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Found 23 results

  1. I had a bad algae bloom problem and with research decided to use a UV sterilizer (submersible). It worked and the tank is now clear. But this device is quite large and hogs up a lot of space in the tank. I have a 36G Freshwater with a Tidal 55 HOB. I have seen online posts of folks adding a UV light to their HOB's - but am not able to figure out the mechanics of it. There isnt any space in the HOB to add it - and also wouldn't that affect by good bacteria ? Looking for suggestions in case anyone has tried it especially with a Tidal 55 HOB.
  2. Ok so my 10 gallon tank is producing so much green water I can't keep up with it , within two days of doing major water changes you can't even see into the tank , I tried a hob filter that diddnt work I tried turning the light off , it got worse , I haven't dosed ferts in a month , will a uv filter help ? And will it be safe for my fish ? Other ideas are welcome , on a good note we had some platy fry show up in the tank out of no where
  3. What is everyone's thoughts on UV sterilizers for killing aquarium bacteria, especially Fish TB. I have a tank that I've had some unexplained losses, and I'm wondering if the tank has somehow picked up Fish TB. Will the UV sterilizer help at all? If they will help what size bulb would need to be used to be effective? Thanks!!
  4. pap

    UV ?

    Can I get to big of a uv , use it to much ? where is a good place for a beginner to start? it seems like the places i look is for experienced people
  5. I'm recently getting back into the hobby, and I've seen various references to Ultraviolet technology used to "purify" water. Seems pricy. Will this make for a happier ecosystem, or have folks experienced some unintended consequences? (Benefits vs. risks)
  6. Hello everyone! I have considered buying a UV sterilizer for a few months now and was wondering how you liked yours. I've learned it keeps the water clear and can kill some parasites. I don't want to spend $90+ unless it would benefit the aquarium. Today I saw for the first time a inline Fluval sterilizer that is compatible with my 407. How did you like your UV? Does anyone have the Fluval sterilizer? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi again everyone. You all have been extremely helpful to me recently and I have greatly appreciated it. I am having another issue that has started to happen since about last week. I noticed small creatures jumping around in my 2.5 gallon ramshorn snail tank, at first I wasn't sure what they were but I did some research and they look to be copepods. I am concerned because I plan to transfer some snails out of this tank into another and I don't want to transfer the copepods with them. I read that doing frequent water changes can help, which I have been doing for about a week now. About 50% water changes every day and it doesn't seem to control them. Starting to see a few of them getting larger and definitely see the copepod features clearly now. I read on another forum that a UV-C sterilizer could be used, I like this idea but since I'm dealing with such a small tank, the options I see are for very large systems it seems. Does anyone have any recommendation for an external system with small diameter hoses? I figure I can probably pump water through it temporarily for a while until they disappear. Thanks everyone!
  8. Hi Everyone! Does anyone know if there is a UV sterilizer to treat green water in a 10 gallon tank? The 9w green killing machine says it's 12" long. Is it possible to lay it on its side?
  9. Hey everyone, So I recently had Camallanus redworm nearly wipe out my tank. All of the fish are now in QT and being treated with expel-P. I have done some research on Camallanus life cycle and it seems that it needs a intermediate host (Cyclops, copepods, etc) to infect fish. I have been trying to find info about the viability of using UV sterilizers to either directly kill Camallanus larvae ,which are free swimming until they infect the intermediate host, or kill any intermediate hosts that my be living in the tank. This would defiantly not do any good for my fish that are already infected but I am trying to prevent another outbreak after treating my sick fish. If anyone has found any info that might help me I would greatly appreciate it.
  10. My green pond is in need of cleaning and i do not want do a water change because it is way to big and i believe I can use a uv light right?
  11. In another thread it has been determined that my 75 is experiencing an algae bloom. According to Alexa, my new UV sterilizer will arrive tomorrow. Should I do a major water change prior to the running it? On another note, in the past, Cory has said in some of his videos that an algae bloom is good for the fish. Why? It’s just bad that I can’t see the bubbles coming out of my sponge filters or any fish in the back of the tank, lol. And one of my bulb plants is blooming, multiple flowers.
  12. Is there any benefits or disadvantages in running an UV sterilizer in a planted tank? How bout the fish? will it cause any issue with the fishes? Should it be running 24/7? or with a time duration per day? Thanks
  13. if you have a cycled freshwater tank can you use a uv sterilizer will it kill the good bacteria ?
  14. I have a planted 55 gallon aquarium. Will a UV steriliser help with algae control? Mostly have green algae on glass and plants. I have increased then decreased light and fertilizer but algae remains.
  15. I added a UV sterilizer I had laying around to a 29 gallon that is empty at the moment. I had a bad outbreak of columnaris in the tank and I’m leaving it for fallow for 6-8 weeks to try to reduce pathogen levels in the tank. Last night when I added the UV sterilizer the tank was clear with no tint to the water whatsoever. This morning the tankwater has a dark tint to looks almost purple compared to the typical brown tannin stain. Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas on a possible cause? This is the normal state of the tank water for reference
  16. Does anyone have any recommendations for a UV sterilizer in a small 25 gallon sump and approximately 40 gallon system ? I have a green killing machine and that aquatop HOB with the UV in it as options but not set on either. I have limited understanding of the UV best choices. More dwell time is better than less is about it for my knowledge. I set up my continuous overflow rack/fry rack system on early October. The plan is mostly for puffer food colonys and small breeding projects. Id rather have the "just in case" insurance against free floating parasites, algae blooms due to direct sunlight, etc than not. Thanks much. System stats: 3/4 pvc return just dumps in the sump straight currently Kitchen storage rack holding (1) 25 gallon sump , heater, pump, filters etc there (4) 2.5 gallon tanks (bigger ones in photo) (6) 3/4 gallon tanks. ( small one in photo) Vr Matt
  17. Joecruel


