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  1. In the wake of some unfortunate loses in my tank this morning, I have some good news! I found 6 little guppy fry swimming around my female guppy quarantine tank today. I have no idea who the mom is because all of the living ones still look pregnant, could have been one of the ones I lost, I probably wont know until they grow up and even then, I don't know who they bred with. That being said, look at these cuties! Now, I have a few questions. These are my first guppy fry, not my first fry, I've had quite a few ember tetras before which is always welcome, but those were accidents and I never actively took care of them. This is a whole new world to me. As I said before, they're currently in a quarantine tank with four adult female guppies. I fished them into a breeder box I had and put some pogostemon stellatus octopus in there for them to hide in and be made comfortable. The quarantine tank currently has 3 doses of paracleanse running through it with another dose being planned tonight. It also has crushed coral and 3 tbsp of aquarium salt which was added yesterday. Are they safe to be in there as I run through this treatment? This is the alternative tank that I was actually putting together just for the purposes of having guppy fry in it. The plants are currently floating because I overestimated how much fluval stratum that I had and none of the plants besides a few pieces of dwarf hair grass can sit in the thin layer I have. I was thinking of either getting more or just capping off the substrate with a layer of crushed coral. I realize that the fluval stratum is leeching nutrients into the water as we speak. I think I might have enough plants to soak all of it up, but the only possible bacteria that is in that tank is from the plants because that tank went through a heavy round of disinfecting. I have a sponge filter sitting in my other quarantine tank with honestly perfectly healthy fish in there. It's two male guppies that I've had for months, I just haven't finished their medication cycle and I restarted last week after having done a round of medications when I first got them and life happening. They're probably completely fine and the filter just hanging out in there is probably completely fine and more importantly has bacteria in there. TLDR; My question is should I keep the new guppies I have in the breeder box or should I, with normal parameters after thorough testing, move the fry to this new tank using a drip acclimation? @Henry the fish keeper Here are the pictures that I was talking about! Any advice would be very appreciated!
  2. Hi Everyone, i’ve started a mixed indo dragon breeding colony of guppies. I lost a male early but have 4 males and 12 females. I’ve been scooping out fry a few times a day. I have a fry tub of about 50-60. I have two extra 10 gallon tanks i can raise fry in but i’m wondering at what point to start separating batches. basically at how many days should i stop adding fry to the tub and start throwing them in a new tank?
  3. So my guppy is fairly pregnant, I think, I was wondering when she'll actually give birth, but am not sure if she's pregnant or just big, as she's always been fairly plump...
  4. Finally managed to snap a picture of one of my young fry venturing out of the java moss to see what there is to see! Usually the little ones never really leave the moss, but I managed to catch this one checking things out. He as born with about a half dozen brothers/sisters, though they are much more camera shy! This tank is a breeder for both platys and guppies so I'm not sure which species they are yet.
  5. Just witnessing something I've never seen/heard of before. I have a guppy birthing in a homemade breeding box floating in a tank containing fry about 2 weeks old. One of the older fry keeps making his way into the box and picking at the female. Almost like discus fry would. The female only tries to get away if the picking is near her vent. Older fry seems to have no interest in previously born or even those being born. I've chased it out/removed it several times but just comes back again. Anyone else run across this? FYI I just recently got back into fish again after about 12 years away but in my prior 20+ years of keeping/breeding/working in a LFS never seen this.
  6. How can I tell when a guppy is done giving birth? She had her first fry about 24hrs ago, She still has extremely dark gravid spot, Her belly is still huge, and she's acting like she's still in labor.
  7. I ordered some guppies a while back and all but one died. I don't know why, but anyway, I kept her in the 10g and green water happened. I have been trying forever to make green water inside. I was going to set up a daphnia tank, but figured that this mysterious green water tank was perfect. The daphnia is coming in tonight.... And she dropped fry in pea soup. What is the best option? Can the fry co-exist with the daphnia? At this point the daphnia will be bigger than the fry. Thanks.
  8. My guppy is busy giving birth and 1 of them is stuck to another. Do I leave it as is? Will they fet seperated or eventually die? I dont know why this website always turn my photos upside down. Sorry guys
  9. I'm thinking of getting a pea puffer in it's own 7.1 gallon tank. I'm also thinking about how to cope with the massive amount of fry my female guppy spits out in a different tank. The pea puffer is a carnivore. Get where I am going with this? Okay, okay... Will the pea puffer take the fry off my hands and can that be it's main source of nutrition?
  10. Hey everyone, I bought some assorted guppies my fiancee and mom picked out. I took them home to quarantine and care for until I could set up a tank in my mom's office. They birthed 6 fry the same night. I've been feeding the tank really well but I still haven't run the trio. If I do run the trio will the babies be able to withstand the meds or will they die? My fiancee, sister, and mom are attached to the fry so I don't want to hurt them.
  11. I had about five guppy fry die overnight, but I don’t know the cause. I moved the remaining fry to a clean, cycled tank. None of the remaining fry appear to be sick, but I’d like to medicate them to avoid further deaths. What meds are safe for fry?
  12. Hi, I'm New To The Forum Ans Aquarium Coop I love the videos, Thank You So Much.. me and my wife started a breeder tank, And the local fish store sold me and my wife a pregnant Guppie cause we want to start the tank with fry. she looks like shes ready to POP! Just like the guy at the fish store said. How Long should we keep her in the breeder? because it's 2 days now and she had not let them go. Thanks Carl.
