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  1. Do you know the story? @Dean’s Fishroom @Cory
  2. It has been too long since I have posted to this thread. Shame on me. It's getting a little warm in the warehouse so we decided to call in the big guns.
  3. I also get a grey hair with each spilled bean.
  4. I have betta rubra offspring! Although, not from my efforts of moving the holding male to an isolation tank. 🤣 So far I have 3 very juvenile betta rubra in the main 15 gallon where the female is housed. My own efforts haven't been a total waste as I did see 1 fry in the isolation tank where I recently moved a holding male. Not really sure if I should be seeing more fry at this point. The male definitely has the appearance that he is holding something still.
  5. Hey! I have a Honda 7000i as well! I started with a Honda 2000i. Had to upgrade as the 2000i wasn't enough to run all the circuits that I wanted to in the house + the fish room.
  6. Peru and Florida for me! I can't wait to do more collecting whether it is domestic in the USA or overseas.
  7. Hi @JoeM. Welcome to the forum. Which killifish species are you working with?
  8. Agree! I am using one right now for my second clutch of barbatus eggs.
  9. A few months ago I decided that I should try and move my two separate groups of Scleromystax barbatus into a single 40 breeder that was recently freed up. (Thanks for taking the last of my angels, @Robert😄). The original intent of having the barbatus in two separate 20 highs was to see if there would be any difference in behavior or breeding with two different types of substrate; fine sand vs small gravel. I have had these fish for going on 10 months and I never really noticed any breeding activity in either setup. Given how long I have had them, feeding routine, stable temps, and clean water, I assumed the lack of spawning could be 1 of 2 things: 1) the group size is too small for this particular species (I have had success with panda corys with just a group of 5 or 6), 2) these fish are not a fan of the front to back layout with the only "clear" side being the front, which is actually the end of the tank, or perhaps a sprinkling of both column 1 and column 2. I realize #2 might be a stretch, but hey there could be something to the footprint dimension relative to the "clear" side. So, with a vacant 40 breeder I moved both barbatus groups about 3 or 4 days ago. Today during feeding and a little maintenance I noticed a lot of movement from their new tank. I didn't spot it immediately, but my floor almost dropped when I noticed the clutch of eggs up on the back of the glass! Success! I can say that I really needed a new fish room "win" and am super glad it was with these fish. Now, which change is more likely responsible for the spawning? I really think it is both, definitely the bigger group I think has to play a role, but moving to a larger tank has to count for something. I am not so sure the dimensions relative to the "Clear" side matter so much, but hey who knows. In truth, it could be one last thing that triggered this spawn. I did spend a few hours with Master Breeder @Dean’s Fishroom yesterday. I would not be surprised if the fish detected some of the residual Dean clinging to me and decided to get their act together and spawn. I don't know what we will call it, or how to market it, but bottling some of Dean's fish breeding magic will certainly be a new Co-Op product that I will be working on. 🤣
  10. Hi @MauiAquarium, That is a bummer about your brine shrimp eggs. My thought would be the higher humidity in Maui would also play a factor in the eggs going bad. Typically I can leave my eggs in my fish room in a sealed container for about 2 weeks with no degradation in hatch, but my fish room is very dry with the dehumidifier running 24/7 to keep humidity at <35%. Regarding the store phone number, it is currently unlisted. Feel free to email us at shipping@aquariumcoop.com for support.
  11. Randy


    Hi @Kalita I have had luck on Aquabid buying from sellers with high positive feedback. I was curious and just looked through some listing on Aquabid. Someone is selling some "Midnight Galaxy" guppies and they look legit! I assume they are a relative new seller as they have a lower amount of feedback, but it might be worth the risk for these fish.
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