    So I have been doing some total cure dosing on a few larger tanks since these fish weren’t necessarily quarantined before I knew what I was doing. Both these tanks have UV sterilizer . Do you think the 4 day worming worked? Do all meds require no chemical filtration mainly pads like ammonia and or phosphate ? Tanks and fish seem healthy right now did have an ich issue in one of them that meds didn’t work but salt and heat did prior to the sterilizer . Unfortunately I did have casualties I believe from the heat ... glow light tetras and male runmmy rasboras didn’t fair well. if I understand once you use the trio ... you want to run a total cure a few weeks later to cover bases. I’m learning spending a lot of time and money on the hobby and INput would be welcomed.
  18. I can't afford an aquarium UV sterilizer so would a normal UV light work because I want to use it for guppy fin rot
  19. Just seen a youtube vid from Fluval taking about their new UV steriliser. What are peoples initial thoughts?
  20. I will be setting up a 53 gallon planted tank soon. It will be located in a room with full sunlight. Should I go ahead and invest in a UV Sterilization unit when I set the tank up, or is it even needed? The water would be from a well and it is very hard.
  21. I have a 55 gallon where I have a DIY basking area over half the tank. Above that, I am shining a UVB bulb for my turtles. The basking area is made of egg-crate so more than 90% of the light can still go through. Is this considered high light, low light, or what kind of light? What effect should I expect for it to have on my plants, which are mostly Java Fern and Anubias?
  22. Hello everyone! After losing 3 of my cobalt discus due to parasites, a fish shop in northern California recommended a UV light to kill future parasites. Do these work? What brand do you use? I really don't want to drop $100+ on something that isn't worth it. Also, If you don't like UV lights, what is your alternative? Thanks!
  23. I am using a aquatatop cannister that came with a uv sterilizer. I'm curious how much protection does this offer? I did notice when ich broke out in this tank due to bad water parameters i added it and it was the shortest ich battle I've ever had. But like tapeworms and such are they killed by it?
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