot tell if the plants are on a good path or showing signs of poor health. I have read that new plants will often end up being trimmed back to allow healthier new leaves/growth to come in. Stats: kH 6 pH 6.8-7.4 75-76 F CO2 3.5bps on with lights Lighting 5000k, 27W, 10 hours Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 0 - .1 Fertilizer: 2x/week Flourish, 2x/week Pottasium, 1x/week Iron (all Seechem products) Exhibit A: This Buce has been in the tank for 4 weeks. Some yellowing leaves but some new green/reddish leaves coming in. Several (new) leaves beginning to unfold. Algae growth seems under control. I assume this is doing well? Exhibit B: I added 4-6 Java ferns on 3 different occasions. These are the larger basic Java Fern. They have stay green with little browning, but are rapidly growing offspring. The offspring look healthy - great color, long roots. But is that algae on the roots? Do I remove the offspring and plant them? Is this a sign of stress or health? Exhibit C: These are smaller Trident Java Ferns (they might actually be Petite, I got them mixed up). Out of about 6 plants a couple are starting to get tips melting away, brown spots, and algae collecting. Snails love eating the algae off of them. Are these plants struggling or is this a case where I have to trim and wait for new growth? All comments feedback welcome.
  25. I’m considering tank #3. I REALLY want a 75, but I’m limited on space so, unless I get rid of my sofa, it’s doubtful I can make it work. I currently have African Cichlids and another with a betta & ember tetras. Not sure what I want this time, but I’m considering trying live plants this time. Would need to be low tech & beginner friendly. suggestions?
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