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  1. Hi everyone! I have a planted 29 gallon with 8 pea puffers. I need a little help with algae clean up in this tank. Has anyone found any fish that could get along with these guys and eats some algae? I've only kept pea puffers in species only tanks so I have no experience with how they would treat other fish. Are they aggressive with fish that are bigger than them?
  2. Thank you for that advice! I've actually used Eco-Complete in my other tanks. Can I ask what you didn't like about it?
  3. @Fish Folk Thank you for your detailed response! That sounds like a good plan!
  4. Hi everyone! I have a 29 gallon pea puffer only tank. I really liked the look of sand when I set this tank up a while back and I planned on only using epiphyte plants in it. As my hobby changes, I'm changing this tank to a high tech setup and I would like to play with different plants in there. I'm thinking about changing the substrate to eco-complete. I just wanted to ask the more experienced folks if there is anything I need to worry about with the substrate change. Ammonia spikes? stressing out the fish? Any tips or just your experience would be helpful! Also, is eco-planted the same as eco-complete? Thank you!
  5. My understanding is that people worry about losing tiny amounts of CO2 by using airline tubing instead of CO2 tubing. Others don’t care much about it because they don’t see any difference between the two and CO2 is cheap to refill anyway. It’s really up to you but it shouldn’t be a problem.
  6. @Gator you’re right. That’s probably what it is. I can see he added the same foam that he added to the other basket. That’s how it floats. I will give the grocery store a shot. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone! I have seen this floating container that @Dean’s Fishroom uses to collect rice fish fry in his pond. I know they made a video on how to make the fish trap with a pond basket but that basket has much bigger holes. Does anyone know where I can get this container? Did he add mesh to the bottom himself? Thank you!
  8. I thought about the lid method but unlike sponge filters, the airline isn't actually near where the air actually comes out of. I'll keep you posted if I come with a solution that works. Thank you for your help!
  9. Thank you @Lizzie Block and @Ryan S.. I got a more powerful pump. Any tips for making the bubbles less loud? I usually run finer bubbles through my sponge filters for the sound but I can't do that with the ziss filter. Do you all have any tips? Would it help if I install it closer to the water line?
  10. Would a USB air pump be able to handle a ziss bio filter? Anybody try this combo?
  11. I went full Cory on my fish food today. I crushed the flakes by hand and used a battery powered pepper grinder on the granules. Now I don't have to touch fish food when I feed.
  12. I'm struggling to find a good floating plant for a 25g balcony pond since most floating plants are invasive and illegal in California. I've ruled out Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce, and Frogbit. Does anyone have any suggestions? Anything you've had success with? For other Californians, am I understand the law incorrectly? I don't want to keep an illegal species. I also don't want to contribute to an environmental problem even if it's legal. I appreciate the help!
  13. Thank you! The green water was the result of too much light and not dosing enough fertilizer. I have reduced the light and I'm testing regularly to figure out a proper fertilizer schedule. I ended up purchasing a UV sterilizer to get rid of the green water short term while I figure out the balance of the tank so it doesn't come back.
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