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Found 7 results

  1. So basically my question is if I have a small colony of multis would I need to worry about upside down catfish eating all the fry. Upside down cats being synodontis nigriventris I believe. I know it could be an issue with other synodontis but to my understanding these guys seem less of an issue?
  2. planning on getting our first big tank. it will be the wifes "office desk tank" at 55 gallons. trying to plan everything out so it goes smothly. the original plan was to get the aqueon delux hood and getting the aditional light to put in each hood. would that be enough light in a 55 for our base plant selection of large anubias, apintegen, filagree, and wysteria? also any ideas for stocking would be nice, the wife wants the focus of this tank to be mainly a guppy tank, but we would like other fish as well. the reason for the hoods its it must be cat proof so our cats dont go swimming
  3. I got inspired last night to make a fish tank lid strong enough for my cat to stand on with a built-in bubble window kind of like this: That way the window would be partially under the water surface so she could see the fish better. The thing is, she doesn’t really watch the fish right now. She loves to drink their water, but doesn’t seem that interested in the swimming things. She only has one viewing angle right now and that’s the short end of the 55 gallon, so it’s not the best, but she has literally shown no interest. So would I be wasting my energy? (Probably...) Do your cats like to watch fish, and do you think they’d use something like this?
  4. Good Morning I just finished treating my Betta for water shock, and she was recovering fine. Water parameters have been perfect for two days. I was breathing a sigh of relief. Now, before I noticed, my cat was on the table next to the aquarium with her head in the bowl. My fish must've been spooked, because now she isn't moving. My cat has never done this before. Is there anything I can do? A treatment?
  5. We all love nature here enough to bring it into our homes. What other non- fishy pets do we all have? I have a cat,3 turtles, 7 salamanders, 3 rats, approximately 100 land snails,15 snakes right now but I breed them so at my high point in the year I will I have over 100 snakes, And a dog
  6. the new kitten enjoys watching the goldfish, do your pets like watching your fish? one of my dogs loves to chase them around when he can (terrier problems 😂). not an issue when the tank is up high but he would really get a workout in when i had tanks on racks and eye-level to him. share your pets watching your fish photos and videos! id love to see your cute furballs.
  7. Over on YouTube, @KGTropicals asked the poll question, how do you dispose of dead fish? The comment section was sometimes informative, sometimes absolutely hilarious. I wanted to pose the same question here. How do you dispose of fish when they go to the million gallon aquarium in the sky?
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