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  1. Aloha all so long story short, I got two remaining angel fish from petco, started with 6 lol we know how those fish go all 4 were being treated till they just gave up but I have two left and I may have just got lucky enough to have gotten a pair out of them all,(or so I pray). Now this is where I need some serious trained eyes to help me identify these two specimens. By going by all traits I’ve been collecting online about what separates them in sex and to me I think they might be but this would be my first pair to attempt to breed and I just want to be sure. They swim together pretty much all the time I notice there’s very little aggression except for when I feed them for ex. For the first time today while feeding they were starting to peck and chase til both faced off and legit held each other by the mouth and were kinda in a tug of war type of deal not too sure if this is common with pairs? I know from what I could collect online for info, the one sure fire way to identify a male and female is by breeding tubes and they only protrude those out when they’re nearing ready to breed which is hard with just two angels haha 😆. Anyways I really hope we can shine some light on these guys and get to moving on my next little project. Thank you for taking the time and helping out much mahalo and Aloha 🤙🏽
  2. So some seems to be alive. I’ve thrown them on the ground to see if they would start moving the first time I didn’t, 5 minutes later I looked again and it was gone 🤦🏽‍♂️ so I tried again the next time and this time I could see it moving around and what looked like to be a tongue protruding out and in kinda freaky to me now. We do have a lot of fruit trees around us being in Hawaii we have about 3 mango trees and various other fruits and veggies. Though I do have an aquaponics system running on the side and that hasn’t seen anything unless my comets are tackling them. These seem a lil too big for any of my fish to feed on
  3. Found some in my breeding tanks this time! These are on the top of the rack open tops no lids just the light but there’s no build up I a iPhone left over food out daily since it’s bare bottoms and just a sponge filter with a few artificial decorations. These look like they could’ve been in the tank for at least a day or two and I overlooked them or they’re a catapillar type of worm we have here with spikes all over it’s body but they’re colored and which is even more weird Is we’ve recently built a extended roof below their deck so it would block more rain and adds more extension from the edge of their patio that the maggots were walking off the edge before. Here’s more pics as well of the area and building
  4. I’ll try get some pics soon but yea I’m kinda sure lol. They’re large size grub looking I found 3 on my lunch break before posting this but I’ll check when I get home after work
  5. Have you guys ever found a maggot or multiple maggots in your aquarium?? I’ve been finding them almost daily in my guppy fry tank recently and it’s occurred before but not consistently like this. Just curious if this is a natural thing other people experienced before or it’s a me problem and something I gotta fix with my setups. It could also be from our upstairs renter, they have a patio that over hangs our lanai room give us a roof but they’ve left trash out before and I’ve had maggots fall through the floor and end up on my sidewalk but we talked and it pretty sure he wouldn’t do it again.(I really hope) but I don’t have pics totally spaced on taking them but next time which shouldn’t be long they appear I’ll get some pics up. Aloha and thank you. 🤙🏽
  6. Hmm for #1, I’ve never tested that water I will next round Though. My process for daily water changes is as follows: 1. Use a turkey baster feeder tube to slowly suck out poop from the fish and snails and excess food which only totals to very little water. 2. Goo with my straw sized siphon and siphon 50% of the water. ( I have gallon lines marked on the edge of the tub so I know exactly how much water I’m taking out at a time. 3. Mount my jug of day old water above the tub and run the same siphon down but I tie a loose not and let the water drip into the tank so it acclimated and creates a little surface disruption which the fry always comes up and checks it out and normally swims around more. Maybe that’s my issue? as for number 2, I do hatch baby brine shrimp and also have vinegar eels but I’m more on the edge of feeding vinegar eels because even using the filter floss technique if sat long enough the water on top seems to collect vinegar as well I can smell and taste it before I give to the fry so I discard it and give micro worms which I feel most comfortable. Then I do feed brine shrimp when they’re about 5-7 days old. and for #3, I do keep the lid on the tub I notice it builds humid as everytime I lift the cover to feed there’s condensation on the top. The front is sealed good but the back is a little cracked to give the heater chord and air hose room
  7. Alright guys having a little trouble now. Not sure if it’s something I’m missing or whatnot but I’m gonna be going on my 4th batch of fry soon and need more advice. Every batch of fry I have seems to diminish slowly over time til there’s none left. So to start off, I use a 5gal storage tub to breed, a cycled sponge filter but I don’t turn it on til the fry are larger I just leave it to cycle, heater, and fake plants. Once the eggs are layed, female is pulled out, make then takes care til they hatch. Once they’re free swimming I pull the male out and the next day I start my water changes. I do 50% water changes daily, make sure my heater is always working (lost one batch cause I didn’t know it was off yet still plugged in) and I start feeding micro worms at about 2days in if free swimming. Now this is where is gets weird. They seem to be doing fine and growing older, I’ll see a few die off here and there which I think is normal then all of a sudden they seem to start crashing where more and more start to die, check my water parameters and they’re all perfect, I’m adding tanins into the water for every water change, checking temps all the time and doing 3-4 small feedings a day to ensure I’m not over feeding. What am I missing from these guys I really want to grow out at least one batch of fry to say I’ve successfully bred bettas then move onto my next project lol.
