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  1. That is Sunday November 7th, when I’ll be speaking.
  2. I'll be speaking at Southwest Aquatic Society in Phoenix Arizona. The meeting is on Sunday afternoon November 7th, I think at 1:00 and I think there will be a question and answer get together the Friday or Saturday before. The meeting is at The Old Spaghetti Factory, 3155 W. Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ At this time I don't know where the Q&A session will be at.
  3. Look for a new video coming out from the Co-op. We made a DIY one about the fry boxes I make.
  4. My water pump in the bucket is an old one that I had on hand. It is an Odssey WP-1000. I'm sure there are many newer ones that would do the job really well. You just have to make sure that the pump will handle the highest volume of flow that you'd ever drain into the bucket and also will carry that at the amount of head that the pump will have to overcome. For the water supply with a bunch of trial and error I've found that the 1/4" press fit plumbing fittings and hose work great for me. I use lots of T's to put it all together and the little ball valves for each tank are the barbed ones from Two Little Fishies. For the most part I hold it in place with zip ties and also 1/4" cable clamps like these https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Clamp-pack-inch-Natural/dp/B004FV0ZL4 Hope this helps
  5. I think to get the flow you need you will have to use a larger air supply. The Nano pump does not have enough power to get the flow you will need.
  6. Did you do anything to trigger them spawning like a cool water change or multiple water changes in a row? Or just fed them good and let them do their thing?
  7. It's a worm feeding come from the Co-Op, cut down a bit and used a stainless steel washer for the bottom.
  8. Clicked this while shopping with Cory for just the first truckload of pipes and fittings we need to get the new indoor fish farm set up. Most of the fitting we bought all they had and still needed more.
  9. Liquid gold!!! So today was my best hatch ever with the Aquarium Co-op brine shrimp eggs. I’ve heard they are now back in stock. The difference for me with this hatch is using a new product that I’ve been testing for the Co-op. Not going to say it is right yet cause there is still testing to be done. The Gold Standard of brine shrimp eggs. Just sayin’
  10. Still a few days left for Christmas shopping, what are you going to get your fish?
  11. The square bottom bags that I use are from a company called ClearBags. Put the www in front and the .com behind and under bags you will find the Tropical Fish ones.
  12. Isn’t that one if the worst feelings. Especially when you are looking forward to some other project or family time. So lucky that you had a spare tank available. Somewhere around my place I have one of every sized tank I’m using in the fishroom. Sounds like you were able to save everything. Cut that old tank up for tops.
  13. A clump of leopard frog pleco eggs in the Ziss Egg Tumbler.
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