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  1. I am over the moon excited about my first guppy babies!! They may “just” be guppies but I’ve never bred anything before and it’s absolutely amazing. I was planning to just leave them with the parents and let the strong survive, but their little eyes melted my heart and so I set up a little makeshift breeder box for them in my plant grow out tank, by cutting the bottom out of an (old and thoroughly washed) litter box and stretching pantyhose over the bottom!
  2. I'm looking to add either Bolivian Rams, Scarlet Badis, or Pygmy Gouramis to my well planted Community tank. I currently have mostly tetras and guppies. Will any of these eat all the Guppy Fry? I like to have some survive, so I don't want to get something that will hunt down every last one. Thanks ahead of time for sharing your experience with these species. Also, are any of these compatible with adult shrimp?
  3. I got a few of guppy fry that are rubbing on the sand bed they the only ones that are doing it the parents and my Corydoras haven’t done it all or have caught them doing ? Can fry get flukes even if their parents where treated during quarantine? Should I be concerned and should I do a treatment or paracleanse by Fritz ? It’s shrimp safe right
  4. The kids are super excited this morning we have been waiting days for these fry.
  5. I am have 55G custom built tank with 3 gold fish and a female guppy. I will keep sharing my experience.
  6. When buying guppy fry online I know quarantine is needed but would the quarantine trio meds adversely affect the fry due to age? Thanks for any advice
  7. Hi every one. It’s a snowy Sunday here today. A perfect day to stay in and enjoy the forum. I thought it might be interesting to update on the accidental guppy fry and ask a serious question about shrimp and snails. first off here is those guppy fry I didn’t know what to do with. They are now six weeks old and are growing by leaps and bounds. I don’t think I’ve ever had a batch of fry grow this large so fast! Technically they are blue dragon but I didn’t have control of who the male was. So my line breeding program was side lined by this mishap, as I was trying to breed for specific traits. Oh well Can you see that little male already coloring up? Looks like he is going to be a beautiful blue just like his uncles. I’m just amazed at their size already and the fact they are coloring up Now on to the question about shrimp and snails I have some beautiful red snails that I like very much. Also HAD some shrimp both amano and caradina But these critters loose their shell color then die off. The snails lay enough eggs to continue their species but the shrimp do not. The shrimps should be easy to keep and even breed, but not n any of my 4 tanks I know for a fact they are getting food as I have watched them eat. I’m thinking it’s a water related issue but I don’t know what? any ideas?
  8. My guppy fry has always been constipated since I have had it (surprise fry with my 6 adult males) Adults had gill fluke from day 1. Salt treatment failed. But the quarantine trio meds worked. But fry still had long stringy poop. 1 week after the end of treatment, my fry has its anal prolapsing. I will treat again with paracleanse after 2 weeks of the treatment but meanwhile, what should I do for the fry? Salt treatment again? Which level? 10 gallons, 76f pH 7.6 0/0/10 (ish. Cycle crashed, been doing a lot of WC and treating with prime) gh : 7, kh : 3 @Cory Thank you
  9. I have three pairs of guppies with fry that I am quarantining and just started the medication trio tonight. Didn't start medication right away when I got them. One of the females dropped fry and they're a weekish old now. Should I still wait 7 days to feed?
  10. I have a female guppy who had about 50 fry. Is that normal amount?
  11. So, I heard @Cory mention this concept in a video talk he gave about guppies to the Youngstown Aquarium Club. I was intrigued but could find almost no information about it. In the meantime I had guppies breeding in a 10 gallon with a matten filter in one end, and I would dip net out the fry as they showed up as fast as I could and transport them to a new tank. One day when I left the power off, 2 fry swam the wrong way down the tube and I found them happily living and growing behind the foam. then I found some photos on Instagram of a similar tank making use of this concept, and while mine is less beautiful, hopefully it will be more practically helpful. The concept is a divided tank, with adult guppies breeding in one end, with an airlift crossing a divider, and delivering fry to a separate compartment. This is a great way to use a matten filter. Here is the adult side, containing guppy parents, epiphyte plants, and adult red neocaridina shrimp (hiding in the rocks, you have to trust me): Here is the fry side, with more shrimp, and a bunch of newly planted stem plants: Here is the whole thing: Mechanics: Moms tend to hide in the plants to give birth, and newly born baby guppies naturally make a run for the rocks and plant cover, which is built around this air lift tube, available on amazon from aquaneat: Note the small holes on the intake, which admit fry but not adults. Air supplied by an airline creates lift, and draws the guppy fry up and out, where they are delivered to a predation free zone. I used the matten sponge from the 10g in this new 20g high, and made a frame out of pvc. Two things I learned as soon as I filled the tank the first time was that the matten filter and frame, while well fitted, want to float, and when a 20 high is full the glass bows just slightly, loosening the fit. I used black silicone to attach the frame to the glass. I need to clean up the edges a bit, but over all I am happy... And it works!
