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Found 4 results

  1. I just wanted to share nature winning. This plant ("broadleaf arrowhead" I believe) has been a champion. I got it for a pond experiment and it ended up struggling. When I tore down the "pond" I put one little bulb (all that was left) of it in some grow media on my fish tank but it never did much there. I ended up tossing the media into my second tote-pond and that spring, to my surprise, leaves sprouted in two arias where a shoot had been sent. They all died over winter and the top water froze briefly so, please imagine my surprise when I find a half dozen shoots breaking the surface in arias where It seems to have spread. TLDR; If you want a pond plant get a broadleaf arrow head, they are apparently "bullet proof" PS. Any garden credit goes to my amazing wife.
  2. Was looking for feedback on which plants to put in my summer tubs.i have plans for 3 - 20 gallons and 1 - 40 gallon ponds/tubs. I was going to pick up a 4 pack of water Lilly rhizomes, water sprite, hornwort, moss (mix of Christmas and Java), bacopa, and floating some water lettuce. We are in USDA zone 6. Won’t be ready usually for fish until May or June was just hoping to get them going cycling and be ready when nighttime temps hit the mark.
  3. I'd like to try and put some of my aquarium plants in pots so that they can be moved around more easily, especially if I decide to convert one of my tanks to brackish. The best guide I could find was this: https://www.gardenguides.com/101705-plant-aquarium-plants-pots.html But all it says about what soil to use is "carefully choose which soil to use." Lol My question is whether I should stay away from potting soil mixes. I have an old planter with some potting mix that has been "used up" by plants for one season- I grew Swiss chard, for example. I would expect that I could safely use this soil to pot the dwarf tiger lotus I have, which- ideally- would grow happily in my outdoor mini pond. I am planning to cap the soil in the pot with gravel. Anyone see any red flags with this plan? I don't think the soil would leach any harmful chemicals, but I am going to review Diana Walstad's book to confirm. Edit: Got Walstad's name wrong!
  4. I'm struggling to find a good floating plant for a 25g balcony pond since most floating plants are invasive and illegal in California. I've ruled out Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce, and Frogbit. Does anyone have any suggestions? Anything you've had success with? For other Californians, am I understand the law incorrectly? I don't want to keep an illegal species. I also don't want to contribute to an environmental problem even if it's legal. I appreciate the help!
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