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Found 22 results

  1. I’m planning on setting up a new aquarium in the coming weeks, either a 40 or 55 gallon depending on the size of stand I can find at a good price. My planned stocking for the aquarium is going to be 3 African butterfly fish, a group of 6 petricola catfish (possibly more in the future) and a rope fish. I want to get the sponge filters to limit the flow because I know the butterfly fish prefer water that has little to no movement and I can easily put something at the surface to stop the ripples caused by the sponge filter. I’m just wondering if 1 large ACO sponge filter will suffice or if I should get multiple. I’ve seen people do it both ways and I’m just wondering what you guys would recommend. Thanks, Jack
  2. I wanted to use a supplemental sponge filter with an air stone for my tanks. Two main reasons: 1. extra filtration and gas exchange 2. seeding new tanks I am a new fish keeper with one cycled tank up and running, and two more waiting in the wings. I of course went with Aquarium Co-op sponge filters. The blog posts & vids made set up a breeze, but I think I may have overshot the mark on size vs. purpose. I bought a "Small" for my Fluval Flex 15, based on the product description, but it takes up a lot of space in the tank and is moving a lot of air/water with the Ziss stone in it. The OE filter set up on this tank has great flow already and a multi-position head that is very adjustable. I just bought a "Medium" to go in the Flex 32, but after setting the small up in the 15 today I am thinking I've purchased 2 oversized set ups. My question is essentially this...when you are using these in addition to a good primary filter, should you be going down a size or maybe even two from the recommendations on the website? Is there even more to consider if they are or will be planted tanks (CO2 diffusion)? Thank you for taking the time to read, and I apologize if this is an FAQ that I just couldn't find.
  3. Hi all, I have a heavily planted 20 long currently stocked with a juvenile axolotl and some shrimp, many years established with one sponge filter. I've been cycling a new 40 breeder for the axolotl since it's growing fast. I've moved over some free-floating plants and other decor items such as rocks to the 40b, and added a second, brand-new sponge filter to the 20 long so it can get colonized with BB in the established tank. The 40b has a small aquaponics-type setup (a small submersible pump running water across lava rock before falling back into the tank) but no filter on it at the moment. My question is this: the old sponge filter from the 20 long needs a good cleaning. Some folks online seem to believe it seeding the new tank with mulm water (the dirty water left after squeezing the sponge clean). If it works to establish a colony of BB more quickly, I can clean it back out before moving the axolotl, but if all it's doing is just dumping waste into the tank I'll pass on that. Has anyone here had any success seeding a new tank with mulm/squeezings from an old sponge filter? Another option would be to just go ahead and move over the axolotl to the new tank, and move the established filter along with it (leaving the new sponge filter in the 20 long). I plan to use the 20 long as a shrimp grow-out tank only, so I am sure the substrate and plants will handle the bioload of the shrimp just fine. I just was hoping to grow some bacterial colonies in the tank tank on the substrate and in the aquaponics rocks before moving over the axie, since just the established sponge filter alone might have a hard time keeping up with the bioload. I appreciate anyone's thoughts. I've already dumped in a bottle of Tetra SafeStart, as well. I added ammonia to the new tank and it's dropped some but not entirely.
  4. Which is best HOB or Sponge Filter for 40 gallon tank with Angel fish? What models are best?
  5. I was wondering if it would be possible to filter a 10 foot long, 350g tank with just sponge filters. I don't think I've seen a tank above 100g filtered with just sponges, so I was wondering if it was doable. Thee tank will have about 4 oscars and 4 viejas. Sponges seem to be the best bio filtration there is, according to an experiment I read somewhere in the past (will try to find it again to post it here). The person managed to remove a gigantic amount of ppm of ammonia in a day, with just a sponge filter. Much more than canister, I think it was a crazy number like 70ppm. The internet dictates that for such a big tank, I need a big sump to filter it. But I wonder, if I put, perhaps, 4-6 big sponges all supplied by a big air pump, and a couple powerheads to circulate the water, would that be enough to process the ammonia? The idea of a sponge only monster tank seems really cool to me. Thoughts?
  6. I put a sponge filter with the stand onto my hob since i didnt have a prefilter sponge when i set up my 36 gal. I just got a prefilter sponge, took the old one out and put it in a ziplock bag 2 days ago. I want to get a quarentine tank set up tmrw bc we want to add furcata rainbows soon. Can I use that original sponge filter? Also before I switched out sponges I noticed i have seed shrimp in my tank. And another tank...the 20 gal just got the sponge (sm) removed today for a hob due to lack of clarity (still a md sponge in tank). So i have 2 sponge filters not in use but with good bacteria. How do you store these for future use? They are both still good. Thank you for your input!
  7. How often should I clean my sponge filter?
  8. My wife has suggested moving the aquarium against the bedroom wall in the kitchen. At night the Ehiem canister has this noise, where as a sponge filter driven by your USB air pump has almost no noise. The tank is 40 galllons, is it okay to suspend canister activity during the night and run a sponge filter during the night? There is water in the canister, even though it might be off?
