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Found 7 results

  1. I've currently got a batch of fish in QT, having finished the first round of Paracleanse and waiting 2 weeks to repeat. Three mollies were thin when I got them, but otherwise looked healthy--active, scales and fins looked very good. Now that they've had dewormer, how soon should they start to plump up? It has been four days since they had the second dose, they've been fed 2x per day, and they don't look a bit less thin.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm going to get some pea puffers soon, and looking in to quarantining them. Theres an aquarium co op article that uses the trio of meds sold on the website, and then another video ofcorey from 2018 states some different API meds. Im curious what the best approach to deworming and quarantining pea puffers is and any tips anyone can offer. thank you!
  3. I am geting a amazon puffer VERY SOON and I was wondering how to de worm a puffer I was also seeing what you guys think about Amazon puffers and apistos.
  4. Hello my fellow canadians, I was wondering, how do you deworm fish? With the very limited stock of meds in Canada we cant just go out and get paraclense (we need a vets perscription for that). I know that enough salt can kill worms/ internal parasites. I have also read of Supertech 100% natural fish health remedy And how it treats for external parasites such as ich and also bacterial infections and fungus. But I have never read of people using it for internal parasites. So when QT'ing puffers and other wild caught fish do you guys even deworm?
  5. Hi everyone! I just setup a 29 gallon pea puffer tank. I started their med trio today. For the next round of deworming in about 3 weeks, is it better to just stick with general cure or use another dewormer? I also have levamisole which I bought from Greg Sage about a year ago. Would that be better?
  6. I have been slowly stocking 60 gallon tall. 1st ones added after med trio was 4 months ago. Last ones after med trio a month ago. I have a batch in QT right now. Question is when should I just deworm the display tank? After fully stocked? Or should I do it now before I add this batch? And in future how often should it be done?
  7. Does any one ever try using Mebendazole as dewormer?
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