  8. That would be a great setup. Nice amount of groups anything less than that then they may stress a bit. But that sounds like a great plan. Just hope your platies don’t have any babies lol
  9. What you could look into would be other live bearers like fancy guppies? I’ve recently started transitioning over to guppy strains and it’s been a blast! Soo many varieties and colors. Just some extra thoughts to make your decision even harder than it is 😂😁
  10. Ohh also what could help too is run a sponge filter there’s some really good ones on aquarium coop I got a bunch mostly nano size and I run them in everything from 2.5s all the way up to my 10 gal. for a 20gal a medium would do wonders
  11. Ohhh my gods I apologize I got two different fishes mixed up 😂😅 I was looking at the crocodile toothpick fish earlier that’s why but what I meant to say was you should look into the blue tetras (one of my favs and next in the list to get) or harlequin rasboras. Keep in mind these smaller fish do wayy better in larger schools at least 5+. You could get away with less but you will notice a difference in their behaviors. Same for corys which you did great on going with 6 of the pandas. But I would recommend possibly 5-6 ottos if you can, they do an amazing job at helping you keep your tank under control with algae while your corys help you clean up uneaten food. My main community tank has been perfectly balanced to where I don’t siphon my gravel just do water changes once a week and there’s no buildup on the floor. There’s more algae growth cause I run my lights almost 10-12 hours a day to boost my guppy grass for other aquariums. Plus it gives the fish a lil extra veggie 😂
  12. Yeahh they do but with your weekly water changes maybe even bump it from 25% to 35% should still be fine. Crocodile tooth tetras may suit you they’re super cool and unique! Or maybe even killi fish? They’re seasonal fish depending on the species. I’ve recently ordered eggs off of amazon I think they were one of the Aphyosemion species I’ve read they should live up to a few years but you get to hatch them, watch them grow and they do amazing in community tanks. I threw mines in my pond that runs my aquaponics system and so far they’re loving it! You should post some pictures of your setups might help give off more ideas for ya!
  13. Your possibilities are pretty much endless as long as your looking at the full grown size of the fish you should be ok. Maybe throw some shrimp, ottos I don’t really count my cleaner crew into my aquadvisor limits, heck I breed and keep guppy strains in 2.5gal tanks, not recommended but I do 25% water changes daily and siphon out any Ferber a few times a day so I feel they’re ok and max I keep is 5-8 guppies at a time. As for your 20gal, with your platies depending on color variants you could go into an all I’ve bearer tank, throw some sailfin mollies, Dalmatian and koi colored mollies are just stunning and if fed the proper diets their colors pop. There’s dwarf powder blue and red gourami you could do with one add some color and unique personalities or even a pair of angels. I’ve had a buddy that kept his angels in a 15gal for 8 years they loved it! Whatever you decide just remember it’s your tank and you’ll be looking at it all day so get what you like and will enjoy looking at everytime. Me personally I like a mixture of small and medium fish that way at first glance you’ll notice the larger fish but when you start to really look into the tank you’ll see the little fish zooming around and it’s kinda like a little town of fish lol. That’s why community tanks are awesome! This is my 20gal tall community I have two Mexican sail fin mollies, 4 mixed premium angels, 6 ottos, two thread fin catfish, 4 peppered cories, had one flame dwarf gourami moved him to his own tank and now I have two juvenile powder blue gouramis, and 3 platinum half beaks. All doing perfectly well
  14. So I started off with one flame gourami, I was told he was a male when I bought him. Had home for a bout a year now and I finally think it’s time to get him a partner. Went over to my local fish store on the other side of the island ended up comming back with hopefully a female flame, and a pair of blue dwarfs as well. Thing is. They all look alike with slight differences so I want to be sure these are pairs. Any assistance or advice would be awesome!
  15. Aloha everyone hope your day is going well, got off work early to come home to one of my 24k gold guppy females was swimming at the surface. I thought it was normal til closer inspection she ONLY stays at the surface, mouth seems to be stuck open and she looks as if she’s suffering. Can anyone tell me what this might be or if it’s contagious I have two other females in the tank and they’re the remaining females from my strain so I would really like to save them.
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