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About Me

  1. Hi everyone! Wanted to start off saying Thank You to this Forum and everyone who contributes - I have learned SO MUCH in the last few months from all the wonderful humans who share their knowledge about the aquarium hobby! Currently, I have an large army of very happy Red Wag Platys (Platies?), 12 Neon Tetras, 6 adorable Melanistius Corydoras (SO CUTE), a baby Bristlenose Pleco and 3 Golden White Cloud Mountain Minnows who are still in quarantine (they looked so lonely by themselves at the pet store, I couldn't leave them there!). ANYWAY - This is my first summer having an outdoor pond, and I am VERY excited! 😍 My fiancé and I bought our new house last year, and over this past winter I casually mentioned that I wanted to try summer tubs this summer...well, now I have a 200 gallon semi-inground pond that will have a small waterfall and a pump/filter. 😮 (images attached of the pond the day he dug it into the ground, and a picture from this past Sunday with the beginnings of the surrounding rocks). See what happens when you leave (some) men unsupervised?! So, cue excitement - and mild concern for the sheer size of this thing!😳 We live on Long Island, NY (Zone 7a for plants), so any fish will be coming indoors for the winter. Originally, I was just going to put a handful of my existing Red Wags and a bunch of plants in my intended smaller outdoor tub, but seeing as though I now have 200 gallons at my disposal and as a beginner with outdoor tubs/ponds, what other fish can I put in there? Looking for species I can put in the pond WITH the Red Wags, as I already have those and ideally would like some color variety other than the red/black of the Platys. THANK YOU!😄🐟
  2. I’m thinking of possibly creating a mini pond that will ideally stay on my porch all year long. I live in Seattle. The weather has been a bit unpredictable these past few years but usually, we rarely get temps below 40 degrees/above 80 degrees. Again, sometimes we have unusually cold or hot periods but overall, we tend to have pretty mild weather. I’m thinking of doing a Japanese style medaka pond (10 - 15 gallons). Has anyone done one without a filter or air stone? I have an outlet on my porch but I’m worried rain will get into it when it’s windy. During the summer months, I’m planning to move the pond towards the shady area of the porch or bring inside when it’s over 80 degrees. I heard medaka are quiet hardy when it comes to the cold. I’m not sure if the water will still be okay when the temp gets too cold for plants though. I feel like water hyacinth, water lily, pennywort, water lettuce, etc. wouldn’t do too well in the colder months...? And if that’s the only source of filtration, I wonder if that will cause a crash. I know the fish’s metabolism slows down when it’s colder anyway but not sure if potential plant loss would cause everything to crash.
  3. Hello All, I recently acquired a 100 gallon rubbermaid stock tank and want to start up an aquaponics setup on my front porch. I'm searching for fish stocking ideas. I live in the Florida keys so overwintering is not a concern (average temperature at night in January is mid 60s). Thanks!
  4. Here are my adventures in stocking an outdoor pond in Northern California (South Bay). My parents have a ~4000 gallon pond in their backyard. I’m visiting them for the summer because of remote work (the one good thing about coronavirus; that and spending more time with my girls). We used to have some comets and goldfish in there when I was younger, but those got eaten by raccoons and herons, so now it’s just mosquito fish and tons of amazing water lilies. Since I’m around, I thought I spruce it up a bit for all the grandkids to enjoy. I ordered 20 golden white clouds (shout-out to Aqua Huna), which I added to the pond today, and I picked up two dozen red cherry shrimp from a local breeder on Craigslist which I will add tonight or tomorrow. I figure I’ll never see the shrimp unless they really thrive and reproduce into the thousands, but the white clouds are fantastic already, showing up like a beacon against the dark bottom. I’ll see if there is any increase over the next month and a half, but I’m really hoping to see a school of a hundred when I come back for Thanksgiving. And if I’m really lucky they’ll over-winter just fine and still be around next spring/summer. The local breeder keeps his shrimp in an outdoor tank all year round, and the winters here are mild enough (and the pond deep enough) that I’m hoping everything will cruise along. Just wanted to make a record of my experience, in case anyone else wants to give it a go.
