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Does the Co-op Have Blueprints for its rack system?


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Hello! I am in the process of building myself a fish room. It’ll be my 2.0 version and I really admire the rack supports that are in the Aquarium Co-op store. I think I can make out the general things associated with the build but was wondering if there were tips on recreating it and specifically, how it looks at the base of the shelves. If anyone has any info or even Photos of the Co-op store, i would really appreciate it! 

If not and if there are clever ideas out there, I’m all ears for it too




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On 7/28/2021 at 7:16 PM, Koi said:

You'll be fine going the first method but if you really wanna go overkill heres another way to attach a beam


If your tank weighs less than 10,000lb then a single grade 5 1/2 lag bolt should hold it, even under shear.  😉

That guy in the second video is technically right though.  his way is stronger.

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Wooow. Such quick response and very fruitful!  I will be taking this all into consideration and look into each of them. My original setup was based on the cinderblock style Cory had a few years ago and it worked well but I’ve always wanted to build something more clean looking where i can maximize my space. I appreciate all the tips here very much!! 🐠

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