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  1. Spent the first half of the day unloading a container. Restocked on metal air valves (along with many other items) and should put us in great inventory position for the upcoming winter/holiday season. Funny seeing @Cory working the sit down forklift lift a pro. 😄 Also, the Urban Fish Farm has come a long way since I was last here! I am already claiming one of the totes as my own but Cory still has to feed and do the water changes.
  2. I like to make a mix of Bottom Scratcher and Soilent Green/Super Green. Supplementing with the occasional zucchini on the Pleco Feeder is something I try and work in to the food rotation.
  3. @Mel, so far I have only had success breeding Panda corys, both pulling eggs and hatching via Ziss Egg Tumbler, and leaving the eggs alone to discover surprise cory babies. Right now I am working the long-game with Scleromystax barbatus, Corydoras eques, and Corydoras venezuelanus. By long-game I mean feeding them very well with Xtreme Pellets, frozen bloodworms, and baby brine shrimp, and waiting for them to do their thing....eventually....I hope! 🤞
  4. Hi and welcome, @Mel! Any thoughts on what you want to breed?
  5. Hi @sparklymoonshrimp, welcome to the forum! Butters is an awesome name for a yellow betta. I love it!
  6. Wait a second, I did put a piece of water lettuce in there!🤪
  7. I should actually start telling people that the Aquarium Co-Op Medium Coarse Sponge Filter as a line-of-sight blocker is the real secret! BAHAHA
  8. Betta breeding attempt Round 2 looks promising! Differences this time: - no floating water lettuce - curved piece of styro from cup i don’t the lack of water lettuce has anything to do with potential success, but that curved piece of styro could.
  9. I am loving this thread! I will try and get some macro shots of my angelfish fry later today. 📷
  10. @Nataku Regarding the Mystery Snail sticker, the current iteration will not be available for sale online. We tried to use a different sticker vendor but the quality was not up to par for a "for sale" item. It is still a good looking sticker and, I believe, still good for a free giveaway item. Once we sell through the current stock the next batch will be of "for sale" quality. In the meantime, keep placing a bunch of orders and maybe the random sticker generator machine will put a Mystery Snail in your order! 😄
  11. Updates from last night. Got a cluster of eggs from the new Super Red Long Fin tank. Woot! These guys really do not enjoy keeping their eggs in the cave. Into the Ziss Egg Tumbler they go (pic 1) Found a cluster of eggs from the Super Red (normal fin) tank. Another Woot! These guys rarely kick out their eggs. Hmm, only one Ziss Egg Tumbler, gotta use my mini-bucket with an airstone trick. This does fine but I do change the water every night. I feel like I have to have another Ziss Egg Tumbler somewhere in the fish room. If only I was more organized. 🤣 Decided to go with spawning mop egg harvesting for my Blue Gularis instead of one large pull from the gravel. I totally believe Rosario LaCorte crushed it with this method, but I am not having the same luck. My test pair using the spawning mop on the tank bottom is giving me at least 5-6 eggs per night/every other night it seems. With 3 pairs in 3 tanks this should prove to be quite the Blue Gularis egg factory. Now to figure out peat moss incubation. Thankfully @Dean’s Fishroom has already dropped so knowledge...might make for a good podcast episode.🤔 Took a massive ball of java moss out of the Corydoras venezuelanus tank. I think this giant plant might have actually been hindering them from spawning...maybe, what do I know! lol Enjoy the pics!
  12. Oh, and I troll @Cory as often as I can. But that is more feel-good volunteer work.
  13. I make sure all those awesome Aquarium Co-Op orders ships out on-time and accurate! 😀
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