  5. I read @Taco Playz thread about overwintering fish in outdoor ponds a couple nights ago. I had enough fish and garden stuff laying around to do a budget patio style pond in my backyard. Since it is late in the year I just threw some amazon frog bit and salvinia in from one of my aquariums, I'll worry about making it beautiful next spring with some flowering plants. Now to my question, is there a difference in hardiness between regular white cloud minnows and gold white cloud minnows? I would like to stock my pond with gold white clouds, but if they are less hardy than the regular variety I'll pass on them. I appreciate any advice or opinions.
  6. Hi all, I’m looking into starting a pond for a year round fish pond it can get into single digits where I live. I am thinking I will want a pump for water flow and aeration in the winter when ice may cover. Is there anything I should know about this that may be an issue? I was also curious how necessary a heater will be to keep the fish alive/ reduce the amount of ice that may form. I am planning on stocking white clouds, rainbow shiners, or rice fish as of right now.
  7. So me and my dad @Jbeezydad were thinking about maybe setting up a pond that goes all year around. We wanted to do some Ricefish. I heard they can go in very cold temps but not alot lower than 50F. In the winter were we live it can get pretty cold. Any suggestions for all year around fish or is there not any all year around fish. Thanks!
  8. ....this one has me converted! That water lettuce is 🔥! 😂👍 Are there any cool ponds in public places where you live?? Location: Dilworth Tasting Room in Charlotte, NC
  9. I was asleep early this morning. My dog was very restless and woke me up wanting to go out which is unlike her unless she thinks something is outside. So I let her out and found something had gotten into my medaka rice fish tub. My dog must have heard the critter at the tub. The 8 or so adult medaka were gone. Some plants were on the ground still pretty wet. Luckily there are still a bunch of fry. They’ve only been outside for a month or so. Last fall/winter I lost a couple goldfish from a 150 gal stock tank pond too after the plants had died back. I made a wire cover for that to use until spring and cover plants for them to hide come back. I’m thinking it’s been cranes or egrets. A neighbor had the same problem with birds. Could be raccoons but they are fairly rare around here or maybe cats. Anyone else deal with this issue?
  10. I have 50 gallon pond in the middle of my vegetable garden with guppies. Going on vacation couple weeks the garden is going to be on a auto sprinkler twice a day for 30 min. can i put extra water conditioner in the pond or should i make a temporary cover over it?
  11. I'm going to start an outdoor pond with a 100 gallon stock tank. How many Long Fin White Cloud's would you recommend starting with so that they breed like crazy?
  12. I’ve been working on a potted planter aquarium for 2-3 months now. I plan on bringing it out to the front veranda after the springtime warms things up outside. There is a place I’d like to put the planter aquarium that would be directly below a hanging flower basket filled with regular garden soil. The hose is connected to city water which is treated with chlorine. I have de-chlorinated water that I can use instead of the garden hose to water this specific planter. I have a few questions: Will the chlorine react / oxidize with the soil as it drips through & out of the basket from beneath? if it does, will it be enough? Will the flow-through minerals be absorbed by the plants in the aquarium after er it falls in from above? I reckon the soot may be a slight issue, but I think I can figure something out about that Here’s a photo of the aquarium. Thanks ahead of time!
  13. I'm having fun thinking through how to have an outdoor pond, but I have no access to electricity outdoors. Anything powered would have to be solar. Is it always necessary to have powered filtration, aeration, water movement, etc?
  14. As I was cleaning out my pound I noticed my lilies were no longer dormant, so I decided it was a good time to fix the positioning of my plants. I noticed last summer some of the leaves coming out were all ripped up so it must of had some issues with the rocks I used for the cap and growing towards the rim of the pot didn't help either. The rocks I used were chipped off bigger rocks that I shaped for my water fall feature and I didn't really like the look of it. Since I went this far I figured I might as well add some new soil and show some people how I use flower pots for lilies. You can even use fish bowls too haha but I'm gonna replace it with another pot. So I try to use the pots that have a hole in the middle instead of the corner of the pot since its easier to cover a flat surface. The way I cover it is pretty easy and hasn't leached soil into pond. I used the bottom of a milk jug and use the weight of the dirt to push it against the flower pot. In hind sight I should have probably put less dirt so that the cap would be under the rim of the pot because when I checked this morning my koi kicked up all the sand. Surprisingly I guess the roots did good enough of a job capping the soil cause I tested the water and there is no ammonia. My question to you guys is when do you consider the start of pond season? Generally my cue to start putting fish outside is when morning temp starts to reach around 70, curious to see when other people start.
