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  1. @Cory I made this video, based on some things I learned from you and @Dean’s Fishroom
  2. I will likely make multiple posts to cover my questions as I have 3 main tanks I'm working with. First up, I have a 29 gallon. It's lightly planted and I'm adding more, but slowly. It has aged driftwood with well rooted moss. The tank is what I would consider well seasoned. Water changes are kept to a minimum, and I rely on ACO test strips, a professional Ph meter, and the general appearance of the tank/behavior of the fish. 1 BN Pleco (a rescue from the cleaning cart at petco) 5 Serbia Cory's (Hi Cory) 10-15 Cardinal Tetras 10 Fork Tail Rainbow 3 Black Kuli's This past week I added a Beta. The first one I've had in close to 20 years. It's a Galaxy Koi Candy Cane. I named him Orion the Nebulous. I want to add shrimp. Is that a mistake? Should I move the Beta out until the shrimp are established? Can I do Cherry's or should I go with Bamboo?
  3. I guess my question, without starting another thread with the same title, would be: How important is temperature for plants? Can I grow Scarlet Temple in 83-84 degrees? I'm asking because I keep failing. I've tried Scarlet Temple 3 times now. I am looking at another site that actually has recommended temperatures, and wondering why they're not listed on ACO's web site. Why am I failing? I am using easy green 1 pump per 10 gallon on a very sparsely planted tank. My nitrates, depending on tank, range from 50-150 (Co-Op strips), the hardness is 75 or greater. They are dying within a few weeks. The bottom of the stems just melt along with the rest of the leaves. Is temperature a factor? Is the fact that ACO grows with CO2 and I am not (is it withdraw)? Frustrated and feeling like a failure.
  4. I totally get HH's point, and I would like that as well. That being said, I am hoping to use my quarantine tank to give the AR time to fully convert, which seems to be my issue. This is my 3rd attempt at this plant, but I was doing the opposite of NV's suggestion to lower nitrates. I thought putting it in where my nitrates are highest would give it the best opportunity. There's not much left on this one, delivered last week, but reading these tips gives me insight on how to make it work. I now, after reading this, have it in nitrates of about 5, and also increased light level at 6 hours. I don't expect this one to survive, but it's worth another go. I think once it's converted, it'll be a lot easier to play with it.
  5. Expanding on the original question; Do you acclimate the plats to your water? I meant to ask this before, but must have failed to do so. My plants just arrived today and are still soaking in the bag. I'm going to ad some tank water, but am curious what everyone else does for success. This will be my second attempt with Scarlet Temple. Hoping that the Easy Green that comes so highly recommended actually works. I started using it about a month ago, and I have an Annubius at work that looks like it wants to make a baby. It shot one tall stem up, and grew a tiny leaf that has a whitish thing sticking of that leaf. Sorry about the picture quality.
  6. 1) Can I keep upside down catfish and neon tetras? 2) I am looking for a center piece for my 125 gallon, red gravel (a planted Martian scape is my vision). I have Long Fin Tetra's, Serpae Tetra's, and Silvertip Tetra's. Plus two small (for now) Albino High Fin Redeye Plecos, and two Red Rainbow's. I was going to look in to keeping Discus with the smaller fish, but temperament alone may prevent that. Haven't even looked at parameter differences yet. I thought I'd check the success/fail rate first. So, what (preferably larger) centerpiece would you add? Thanks for reading [edit] I am placing my plant order this week. I am looking at Anubius Petite, Monte Carlo, Valisneria (possibly), and I would like to try the Scarlet Temple again, but failed last time in getting it to live.
  7. This works now, and all of my earlier stuff is still there. Stay safe
  8. Cory, thanks for the update. I heard you mention the new website on Sunday's stream, and thought this might be a glitch from it. I'm sure I'll be checking it from time to time. Love me some wish lists.
  9. Huh. Must be something on my end. Thank you. edit - If I go to an item that I had previously marked, or if I mark one that was not, still nothing in my wish list 😞 Also, when I try to share it, Chrome opens a blank tab.
  10. @Cory Not sure who to tag, so I picked you. I'm logged in to the store and have tagged things for my wish list, but when I click on the wish list, none of the items show up. Thought you'd like to know that.
  11. Okay, thank you Brandi. Yes, there should be plenty of flow in there. Leaving them self parent is the goal. This is there second attempt. First was in my 55g with more fish, so that's why I opted for the 20 in a quieter room. Thanks again for the advice, Patrick
  12. I've seen several comments about creating a tight seal with this hatchery. Is there a trick, or are they just flukes? I currently have no need for the space consumption of a Ziss. Thank you, Patrick
  13. So I have a batch of Ram eggs. The parents remain with the eggs in a secluded 20g. Question; I can see several eggs that don't look fertile. How on earth do I remove the unfertilized eggs without disturbing the parenthood now taking place? Those things are tiny! She laid them on a small piece of slate. It's mostly the male guarding the eggs, but they do seem to take turns.
  14. @Cory I hope it's okay to share this. Lowes sells rocks. You have to search for Garden Rocks.
  15. Wow, thanks guys. It's in my cart now. Is there anything not in the EG that I should watch for or supplement? I'm just learning the chemistry but already have some plants. The water is really hard (like as much as 25 drops of API and light purple on the strips). and nitrates are no lower than 30 in any of my tanks. Oh, and minimal algae.
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