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  1. First I want to thank you all for your help. Never occurred to me to go to Youtube for advice and it was a wonderful suggestion. It is going to be a major pain but at least I feel that I can do this as long as I have a lot of help! I know I can at lease be knowledgeable enough now to "direct traffic" when the time comes. Also, there is a fish rescue in Boise ID that I know of and right here in Challis there is a fish hatchery that I may contact as well. Although this is not a done deal by any means, They showed me the 2 houses they are looking at and one of the 2 is very nice indeed. Both are in Idyllwild, Ca. If you are curious the address of the one I chose of the 2 is 54987 Daryll Rd, Idyllwild, CA 92549. You can look it up in Zillow. The other I told them would require fencing for my dog and it needs new carpet which brings it up to about the same price as the fist choice which needs nothing but the move itself. They are going to go up and look at both this weekend and let me know what they decide. Then I have to put mine up for sale. I already talked to a contractor today because I need some painting done and I want to finish fixing the roof over the porch so that is already in the works. This is going to be interesting since I am not suppose to drive and I have an Toyota FJ and a Motor home to move. I will keep you posted.
  2. Thanks, I needed that but I don't think this fight is worth it. Right now I am just trying to steer things in a way I can end up happy in the aftermath.
  3. Great Idea! Thanks. I could make that work. As for shipping the fish, I am not sure. Some are as big as 8 in by 5 in and the biggest is is 19 inches. I would like to rehome that one as it is really too big for my 75 gallon. I have 2 pairs of bristle nosed gold plecos breeding right now and 5 catfish the are very large. 4 of the tanks have 4 different varieties of shrimp. There is a betta and a host of different sized Corys from Pygmy to large Venezuelas in different tanks. 4 clown plecos in different tanks. 6 pairs of Rabbit snails (one just had a hatch), 4 very large goldfish, 1 large blue crayfish and a host of other fish from Guppies to Apisto cacatuoides and some fish on the rarer side. It will be a mess to move all this and I worry about loss. On the good side, every tank has at least 1 if not 2 Aquarium Coop battery back up air pumps so air is not an issue. If my Motor home has not sold, it will have power but I have it up for sale and it has been looked at already so that is unknown. It is going to take movers to move all of what I have and will not leave including my frige and a freezer. I have a great deal of antiques that my years have accumulated. Add a ton or so of hard back books, computers printers and a large desk. I figure if they want to move me all the other stuff is their issue as I will not leave here without it all. Can you tell I really do not want to move?
  4. Kind of what I thought and NO, most are very large fish. Going to have to figure out how to combine shrimp so they do not interbreed and I can get them back out of a tank when they are moved.
  5. I own outright this house and I am assuming that they will put the sale of this one against the price of the one they are buying. Long and short is that I could move slowly. The real issue is that it is a 14 hour drive to the new area so 28 hrs each move is pretty much out of the question. I will NOT get rid of any of the tanks and that is out of the question also. I am hoping someone can come up with a plan to get everybody there safely.
  6. I live in Idaho but all my family lives in CA. Due to my disability, my family has wanted me to move to CA but I have been resisting because I love it here. Now they are putting on a lot of pressure and looks like they are buying me a house to force the move. My question is how the heck do you move 16 fish tanks with fish you really care about and some of the tanks are 75 gallon. Anyone that has moves fish both big and small along with all the fish tank that has suggestions or information on accomplishing this without killing the animals, I would appreciate your advice. This is not a done deal yet but when the family get in in their heads that I need to move closer, I need to know what I am facing with the fish.
  7. For an Update on this topic...I went to Facebook to see if there were folks in the area that might be interested and got 10 replies. I have contacted them back and the first to message me was an individual that works at non less that our local fish hatchery. We will see where this goes but 2 of the others work at a vets office, one is one of my neighbors and the another volunteers at our animal shelter. I was a bit surprised at the response. Now I guess I really do need to get to planning things out. I was going to approach the schools and see if there is interest there and if I could possible get access to an auditorium. This is going to be a journey as usually I am in the position of being an attendee at these types of things and not the planner of such events.