  15. I think it was because of spring time so lots of flowers fell in the pond and it killed the fish and my pond water was not the usaul green but white and smelled like dead fish and tea.
  16. So I have been wanting to set up a outdoor pond. The problem is we have stray cats and our nexdoor neighbors feed them and they keep on coming back. I'm afraid that the cats will start to eat the fish. Any ideas? Thanks
  17. Hey everyone, I have gotten some goldfish and have built a new pond to put them in. I dug for about 3 days, it was hard because I had to level the pond before I could dig down, because it is on a slope. Then I added the liner, and filled it up. Here is a pic of it after I filled it up.
  18. I came across kniselys.com while looking for cold hardy fish and they mentioned archerfish. Have anybody try this? I would like to add them to a pond if they can survive outdoor. I'm in CA zone 10a.
  19. I'm thinking about options for my horses' 150-gallon water tank. I'm in northeastern Ohio so it doesn't get insanely hot, and I have a drain plug deicer to keep it from freezing. One of my horses is missing all of his front teeth, and another is just a slob, so they're always dropping bits of hay and grass in there. And with the driver, it's even growing algae in the winter! That, and scooping it out of my aquariums, got me wondering about putting duckweed in there to use up nutrients and shade out algae. Which of course grew into wondering about putting in other plants and/or a few minnows, in case the plants encourage mosquito breeding. Of course, I will definitely double-check invasive species lists and toxicity before putting anything out there. Has anyone done anything like this? Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  20. My green pond is in need of cleaning and i do not want do a water change because it is way to big and i believe I can use a uv light right?
  21. With the installation of a rather inexpensive device, you can use the flow of water from your garden hose or water barrel system to produce air bubbles in your outdoor ponds! The trompe device uses the force of flowing water from your garden hose to pull air from the atmosphere. The air separates from the water via displacement through a pipe which will be can be hosed to the bottom of your outdoor ponds. Run the sprinklers & water your garden & see the bubbles ensue! It’s like you are watering your aquatic plants with oxygen! I’ve not tried this myself, but I presume the same device could also be attached to a circulation pump! I think the water hammering of a hose being turned on & off might cause the air stones to bounce in place... pretty cool though, huh? I might try to install one this spring
  22. Hey guys I'm in Los Angeles ca zone 10a. I've been looking for small fish to add to the backyard pond that can take temp down to the 40°f. Right now I have mosquito fishes only but they are shy so I want to add other fish that have some color but around the same size. No more then 3in. Pond is about 3000 or so gallons with plants and algae. It is not being fed by me. It sustains itself. Most of the "cold tolerance" "unheated" aquarium fish can only be in an unheated tank when you have your house heated.
  23. Good afternoon everyone! I am 10 yrs old. I am new to this and have been learning as much as I can about fish. I currently have been maintaining an indoor 10 gallon tank with one betta fish in it. I want to build an outdoor pond from a 50 or 100 gallon used Rubbermaid stock tank. I have one question. What is the best fish, or fishes, that would do well in an ourdoor fresh water pond? I also intend on adding some plants.
  24. Hey all, After all the recent posts from other forum member that I have read today about summer tubing, it got me intersted in it. I was wondering what tub you all use for it and what fish you like doing for these projects?
  25. I went to a store about an hour from my house this past week and they had some amazing longfin cherry barbs. I'm planning on doing a mini pond breeding project this summer, and was wondering if either those or Odessa barbs would work in a mini pond. Pond will be at least 40 gallons and I could go as large as 70. Could go anywhere from full sun to full shade depending on where it goes on my deck, and I'm planning on doing a mix of pond plants and aquarium plants.
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