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  1. @Ken Burke @Flumpweesel @Guppysnail Thanks guys appreciate the responses
  2. If you have a fish that appears to randomly die do you take any precautionary steps? There is no visual sign of illness and all the water parameters are as normal as can be. Just came back to the tank and my male guppy was dead. Should I change water, add fritz complete or nothing and just monitor the situation the next couple of days? Tank is on the warmer end so maybe I just put his life on the speed cycle?
  3. Ok thanks for the response. Right now all the others have begun to put on weight and are eating. There is just one now with a sunken belly and the white poop. I will monitor for a few more days before I start with another medication
  4. I recently received a shipment of four Bolivian rams. I believe they all have come with a parasite so I treated them with one round of Paracleanse and ordered Expel-P just in case I would need it down the line. I am currently in the waiting period between doses and am feeding high fiber foods to put weight on them. One is very emaciated and isn't really while the others are. After feeding I noticed one of the fish with this white poop. Is it a sign of any certain parasite and is it an indicator that I should continue with another round of Paracleanse or switch to Expel-P?
  5. thanks for your help I will get on it asap. Also are these bacterial infections contagious to other fish?
  6. Sorry to hear that. I feel like something more serious might be going on with this fish. It has stopped schooling with the rest and just idles in place opening and closing its mouth ferociously. Strange
  7. alright will do. What would be the cause for the twisted spine? This is definitely something that was developed recently. never seen it before
  8. Good afternoon everyone, I have an ember tetra that appears to have bilateral popeye and a twisted/bent body. Are both of these symptoms related or a just a coincidence? I know popeye can be caused by poor water quality which could be explained by me putting off a water change by one week a couple of weeks back. However all of the other tetras and tank inhabitants seems fine (25 ember tetras in total) and water parameters are currently at its stable and consistent levels. I am more just curious what the cause of both of these symptoms could be so that it doesn't happen again. Also how should I take care of the affected fish? Thank you for your help
  9. @Guppysnail Thank you! That could very well be it. I had no idea that the size difference could be so drastic between sexes. Learning new things like this is what makes the hobby so enjoyable for me!
  10. Good evening! I have a group of 8 panda corys in my community tank. I acquired them at two separate times. 4 of them I got four months ago and the other 4 I got about 3 months ago. Both times they came in at the same size which was quite small. Now I have 4 large corys and 4 that are not much bigger than when I first got them. I treated all of them with the med trio when I got them but is it possible that a parasite has snuck through? Their eating behavior looks normal they just aren't growing as fast as I feel like they should be. I feed krill flake, fry food, frozen bloodworms, daphnia, and baby brine shrimp as well has algae wafers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  11. Congratulations! I just had my first birth almost 3 weeks ago. I believe my female was a little bigger than yours is now when she gave birth. Like people have already said, maybe a week. Looking forward to seeing updates!
  12. Week 2 update is here!! Definitely seeing the growth in the fry week on week. I bought frozen baby brine for the first time a few days ago and they go absolutely nuts for it. I hope to hatch it live soon. Kind of worried though because on Monday I head out of town for a week. I’m not so stressed about my other tanks because they have no fry but since I’m feeding and water changing so much I don’t want the sudden change to have a drastic effect on this tank. This week I started waiting a little longer before each water change so the tank can acclimatize to my absence. Ex. Every other day> every two days>every 3 days etc. hopefully this approach works. Anyway enjoy some more pics!
  13. @Jennifer V thanks for sharing. I'll just give the tank a little break while they digest
  14. @lefty oThat is likely it then. Must be hard not to over-indulge on baby brine 😬
  15. Do fish have intolerances or allergies to certain foods or ingredients? If so what would common symptoms or behaviors be? Just fed my guppies frozen baby brine and the adult female is just kind of floating at the top of the tank. Not behavior that I typically see from her. Just curious if the two were related.
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