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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I’m wondering if anyone had a recommendation for an air pump to run 16-25 sponge filters. Preferably a quiet one. Thanks in advanced!
  2. I'm getting a bit tired of replacing the diaphragms of my air pumps every year (if I'm lucky every 2 years). The pumps still work (there is still some air flow), but not even close to the same amount when I put in new diaphragms. I'm just wondering if any one els is having the same problem, maybe all the parts shipped to South Africa is just old? Old rubber tens to degrade fast. Is there maybe a air pump that doesn't have yearly costs to keep the thing running properly? The amout of products to pick from is pretty limited here. But I'm willing to import if there is soming that is worth it.
  3. I know there are many, many questions about air pumps and noise. I'm less concerned about that than being able to maintain an air pump. I have a small Tetra Whisper and the air intake filter has gotten dirty. I was unable to find the little filters for it, and so e-mailed the company. They, unhelpfully, referred me to a diaphragm repair kit. So, I am curious does anyone know of a small air pump that is easy to maintain including getting new air filters for? Or are all the ones you can do routine maintenance on larger pumps? For my purposes, I only really need a small pump. All input and opinions welcome. Thanks everyone!
  4. I’m new. Running two aquariums 10 gal with sponge filter and 37 gal with sponge filter. Also have hanging filters that came with units running. Using a small air pump to run both sponge filters but not adequate for both. Also want to add another air run unit That won’t work right now. Would Aqua Air 100 work? thanks Mary
  5. Would a USB air pump be able to handle a ziss bio filter? Anybody try this combo?
  6. TLDR: 7 large sponge filters. Two at a somewhat deep level and two very shallow that can run on the slow side. Hey y’all, I stumbled on the Aquarium Co-op YouTube channel two months ago and got bit by the freshwater bug again. I currently have a 46 bow front full of every loach I can get my hands on and some tetras. I just purchased a 150 gallon and will be building a stand next week. My intention is to run a total of 7 large sponge filters. To start right away I’ll have two in the 150 (at approximately 26” of water depth) and one in my 46 bow front. Eventually I’ll add two 29gal tanks under the 150 and I’ll have up to two 10gal quarantine tanks (running large so I can use seasoned sponges from another tank). I have two Biowheel 350s (sorry Cory) that are full of sponge blocks with prefilter sponge on them (thanks Cory) for the 150 as well. So, 7 large sponge filters. Two at a somewhat deep level and two very shallow that can run on the slow side. I attached a quick drawing, please roast it. Other pic is my 46 in its current state Whisper 150? Add a second when my 29’s are up and running? Whisper 300? Your suggestions are much appreciated.
  7. I have a cobalt rescue air pump that turns on when I lose power. I would like to add a Coop- Nano USB pump to a sponge filter. Is it possible to T- the tubing to add this additional pump. The Cobalt rescue air would only activate during a power lose and the USB would then turn off due to no power. Therefore, its two pumps to one sponge filter but only one operating at once. Thanks for your help
  8. I hope someone can offer some fish keeper Veteren advice. I am trying to source the best air pump for my current needs. 6 medium and 6 small CoOp sponge filters, all in standard 10 gallon tanks. These tanks are in my living area, so noise level is a major priority. I am also on a fairly tight budget. In addition, is there a standard gallon per hour to achieve proper filtration? How do you calculate air needed for 12 filters. Thank you for any advice.
  9. I was wanting to install a central air system I am going to run about 60 10-20 gallon tanks. I have looked at youtube and got a pretty good idea just wanted to see if anyone had any advice. Thank you Scott
  10. I have a 55 gallon tank currently being filtered by a fine sponge filter powered by a powerhead. I am going to switch to air powered due to lower flow for fry. I have always used Whisper air pumps but willing to switch brands. The pump will power the sponge filter and an air stone. Looking for dependable quiet pump. What would you recommend?
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