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  1. Hey, welcome to the wonderful hobby of fish keeping! I can definitely agree with the above posts on reviving weaker fish, or possibly maxing out you bio load. But I have one additional point to add, get fish which are suited for your water, I personally have 7.8-8.0 ph well water, and every soft water fish/ shrimp I have added to my tank have died in a relatively short period of time. So it’s always a good rule of thumb to get fish suited to your water. This can be done by asking your lfs the water parameter they keep a certain fish in, or look to google for the help. Happy fish keeping, I hope this helps
  2. Bettas definitely can predate any shrimp they can I’ve had a betta kill 3 large ghost shrimps in one evening. If I were you I would have a separate tank for the shrimp and use the betta as a culling predator. Or if you were to go with bamboo shrimp watch the bettas body language closely. Be blessed Jesus is coming soon
  3. Hence the endlers! I haven’t been able to pinpoint my gh either I got to 25 drops and gave up
  4. How big is the second tank? If I were you I would remove the fish that are being bullied and keep the angels and fry in the OG tank so it doesn’t inflict too much stress. This is just what I would do but many people would probably disagree. Or.. if your up for the challenge… only remove the fry. You will definitely be working double duty but the angels won’t eat their babies
  5. Hey… I’m also from the Sacramento area, do you trade fish at the club meetings?
  6. I already have 5! They are in a 17,000 gallon pond that my dad built for my grandfather years ago
  7. I love this list! What types of cave fish do you speak of?? I’ve always noticed that my tanks always cycled quickly but I never knew it was because of my high ph, that’s so handy! And it’s always a good conversation starter to tell people you keep fish in liquid rock. Thank you for commenting it means a lot! My water is 7.8 out of the tap, but once the co2 gasses off it raises to 8-8.2
  8. Thank you for your comment! I’ve finally learned to not fight my water and get fish/inverts that appreciate my water. Now I mostly keep Neos, and livebearers, but when I first started with tetras, goldfish and rotated through many other soft water fish. But I’ve definitely learned to embrace my liquid rock, and all that comes with it. 😀
  9. It’s an honor to have you on my topic, I think im going to give the siesta method a try on my planted shrimp tank
  10. I have a pretty high tech set up to get the most success. I have an automatic fry separator, as well as separate male/ female sections divided by foam. I would definitely keep the genes pure, and I am willing to cull as many as I need to.
  11. Thank you for your comment,I was thinking of using micro worms, grindle worms, bbs, and occasionally some mosquito larva
  12. I wish they were able to survive 46 years, fish deaths are awful 😞 That’s true, I’m trying to discover more options, because this is a second choice fish. I like them but I’m not sure if I like them $300 worth 😕
  13. Do you need to have light for a quarantine tank, I have some room under my tank racks for a 10gal tank.
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