  9. Hello everyone, I've been acquiring things to set up my first fish rack and I just placed a order for my co-op sponge filters. My question is I have a 20 long community tank as we speak and was wondering what’s the best way to get the new filters started?! Is it possible to to just leave the new ones in the established tank for a couple weeks? Or do they actually need to be on running? I’m talking about like 8 or 9 sponge filters so I don’t see putting them all on as an option. Any suggestions or ideas?? thank you all in advance!!
  10. can someone explain how the co-ops filters work better than the store bought hanging filters, besides circulation, is it really drawing the water through the foam? mind you i am afraid of flying and physics says flying is possible, it is due to physics? if so then i understand my fears of it not working. LOL
  11. Do I obligatory need airstones for the aquarium co op sponge filters or do they work fine without them?
  12. So I have a 55g with a fruval 70 hob filter and a two port air filter hooked up to one air stone in a decoration and a bubble wand. I was thinking of making one if not both hoses hook up to your brand sponge filters instead. (Btw nice product) so I could get some more good bacteria and still aerate the water column. So that's the setup right now and the idea. But now for the questions, what size sponge filters? And does it matter what side or locations for the hob/ sponge? Should I do two or one sponge filter? The tank is a little full have -2 plattys- 1 full size gourami- 1 blue dwarf gourami- 2 giant danios- 6 tiger barb's- 3 cori catfish- 1 pitcus catfish- 3 black racer snails- 1 black kuli loach- and down to 5 neon tetras (I think the pitcus ate the others but just a guess). So In conclusion I probably overstocked and think the adding of the sponge filter/s would help. just wanted some opinions on size and placement of additional filters. And waters clear no problems with water test or anything and not too much agression in tank just thought the added sponge filter/ would help. Thanks, any and all constructive criticism or advice is welcome and appreciated.
  13. I am thinking about setting up an indoor mini pond this winter and was going to use a sponge filter in it. I was gonna put the filter in my outdoor pond to give it time to cycle before I put it in my mini pond. About how long will that process take for it to have plenty of bacteria?
  14. I’ve always used the bag trick on my sponge filters since I first heard Cory mention it. I forgot it today and my tank shows. lol
  15. Has anyone used the coarse filter pad inside a filter intake chamber to keep fry out of the filter? Are fry still able to get inside through the larger pores? Need a solution for a Fluval mega flex…I’ve seen some filter covers for them out there, but hear those reduce filter flow rates.
  16. Hello just curious why seems like everyone use bottom sponge filter over a wall one. Pros bottom sponge filter 1. just drop in no suction cups. 2. there great hiding spot for anything 3. idk I can’t remember accop sells for but it’s a sponge so 10$ I guess. cons 1. every time I grab any of mine plastic top has 50% they disconnect from sponge 2. they take up space on substrate 3. Can accidentally lay on snails or other things if not carful wall sponge filters pros 1. Just grab sponge rinse put back. Without having mess with anything. 2. Takes up 0 space it’s out of the way. 3. 10$ cost 4. idk why but the sponges not coarse like bottom tank ones. I like this polish water better. And maintenance is WAY easier pull wash. This is preference I’m sure but these so easy clean 30 secs and reinstalled. cons 3. Idk I wish everything on walls aquarium was magnetic
  17. Just got some new fish in, put a sponge filter from one of my other tanks into a 10 gallon. Drip acclimated the fish, filled the 10 with some fresh water and added the fish. The next day the tank is as really cloudy so I tested the water. 2ppm ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate. So I’m guessing the sponge filter hardly collected any beneficial bacteria while in the other tank. Maybe the canister filter handles all the bio load so the sponge didn’t have any? Anyways, should I fully cycle and just do water changes every day and then medicate? If I have to do a full cycle in the 10 gallon I’m guessing their all going to spend awhile in that quarantine tank?
  18. Will this work I installed a sponge filter to my fx6 intake
  19. So I had one course coop sponge filter on hand..but can’t seem to find anything that said if they are fry safe? I’m new to guppies. And my little lady had 5 fry two days ago.. they were chilling in my q/t tub…when she had them.. And want to be sure my grow out tank won’t suck up the littles. As I’m literally setting it up this wk. yes I know the fine ones exist and can order them. Wanted to see if the course one would work first b4 ordering more things.
  20. I recently purchased an assortment of sponge filters from Aquarium Coop for my new fish room. Small sponge filters went into several ten gallon tanks with no problems. medium and large sponge filters in larger tanks refuse to sink. What am I doing wrong. I know I can silicon some rocks to the top and probably get them to sink but I’m not wild about the silicon blob look. Any advise would be appreciated.
  21. I’m playing around on AqAdvisor. What is the best way to enter info for my ACO sponge filters? Specifically the small one, but the other sizes, too?
  22. In many tanks... most, in fact, we keep 2x sponge filters. If I’m honest, I admit that I don’t squeeze these out often enough. When I do, I like to squeeze out one side only, and next time squeeze out the other. Today is “right kidney” day for some of my tanks. I confess to just squeezing out the sponge under tap water + tank water during a small water change. I haven’t found the tap water detrimental when just doing one “kidney” at a time. Now brace yourself! Here’s a few gross kidney photos 😬
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