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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, Does anyone have experience with the industrial style racking for a fishroom? I will be building a fishroom this year. The room is in my outbuilding with sprayfoam insulation. I am building a smaller room inside the outbuilding for a man cave/fishroom. The room is a little over 16x16. Concrete floors with a couple of floor drains. Originally, I was going to fill that 16x16 room with wall to wall tanks! But I have come to my senses and I am going to limit myself to one wall with an auto water change system. My fish interest goes sky high during the spring and summer and falls to nonexistent once fall comes back around and my outdoor hobbies start up. So since I am sticking to one wall, the metal shelving seems to give the most flexibility and space. But I worry about the sturdiness. So far, the wall will contain: (2) 125g (6) 40 breeder (9) 20 gallon (or 15's if I can find them).
  2. Show me a picture of your alternative tank stand, or DIY tank stand? Is there anything you can do to convert a solid wood piece of furniture (like a hutch bottom, or an old vintage dresser) into a good tank stand for a larger (90gal, 120 gal) tank, or don't even attempt?
  3. How is everyone's Edsel muscle racks holding up? They just issued a massive recall. I do wonder if its not over people loading 800 lbs off center on particle board rather than centered on the metal supports. But I want to keep feeling good about mine so anyone got any long term updates? https://www.newsobserver.com/news/nation-world/national/article249183650.html
  4. Hello! I am looking into some kind of shelving where I can have stacked tanks. My question is, what is the largest tank you have on that kind of shelving? Also, What brand do you use? Thanks!
  5. I love the minimalist style the Coop's racks. So I set out to do a similar setup, and it's coming together well. I planned on doing a couple 55 gallon tanks mixed with 20 gallon ones since they are the same width. Now that the $1 sale has started, I looked at my local Petco, and they have no 55s right now, but there were 75s. So now I'm thinking about the added width/weight. Cory has said the weight with glass tanks are carried on the corners. I think if I use thicker or two bolts at each corner it'd be alright. An alternative would be to double up the vertical 2x4s. Thoughts?
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