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  1. I’ve been off and on with fish for about 6 years now following Aquarium Co-op. Self admittedly I hav been a little lazy recently and I noticed something in my fish that I am not sure should alarm me. Here’s a video of him looking like he is trying to stay in place but keeps elevating up. My guess is fish bladder but I haven’t come across many diseases. What do you think I can or should do for him? (i made a short bc my video wouldn’t upload) I have about 8 cardinal tetras and neons living in a medium planted 75 gallon tank with 4 amaño shrimp and a few nerite snails. He’s the only one with issues.
  2. Everyone was giving me a lot to look at and we eventually got it back to a balance. Thank you everyone who reached out!
  3. I helped a buddy of mine setup a 33 gallon planted tank. He’s been having nitrate issues the past few months and his fish are dripping like flies. I have had him do 50% water changes like once a week im confused on how to help him
  4. Been dying to get this over flow box up and running but I am nervous. The hose that came with the system fits like a used pair of shoes; comfortable but not exactly snug. I’ve test fitted multiple times and it works but if I bump it too hard it falls out and water goes everywhere. Any tips out there to fasten this without gluing in case I needed to maintenance something here? This is my first time using a sump system and I need to get it right so I’ve been trying to be patient. Thanks In advance! 🐡🐟🐠
  5. This is something I hadn’t thought about. I definitely want to be attentive to their health and you’ve got a point. Thank you
  6. This group of Nerms are the bomb! I love this forum! Thank you all so much! so after I landed, I went and asked American Airlines, the rep said absolutely no fish are allowed. I almost want to call customer service and ask what I need.
  7. Hello everyone! So I live in Phoenix, Arizona and was granted an opportunity through work to travel to Florida this weekend. I’ve heard so often on the Co-op channel that Florida distributes quiet a bit of our fish and I am so excited to go. I had a couple question that I was hoping you could help with here. First, can I take fish on a plane with me? I will be flying through American Airlines round trip and no layovers which is about 4 hours or so. And if anyone has tips on how to achieve this, please fill me in! This will be my second plain ride ever and definitely the farthest from home I’ve ever been. Secondly (and more exciting) please let me know where to visit. I will be in Clearwater Florida which is close to Tampa. I would like to see about taking around an Uber since I am younger than 25 and can’t rent a car to my knowledge. I will be bringing a couple portable air pumps along to help with agitation of water during my stay in case. Also I will be searching the Forum for more info as well but I will appreciate all help I can get! thank you so much. 🐠 -Mauricio
  8. Wooow! I’m definitely going to try and get that day off!!!! Thank you so much for the info!!!
  9. Hello from Phoenix, Arizona Upon listening to the last live stream, I learned that Dean has plans to visit Arizona to speak at a club. I was wondering if anyone had information on when and where. It would be super cool meeting him and to hear his talk. If anyone has any info, please let me know!! ⛄
  10. Wooow. Such quick response and very fruitful! I will be taking this all into consideration and look into each of them. My original setup was based on the cinderblock style Cory had a few years ago and it worked well but I’ve always wanted to build something more clean looking where i can maximize my space. I appreciate all the tips here very much!! 🐠
  11. Hello! I am in the process of building myself a fish room. It’ll be my 2.0 version and I really admire the rack supports that are in the Aquarium Co-op store. I think I can make out the general things associated with the build but was wondering if there were tips on recreating it and specifically, how it looks at the base of the shelves. If anyone has any info or even Photos of the Co-op store, i would really appreciate it! If not and if there are clever ideas out there, I’m all ears for it too THANK YOU!!!!! 🐡 -Mauricio
  12. Red Neocaradinia shrimp in my 29 gallon. Always busy at work
  13. I am looking to build up a new fish room in an extra bedroom in my house. Any “i wish I had thought of” tips out there before I get started? At the moment, I am about to install tile onto my bare concrete floors and looking to do my rendition based on what the Aquarium Co-op store has for their tanks. 

  14. Wow great tip! Lol its been forever since I was on the forum because of school but I really do appreciate the response
  15. Hi, I wanted to add some things concerning the two local fish stores. In my experience, I live in Phoenix, Arizona but the 5 or so fish stores within drive-able distance i feel are far more beneficial to visit than a big box store like petsmart. Not to down talk that store but the way i view it is those fish stores are specialty stores and only work with fish. When I first started, I was as addicted to fish as could be and would spend so much time at both kinds of stores just staring at fish and studying the products for fish. Being a college student and only having a minimum wage part time job, I didn’t have the budget to buy uselesss things so i did my homework. When I was out of money, I would go to the petsmart just down the street from me and kill like an hour in there just in the fish section. With this being said, I would converse with the employees and found that usually those fish stores had more similar knowledge to what I found on Aquarium Co-op’s YouTube channel than the Petsmart. Now, my sister works at a Petsmart grooming dogs and she knows that since they have so many different kinds of animals, employees get little training on every animal so as to help the general customer population help when asked. I wanted to suggest, as i learned from watching an Aquarium Co-op video, do some recon in new fish stores. If i remember correctly, Cory mentioned to pay attention when the store gets their shipment (normally toward the end of the week) and make a mental note of if the store quarantines or if they sale fish as soon as getting them in. That second method usually adds extra stress of fish and decreases survival rates. Lastly, Cory had a video on siphoning from a tank. They are really old videos so you may have to scroll a bit but what I do in my 20 long is i siphon any visibly loose detritus if it bothers me but really, it just gets used from the plants especially the more plants you have. You’re doing a great job, keep the spirit alive!! 🙂
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