  8. Yes I'm the one with the recent aquarium crash that killed fish. Prior to that incident I was planning of beginning an aquarium club in my area. I know of a few individuals that either have an aquarium or would like to and I thought I could help in some ways. After all, I know both how to do it wrong and how to do it right and have the 15 year old fish to prove it. My zip codes area is 2,232.83 square miles in size with 3.35 square miles of that being water. We have 1021 occupied homes and nobody got the count but about 3,500 cows. We are 56 miles from the nearest town big enough to have a Safeway and 125 miles from the nearest true big city of Idaho Falls which has 3 fish stores (2 are Petco and Pet Smart). I want to start the itch here in our town. I know I can answer a lot of questions and if I don't have the answers, I know who all to ask :} What I am looking for is suggestions on Topics I should bring up, Topics not to bring up, and generally how to run a club session to make it fun for everyone. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Thank you, truly thank you. I had not yet cried for them. I wanted to but couldn't. Your beautiful words gave me peace.
  10. I may have had a dead fish or snail. Hard to tell in the aftermath and with the heavy plants also hard to see at the time. So, live and learn and try to never do that again. Water change would have been a better option if I had been capable but at the time pain was a factor (with me not the fish) so I really just wanted the release of sleep. I paid a high price for that decision.
  11. When we researched what I actually did it was a total of 5 ml that went into the tank that night. I did again what I had done into a measuring beaker so we would know what happened. We of course did not have the measurement of the ammonia at that time to prove the entire circumstance but had enough information to believe it was a perfect storm the have happen what happened. So that product should have a warning label on it rather than to say it is safe in every circumstance. Most of us are not Biological Scientists, more like Biological Hacks. We all try our very best to care for our fish buddies but there is danger in the additives that are sold to the general public. Some, like this one are very complex in what they do in the water of our fish buddies. Add heavily planted tanks in the mix and you have all kinds of issues you need to watch out for. That is why a lot of us use remineralized RO water. In my case, I am on a privet well so I have different things I need to deal with because this is also a farming/ranching community and we also have a great deal of hot springs. So, I have had to up my game a bit in the study of water and the thing that make up water. I made a bad mistake and now have to learn from it. That product will be used in very small amounts, during the day where I can observe the results and act accordingly if there becomes an issue so that I never do that again.
  12. I am here to tell you that it is not safe. Even at 3X the amount in a 29 gallon long it killed almost every fish in the tank. So while their "Directions" state that it is safe to use in high amounts to solve issues, I am proof that it is not at all safe.
  13. AS a PS. There is a YouTube Video out there by one of the "Fish Aficionados" that touts Prime as the cure all for Any problem tank and states that it is safe to use in high amounts. That Video should be removed as it was part and parcel what led me to do what I did. I am sure that the person that put that Video up is paid by the makers of Prime which is why it exists but it is bad information. PSS I know that I am still responsible for doing what I did and I truly feel awful about it. I can see however knowing what I know now, through a very hard lesson, how much bad information is out there for people trying to learn the hobby.
  14. Learning this way has been a very hard lesson and I hope that this lesson reaches some other Fish Parent that might have a difficult tank and try to fix it the very wrong way. I have a fish buddy that is local to me. Since nothing much is local to me this is a good thing. She came over last night to see how I was doing and we sussed out that it was my mistake that killed the tank. Heavy Sigh. I'm down to seeing which Nerite Snails made it and I have 2 of them alive and well. The Corys all came out and said hello last night when I fed their tank and I was relieved to see it. Still it really hurts my heart to know that one simple mistake was what caused all that death and make me very sad.
  15. Thank you and it does help. Before I was disabled, I had large animals and I can even imagine the pain you have gone through in you natural disasters. It take an amazingly strong person to rebuild somewhere where those things can happen again. Having had the variety of fish, cows, chickens, goats and horses, fish come out on top for me simply because they are fun to watch in their little glass boxes, they don't eat tons, and best of all, they don't make a sound.
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