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  1. I'm heading out of town for a week starting Sunday, so of course my male apisto borelli got popeye. He's already in a solo tank, so it's no biggie to ask the house sitter to dose a packet of Maracyn each day. My question is, I'll be home two days after the full course is finished. Is that delay for the water change ok? Also, should I have her feed like normal? Thanks all!
  2. Thanks for the response. I've had them about 4 days now. They came from our very own Aquarium Co-Op! They look good and seem to be chonking up, but it's hard to tell. They're skittish little fish.
  3. Hi y'all. I've got 10 CPDs in quarantine, and I'd like to give them some preventative meds before they go in my display tank. Thing is, my partner bought both Paraclense and Prazipro. I'm just curious what you'd use for a preventative care, and if one is better than the other. My google searches have brought back a lot of conflicting anecdotal accounts, but I'm leaning Prazipro. Your input would be deeply appreciated!
  4. Hi All, I have a 55 gallon with 7 reticulated hillstream loaches and 6 leopard danios. I was thinking about adding a school of dwarf chain loaches but am concerned about their “semi aggressive” label and them picking on the hillstream loaches. Anyone with experience?
  5. HA! Thanks for that tip. I've applied it, and am waiting to see what happens. Some folks have said that part of the problem is it continues to off-gas, creating bubbles between it and the tank. But I don't know why that might be a problem with acrylic and not glass.
  6. Thanks nabokovfan87. I actually just ordered a very similar product. I think the most likely scenario (other than it working like a charm) is that it falls off in a few days. If that's the case, I'll just go the old-school plastic tape-on sheet and call it good. I really don't want to paint or glue to the tank, as that's much more permanent. And I found basically zero info on how any of these react with acrylic, so I'm just going to be the experiment. I'll try to remember to update when I'm done so y'all know what I learn!
  7. Thanks for that. TAP Plastics didn't have anything, and FastSigns quoted me over $100 for some stick-on vinyl. 🤦 I'll keep looking
  8. HI All! I want to use static cling black out like this on my acrylic aquarium, but it's definitely designed for glass. Some googling gave me answers that said it would be fine, that said it wouldn't stick well, and that it would permanently bond to the acrylic. Has anyone here tried this on an acrylic tank? I don't want to paint it, and I've never been super happy with the old-school black plastic that has to be taped on. Thanks for your help!
  9. Well then! Slightly disappointing that I can't get any more, but I 100% support not destroying the California coastline (or any coastline, for that matter). Thank you for solving that!
  10. HI All, Ages ago, I used Cemex Lapis Lustre sand to set up my planted tank. I'm upgrading, and need more of this shiny stuff. Does anyone know where in the greater Seattle area I can find it? I'd like to confirm that I have the right size, so ordering online isn't a great option. Thanks so much! -Brett
  11. Just what the title says. I've done some googling, and not much pops up. If I were buying fish for my community tank, I'd quarantine the for a month or so first. I'm trying to determine if that's necessary with shrimp (going into a heavily planted community tank), or if I can just pop the little guys in there on day one. Not worried about other shrimp, just my fish. Thanks all!
  12. In short, is the wonderful black aquarium co-op airline tubing suitable for CO2 use? Does anyone know? Thank you!
  13. So, I know the basics of how a sponge filter works. Bubbles lift the water, create a vacuum, and draw water through the sponge to fill it. My question is, why are larger sponge filters always WIDER? Would it work to make one taller instead? Stack two or three sponges, and elongate the inner section? That way you could have a larger filter, but not take up more of a footprint in the tank. Hope that makes sense, and thanks for the advice!
  14. Hi All, Hoping I can get some help here. My 36 gallon bowfront has super low pH. Like, between 5 and 6. It's closer to 6, but the API test isn't that precise. The tank has been running for a few years now, and I have lot of driftwood and plants going (the driftwood is actually much older than this iteration of the tank, but I digress). I'd really like to add a large school (12 or more) of CPDs. The existing stock will be 20+ Sterbai cories. I'm concerned my ridiculously low pH will be an issue. Should I try to raise that? If so, how? Or do you think the CPDs will be happy in that environment? Also, disregard the second sponge filter. That's just cycling in anticipation of my partner's tank being ready to go. :) Greatly appreciate the help!
  15. Hello! I'm trying to hunt down some Pseudomugils, preferably furcatus. Do you have any of those sassy little fish in stock? Or something similar that would work in a 30 gallon planted tank with some orange tetras and a bunch of corys? Thank you!
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