  13. So I have about 18 baby guppies in a 5.5 gallon and they for some reason about 3 of the first 7 are tucking their fins. Is too months too old for a guppy to become sexually mature.I also have about 20 in my 10 gallon adult tank. My tanks are starting to get way overcrowded. I also do water changes every other week. My LFS only takes them in at about 5 months old and in 5 months I might have 100. I have a spare 3 gallon in the attic that I can use if it comes down to it. Also I have Golden Panchax Killifish that will gladly gobble them up. What should I do? Thanks
  14. I have been drooling over some cool guppies I saw online, but I have not been able to really find them anywhere but on Ebay, or in Thailand. I was to scared to spend the money to import them but I finally decided to take a shot on some that are probably first generation (or 10th?) americans. So I bit the bullet and ordered a trio. I got a tracking number, and cleared a 10 gallon, asked the seller for water parameters (VERY hard water) and brought the cycled tank up to as close as I could get while I anxiously waited. The tracking number showed no progress for 8 days after they were supposed to be shipped, and I contacted the seller to find out if they actually were in a box somewhere, or if they never left. The seller gave me no information and supplied a new tracking number, so I assumed there was a goof and the fish were never actually shipped. 2 days later they showed up, healthy, fine, a little duller than the pictures and kind of skinny. I left a good review anyway, and started them on a round of levamasole immediately, and offered baby brine which got them eating. They perked up, but still seemed small and duller than I had expected. Three days after that I got a second trio, this one was GORGEOUS, and one of the females had dropped in the bag and not eaten the fry. Wait...what? The first set was in the mail for TEN DAYS. Aside from being hungry they seem fine. I am flat out amazed. I LOVE GUPPIES. So for the record, I ended up with 6 fish + about 15 fry for the price of 3. I have contacted the seller and offered to send more money--obviously.
  15. in my 20 gallon aquarium I have neon tetras and guppies. just spotted two of these in the tank today, is this what guppy fry look like?
  16. I am over the moon excited about my first guppy babies!! They may “just” be guppies but I’ve never bred anything before and it’s absolutely amazing. I was planning to just leave them with the parents and let the strong survive, but their little eyes melted my heart and so I set up a little makeshift breeder box for them in my plant grow out tank, by cutting the bottom out of an (old and thoroughly washed) litter box and stretching pantyhose over the bottom!
  17. I'm looking to add either Bolivian Rams, Scarlet Badis, or Pygmy Gouramis to my well planted Community tank. I currently have mostly tetras and guppies. Will any of these eat all the Guppy Fry? I like to have some survive, so I don't want to get something that will hunt down every last one. Thanks ahead of time for sharing your experience with these species. Also, are any of these compatible with adult shrimp?
  18. I got a few of guppy fry that are rubbing on the sand bed they the only ones that are doing it the parents and my Corydoras haven’t done it all or have caught them doing ? Can fry get flukes even if their parents where treated during quarantine? Should I be concerned and should I do a treatment or paracleanse by Fritz ? It’s shrimp safe right
  19. The kids are super excited this morning we have been waiting days for these fry.
  20. I am have 55G custom built tank with 3 gold fish and a female guppy. I will keep sharing my experience.
  21. When buying guppy fry online I know quarantine is needed but would the quarantine trio meds adversely affect the fry due to age? Thanks for any advice
  22. Hi every one. It’s a snowy Sunday here today. A perfect day to stay in and enjoy the forum. I thought it might be interesting to update on the accidental guppy fry and ask a serious question about shrimp and snails. first off here is those guppy fry I didn’t know what to do with. They are now six weeks old and are growing by leaps and bounds. I don’t think I’ve ever had a batch of fry grow this large so fast! Technically they are blue dragon but I didn’t have control of who the male was. So my line breeding program was side lined by this mishap, as I was trying to breed for specific traits. Oh well Can you see that little male already coloring up? Looks like he is going to be a beautiful blue just like his uncles. I’m just amazed at their size already and the fact they are coloring up Now on to the question about shrimp and snails I have some beautiful red snails that I like very much. Also HAD some shrimp both amano and caradina But these critters loose their shell color then die off. The snails lay enough eggs to continue their species but the shrimp do not. The shrimps should be easy to keep and even breed, but not n any of my 4 tanks I know for a fact they are getting food as I have watched them eat. I’m thinking it’s a water related issue but I don’t know what? any ideas?
  23. My guppy fry has always been constipated since I have had it (surprise fry with my 6 adult males) Adults had gill fluke from day 1. Salt treatment failed. But the quarantine trio meds worked. But fry still had long stringy poop. 1 week after the end of treatment, my fry has its anal prolapsing. I will treat again with paracleanse after 2 weeks of the treatment but meanwhile, what should I do for the fry? Salt treatment again? Which level? 10 gallons, 76f pH 7.6 0/0/10 (ish. Cycle crashed, been doing a lot of WC and treating with prime) gh : 7, kh : 3 @Cory Thank you
  24. I have three pairs of guppies with fry that I am quarantining and just started the medication trio tonight. Didn't start medication right away when I got them. One of the females dropped fry and they're a weekish old now. Should I still wait 7 days to feed?
  25. I have a female guppy who had about 50 fry. Is that normal amount?
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