  12. i have ordered guppy fries online and its expected next week. is there any special quarantine procedure for fries or the same med trios procedure applies? not sure of dosage any guidance please
  13. Greetings Last week I bought 6 adults guppy and a surprise fry. One of the adult guppy was always pooping long white strings, despite me feeding then food soaked in garlic. Eventually its tummy sank in, its fins got stuck together and he died. My fry is also always pooping long white strings. He is growing and, apart from yesterday where he spent half the day laying on the substrate, he is active and eats, etc. My other guppies (the joy if buying in big fish stores....sighs) keeps rubbing on decor so I suspect gill flukes so I am treating them with salt. Will it help the fry too? Is he constipated or is it parasites? Anything else I can do? (Keep in mind, no meds, am in Canada)
  14. Greetings A week ago, I bought 6 adults and 1 tiny guppies at my LFS for my species only 10g tank (well, and 1 nerite snail). Aqueon quietflow 10 filter, pH 7.6, 0/0/20. 75f. Half live plants/half plastic. One guppy was much more frail, and was always constipated. He started having issue swimming, his belly sank in and yesterday I put him in a hospital container when his fins started clamping together. Treated him with salt but the next day he was even more miserable so I euthanized him. SIP. After I put him in the hospital container, I did a 10% WC in my 10 g. I noticed one fish started rubbing on plants, filter, rocks and substrate rather often, several times in a row. Then 2 other started but much less often. I tested my water (pH 7.6, 0/0/20. 75f.). Did yet another 10% WC. Used Seachem Prime and Seachem Stability. The fish that was doing the flashing the most is still doing it, but less frequently- maybe once every 15-30 minutes. I haven’t seen the other 2 do it. They all eat and seem to poop just fine. There is no white dots so I do not think it’s ich but I read it could be gill fluke? I live in Canada so I only have access to salt. Should I treat my tank or wait and see? Will the salt affect the fry? How much flashing is too much flashing? If I treat the tank with salt, will it kill my plants (marino moss ball, anubia barteri var nana, Bacopa Caroliniana & cryptocoryne tropica)? If I move the fish to a hospital tank - I do not have one that is cycled right now... or should I just remove the plants and put them in a temporary container with the led lights while I treat the main tank? Is it dangerous if I use the same syphon hose/scaping tool for my 20g? Karen
  15. Hey everyone my guppy that I got 2 weeks ago either has finrot or fin nipping. I spotted it a few days ago and it hasn't gotten worse so since then so maybe its not finrot here are my water paramerters PH 7.2 Nitrate - 10ppm Nitrie - 0ppm He has also been glass surfing lots, in case that helps. My other guppy has also been glass surfing lots, and may have fin rot too. My other question is, will a fish have fin rot and not show any symptoms?
  16. Here is pictures of the first day for the tiger mosaic half moon guppy fry in the ziss hatchery. The grown guppies are brothers to the fry. So I expect them to run true. These are destined for a local fish store. I will keep updating this thread as news develops. Many thanks, Tedrock
  17. Has anyone else had an issue with there guppies eating there own fry? I dont mean like accidentlly eating 1 or 2, My guppies literally follow behind the females waiting for them to drop fry so they can eat them. I tried putting them in a breeder box and then moved most fry to another tank when they gve birth there was 3 fry i couldnt get with the breeder box in so i removed the 2 females and dropped them into the tank, as soon as i did they hunted down and ate the last 3 fry. I feed multiple times daily high protein food and even bloodworm. They have many places to hide but the larger female guppies will sqeeze into anywhere just to eat them.
  18. could you please recommend Best food for guppies fries for faster growth and color. i am confused with so many brands. any recommendations and advice
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