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  1. That would be a snoozer of an episode! haha
  2. Oh great! One more species of fish I now want to keep but can't! HAHA. Absolutely beautiful fish, @Pigeonduck. Thank you for sharing and looking forward to more updates and photos.
  3. I love @Joseph Ferdenzi. I should just have him as a recurring guest every 2 weeks. Although we would probably get tired of me soon enough, haha.
  4. Glad you enjoyed the episodes! An episode with @Dorkula would be pure chaos. Prepare to hear about different names for potato wedges for 1 hour. 🤣
  5. Sound like a new way for @JimmyGimbal to get his daily dose of BBS.
  6. Hey Fam, Would you be sad if this was the kraft tape used on your box?
  7. I thought the angels were taking a break for the winter now that I let my fish room get a little cooler these days. Nope, angel babies inbound!
  8. Fry rejoice! BBS eggs back in stock. 🥳🎉 Anddd a sweet new can.
  9. @Fish Folk thank for listening and thanks for the suggestions. Not sure if you caught it, but I did interview George Farmer a while back, he should be due for a return trip to the podcast to discuss his new book.
  10. @Aubreythese floating candle holders are so cool. I really like your setup.
  11. Whoever gets this banana plant needs to post it on the forum. It's going to take up quite a footprint in someones aquarium. 😄
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