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  1. Woohoo!!! I can’t believe the man himself is here on my thread 😎🤙🏽 Awesome can’t wait. Love every single one of your videos dean!!
  2. I recently found these at my local Lowe’s. Are these real natural slate? Even with the multicolor? And rust stains? If anyone could let me know ASAP as there’s only a few boxes of these left. They don’t look like the perfect stone I see in some peoples videos but it does say all natural slate. And natural stone. 10-Pack Multicolor 12-in x 12-in Natural Natural Stone Slate Floor Tile https://www.lowes.com/pd/Anatolia-Tile-10-Pack-Multicolor-12-in-x-12-in-Natural-Floor-Tile/1001042626
  3. Hey guys after years of searching and patiently waiting, I was finally able to get myself a group of zebra plecos from a buddy who was unfortunately forced to moved and thus get rid of a lot of his personal breeders. These were his personal group of 5 he’s been growing out. 4 are older he said he believes two are for sure females I’m looking for assistance on tryna sex them as well if you guys can tell or give me any pointers on what to look for. He’s had them for about two years now, they haven’t bred for him though he said they should be ready within this year to next year so fingers crossed!
  4. Awesome!! Thanks for the info I might grab a few pieces of that slate to play around with. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have one of my buddies go to his friend who’s a tiler and countertop guy, he gave him a bunch of large slabs of natural stone. It looks like quarts and other mixes crystals they both said it was aquarium safe but the backing has fiberglass my buddy said that’s aquarium safe too I can either leave it or remove it but do these look good to cut and piece together to make some caves?
  5. Woooow that looks soo perfect!! If you know the dimensions of the tubing, I think you may be able to source a type of cap, then I would drill a hole large enough for that elbo and use 100% silicone to seal that then you can drill holes on the bottom of the cap to allow water to be pulled up. That would be for the bottom I’m thinking in my head lol. The top you would probably want a way to somewhat restrict the free flow so maybe another can with more holes that way it’ll regulate and aerate the water better for the fry. Where did you find that tube? It looks like the one they sell at Disneyland for the flavored powder candy😂 I’m just basing my ideas off of this design, I figure if it works then try to mimic it and that design should be achievable as well. If it doesn’t work then it will just need some minor adjustments as with any other system that’s homemade right? Lol I think of us as pioneers until it becomes commercially made 😂
  6. I was thinking of something around this design? I love my hang on fry box it just sticks out and looks really ugly lol I wouldn’t mind dedicating a 29gal or even just a 20 long to be just a fry tank, keep the larger grow outs on the bottom then keep multiple fry trays on top. Then all you would need is air splitters above, and have your airlines run to each box’s tube.
  7. Would anyone know if marble slabs are safe? Or any other type of tile? The I think I found the right one at my local Lowe’s, this one says natural slate tile. I can see the layers of rock in the cut. And one piece I grabbed literally broke apart and I see some red rust and possibly mixed minerals. Is this the right slate? Also found some nice granite would those be aquarium safe as well?
  8. Brooo you nailed my question right in the head! Lol. Now it just made me more stuck on what I could do. I was thinking of possibly making some type of u bend on a small piece of plastic tubing similar to how the python hook hose attracted to the side of the tank, then adding the stone on the bottom just like how the fluval hang on the back breeding tank, how their water cycle system works just gotta figure out how to implement that onto a container inside of the tank. I also Feel as if I’m possibly overthinking it like how you guys said earlier the easiest and dumb proof setup it probably the best lol.
  9. All of these systems though would require a drain through system right? I see everyone using the drip system to cycle water through the tanks. I was trying to think of a way of implementing a sponge filter tube then glue it to the bottom of the box and have the bubbles push air up then have the excess flow out through the sponge filter cutting
  10. I was in the search for slate to create my own pleco caves, “recently became the proud owner of a group of L046 zebra plecos and trying my best to make them feel most comfortable. I was reading online that slate was the best material used to make caves and having prior experience in carpentry and flooring I could easily cut a few pieces of slate tile and make some caves. I checked out my local Home Depot and searched every piece of tile available and I found one that’s said to be 100% natural stone and it was slate rock so I purchased two pieces. I also noticed the back end was gouged and indented to make the hold while flooring better, but it was also coated or cooked it looks like a terocotta pot type of back. Would anyone have any idea if this is still safe for the aquarium or I’ll have to keep trying to source the correct piece.
  11. Aloha everyone, I’m having this problem it’s been about a week now, it first started off with little white patches on a few of my orange laser corys, I started to treat them with Hawaiian hillbilly’s BSD treatment but after daily water changes everyday on the third day directions say to take a day break so after the fourth day I noticed the fish still had the fungus in their fins and a few more fish had it. I retired the dosage again for another three days and still to no sign of improvement. I’m noticing there’s more of what looks like fungus growing on the fish’s barbels now too I’m not sure if this is from then digging into sharp substrate which I thought wasn’t true, or the fungus is spreading even more. If anyone has any idea what else could cure or help this that would be awesome!
  12. Hey everyone I’ve been tryna figure out where dean has been getting his fry breeder boxes that he places on his tanks in his videos with the white bottom but water is still able to flow through with a sponge as the filter. Any ideas is his custom made or ordered??
  13. Aloha all so long story short, I got two remaining angel fish from petco, started with 6 lol we know how those fish go all 4 were being treated till they just gave up but I have two left and I may have just got lucky enough to have gotten a pair out of them all,(or so I pray). Now this is where I need some serious trained eyes to help me identify these two specimens. By going by all traits I’ve been collecting online about what separates them in sex and to me I think they might be but this would be my first pair to attempt to breed and I just want to be sure. They swim together pretty much all the time I notice there’s very little aggression except for when I feed them for ex. For the first time today while feeding they were starting to peck and chase til both faced off and legit held each other by the mouth and were kinda in a tug of war type of deal not too sure if this is common with pairs? I know from what I could collect online for info, the one sure fire way to identify a male and female is by breeding tubes and they only protrude those out when they’re nearing ready to breed which is hard with just two angels haha 😆. Anyways I really hope we can shine some light on these guys and get to moving on my next little project. Thank you for taking the time and helping out much mahalo and Aloha 🤙🏽
  14. So some seems to be alive. I’ve thrown them on the ground to see if they would start moving the first time I didn’t, 5 minutes later I looked again and it was gone 🤦🏽‍♂️ so I tried again the next time and this time I could see it moving around and what looked like to be a tongue protruding out and in kinda freaky to me now. We do have a lot of fruit trees around us being in Hawaii we have about 3 mango trees and various other fruits and veggies. Though I do have an aquaponics system running on the side and that hasn’t seen anything unless my comets are tackling them. These seem a lil too big for any of my fish to feed on
  15. Found some in my breeding tanks this time! These are on the top of the rack open tops no lids just the light but there’s no build up I a iPhone left over food out daily since it’s bare bottoms and just a sponge filter with a few artificial decorations. These look like they could’ve been in the tank for at least a day or two and I overlooked them or they’re a catapillar type of worm we have here with spikes all over it’s body but they’re colored and which is even more weird Is we’ve recently built a extended roof below their deck so it would block more rain and adds more extension from the edge of their patio that the maggots were walking off the edge before. Here’s more pics as well of the area and building
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