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Found 15 results

  1. Do you guys prefer either the ziss bio filter or the sponge filter!!
  2. Hello, installed my new filter yesterday and cannot stop the boiling water type bubbles coming through it. Huge bubbles are glugging out of the top. I’ve taken it out and apart, reinstalled the rigid tubing on the back to ensure it’s straight and tight, and messed about with the air valve and no matter what I do, I’m just not getting those fine bubbles coming out of the top that I’m seeing in other people’s aquariums. Please advise. Thank you!
  3. I was wondering if anyone knew where to buy replacement suction cups for the Ziss bubbler bio moving bed filter. Mine are finally starting to fail. I'm still able to push it back on the glass but it eventually will lose suction and I'll find it floating in the tank. Thanks in advance!
  4. I was wondering how I can compare filtering capacity across different types of filters. specifically, how does one Ziss bubbler compare to one air powered sponge filter or the same sponge filter powered by a power head. I read in some posts that one Ziss bubbler is equivalent to one large sponge filter. That doesn’t sound accurate to me. If true it would make Ziss bubbler less attractive option since it is larger and more expensive than a regular sponge filter. Based on what I read in aquariumscience.org chapter 7.1 fluidized K1 media has twice the surface area of a 30ppi sponge. I’m not sure if Ziss bubbler is equivalent to fluidized K1. But that ratio seems to make more sense. But I am still not sure how exactly this Ziss bubbler sold at aquarium coop compares to the sponge filters. I would like to feel confident when swapping out filters that I am not inadvertently shorting an aquarium. By the way I did calculate cubic inch of the sponge filters Large 61.8 Medium 36.7 Small 18.4 Nano 8.1
  5. I have 5 Ziss Bio Filters and 2 of them which I happen to buy at the same time stopped tumbling. I tried changing the air hoses, different pumps, everything. I can see bubbles flowing inside it but it won’t tumble anymore. Is there some sort of maintenance I’m missing with these because they where the first two I bought maybe 6-7 months ago.
  6. I was running a Ziss filter in a tank with a bunch of mystery snails and guppies and the water went green. I took the tank down and the Ziss filter has been dry for a few months. Can the media be replaced or cleaned so I can use it in a different tank without starting green water again?
  7. Can I run the Ziss Bio filter with pumped water instead of air? The built-in air delivery is noisy when the bubbles break the surface.
  8. Would a USB air pump be able to handle a ziss bio filter? Anybody try this combo?
  9. Does anyone have a fix to have the bubbles that come out of a Zeiss Buble Filter to be smaller or more fine and dispersed? I love the idea of using the Ziess unit, I just don't love the noise that the larger bubbles make when the air exits the top of the unit. Has anyone addressed this, or is it just me being annoyed by the sound?
  10. Hello, I just bought the ziss filter and didn't quite catch the fact that it runs off air. Can a USB air pump run one of these? It is a gift for my nephew, we just set up a 55gal take for a turtle (her name is Cranberry :), in his bedroom, and I'm hoping to keep the noise level down. Thank you for your reply, Loretta
  11. Hello Friends, I want buy a new filter for my elderly red eared slider. Can the ZISS filter be the only filter I need, or does it work in combination with another style filter? If I do go with the ZISS, please recommend what other filter and useful accessories I should purchase along with it. Thanks! Nick
  12. Could anyone tell me how long it takes for a bubble (Ziss) filter to get bacteria established in it? Thanks for the help!
  13. Hi everyone Just bought the ziss bubble bio, I have an air line attached 1 to my sponge filter 1to my ziss but at the moment the ziss is only circulating a small amount of the media and the majority are jst standing still up top, please advise
  14. As the title says, I always had external Eheim filters in the past. But in the 20G I will be setting up I want to try the Ziss filters I bought a year back. Since its only 1 tank with 1 Ziss filter, what kind of air pump should I be getting? In terms of capacity? I will be adding a simple sponge filter as well to handle some of the bio load btw. Edit: this might sound like a dumb question from a noob that never had a tank, but where I come from filtering through air pumps is not common at all. All cartridge sponge filters and external canister filters. Cheers! Ruud
  15. I'm having an issue with a Ziss filter that I'm having trouble solving. To paint the picture: I have two 29 gallon tanks, one above the other, and each has a Ziss filter running in it. The filters are run off of an Aquatop AP-100, this air pump sits on the ground. Both filters have a check valve and an air valve (not currently restricting flow) near the top of each tank. Both filters flowed fine for over a month, but recently the filter in the top tank has slowed to the point of occasionally hiccuping out air while the one in the bottom tank still has a steady flow of air. I have tried rinsing out the sponge, I have swapped which outlets on the air pump the filters are plugged into, I've tried a completely different air pump, I've tried a different check valve, and I have tried swapping the air lines between the two filters. None of that has fixed the low flow of the top filter. Is something plugged up on the inside? Is there anything else I can try before taking the whole filter apart and cleaning it? I've attached photos of my airline and of the problem tank, in the tank photo you can note the lack of a steady stream of air exiting the filter. Both of my 29s have the exact same filter and airline placement.
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