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  1. Great to see an official Aquarium Coop forum! I hope to see it grow and become a very useful resource. I'm a fish hobbyist a couple hours drive from Aquarium Coop. I've kept many different types of fish over the years and currently have a small planted nano and am setting up a 20L planted aquarium for shrimp. Such fun! We also have a 30 gallon with some endlers, golden white clouds, hillstream loach, amano shrimp, and lots of plants. Cory, you rock man! Thank you!
  2. Since I just got a new 20 gallon long, I would love a plant that covers that entire back wall of the tank. Beginner friendly, any plants that would do the job?
  3. Which should I add to my 20 gal tank next? Temp: 75 degrees, pH: 7.2, a HOB filter and a sponge filter TLDR: I currently have 3 HG and a bunch of 1-2 week old HG fry in a box. Tomorrow I will be getting: 2 mystery snails, 7 neocardinia shrimp, and 3 amano shrimp (granted the LFS has them). Which of the fish that I want to eventually add should I get next: - CPDs (I definitely want eventually) [8+] - Pygmy corys [6+] OR otocinclus catfish [6+] - Chili rasbora [8], Endlers LB [5], OR Rummynose tetras [8] Long version: Currently I have 3 honey gourami and a bunch of tiny honey gourami fry in the fry box that I will move to a different tank if/when they survive to a little older. Tomorrow I am going to my LFS and getting 1-2 mystery snails, 7 neocardinia, and possibly a few amano. I also want to get more fish. In the end for fish I want my HG, the CPDs, and either pygmy corys or otocinclus, but I also want either some chili rasboras, endlers, or rummynose tetras. I did the calculations on aqadvisor.com and won't be using any combinations of the above numbers that would stock my tank above 85% (mostly around 80%) so stocking level shouldn't be a problem it's more so a concern of what order to add the fish. My entire goal with this tank is centered around a natural, wild theme with celestial pearl danios because they look like tiny trout. I got and planted the plants about a week or two ago, but they have not yet grown out so the tank is still kinda sparse if I were to take out the two large fake plants (I included what it looked like before the plants and fry box). I will be quarantining any of the new fish for a couple of weeks in a 10 gallon so my plants should have time to fill out in the meantime I think? I've included a picture of my tank just after adding the gouramis and a more recent one after being planted + the fry box.
  4. First dirted tank start. Soil and many supplements added. Will house plants, cardinals, a few rams and an albino pleco. Decor ideas? All rock? Driftwood? I already have driftwood in my Killi and endler tank so it’s kinda becoming too much of a theme. Lol
  5. I am setting up a 20 gal long for cherry shrimp. I am currently planning a species only tank. They will likely have some snail friends, hitchhiking on the plants. I received my CO-OP plant order today. I got them planted and moved some plants from my other tanks. Everything came a day early and was very healthy. I have been running a sponge filter in an established tank for about two weeks. In my research, I have read and seen on respected YouTube videos that shrimp should go in to a well established tank. I know that this tank is going to take a little while to get there. Without the bio-load from live stock, I have a hard time believing that there will be enough going on to get the tank established enough for the shrimp. I am not in a hurry and plan on letting the plants do their thing for a while. So the questions. How long should I wait before moving the sponge filter? Should I move it soon and start feeding the tank with ammonia or food? Will the plants do better if I move it over to give the tank a little flow? I have a new sponge filter I can put in for now and swap it out later with the established one. Would it be a good idea to put a mystery sails in the tank or some fish I can move over to another tank before adding shrimp? Am I making a mountain out of a molehill? Should I just get a good cycle going, let the plants get established, and then throw in the shrimp? Thank you, all advice is appreciated.
  6. I'm looking for a glass top for a "standard" 20G high, it's 24x12. I have a HOB, heater and airline tubing that needs routing. There are so many brands online and they all say the same thing, but the co-op doesn't sell them. I don't know which to get or what. Can anyone recommend any? The end goal is to replace my hood with a glass lid + separate lights so I can properly grow my plants.
  7. I am thinking of rescuing a male betta from someone who may be getting rid of it. I have a 20 gallon with 3 platys, 4 long finned zebra Danio, 1 short finned zebra Danio, 3 Nerite snails and 3 amano shrimp. Will he be okay there? I cannot get another tank. I feel bad for the little guy. 😞
  8. I just recently upgraded my standard 10 gallon to a 20 wide, with a hillstream manifold. The hillstream manifold doesn't quite work how I'd like (I need to find a better way to spread out the output force, and I'm not entirely sure the entire input of the flow through the powerhead is coming through the intake sponges). I used a hand-drill on the area of the PVC pipe the sponges cover to get a greater intake across the whole body of the sponge, rather than just at the tip. There still is quite a bit of swirling action rather than full on directional flow, but it was still a fun project to build my own streamflow manifold. I'd definitely get a smaller powerhead than the aquaclear 50 I have running it now. I also have aquaclear 30 HoB for that extra touch of filtration (and for helping deal with fines better than the sponges) I have white cloud mountain minnows (and they have been sucessfully breeding, as you can see by the distincly blue striped jeuvenile) I also have 2 species of hillstream loach. I think the reticulated one is a pseudogastromyzon cheni (or myersi). I only have one of those, the other one I purchased at the same time didn't make it. It was a bad shipment from a LFS I go to in Houston, and the other dozen loaches didn't make it overnight. I got there the next day, and the one that is still alive is kind of the ruler of the tank. He definitely is dominant over the other loaches despite being slightly smaller. The other hillstream loaches I have, I have some of the Beaufortia kweichowensis I purchased from aquahuna. I suspect there might be multiple species, as one of them definitely prefers resting on the substrate, and the others prefer the vertical glass when they are hiding, but from what I can tell looking around the internet, the hillstream loaches aren't as well studied as we might like. The substrate is pea gravel from Lowes, and the larger rocks are either collected locally in East Texas (the orange sandstone), or I gathered them on a previous trip to Colorado (pretty much everything else). I'm currently treating the tank with seachem flourish to handle the staghorn/black beard algae, along with playing around a bit with my lighting. Still, the fish seem more active in the 20 gallon, so overall I'd call it a success. It is a pleasure to sit down and watch at the end of the day.
  9. Greetings! I currently have a 20 gallons, cycled since july. Until yesterday, its population was 12 White Cloud Mountain Minnows, 1 dwarf crayfish and 1 snail. 3 days ago, I removed all the plastic plants and planted live one. Running a HOB filter Aqueon quietflow 20 with a prefilter sponge and a medium filter sponge from Aquarium coop. I no longer have the minnows (gave them) and I will get false julii corydoras so I need to change my gravel substrate to sand in about a week. Will it crash my cycle or can I add my 6 corydoras the next day? I alsi bought a fluval flex 15 gallons yesterday and will transfert the gravel substrate in it and some of the driftwood/plastic decors from the 20 gallons (everything will stay in water until the last minute). Can I consider my 15 gallons immediately cycled and add fishes the next day? It’s not that I am impatient but as we are in lockdown, I want to make as little trip as possible to my LFS. Thank you!
  10. Hello, I am wondering what I should plant in this future shrimp tank. It’s a five gallon tank. I want to use plants I have in other tanks, but I’m not sure what’s best. I really want to do some dwarf hair grass because the light is so strong. I have some in a 20 gallon but it is shaded under a ton of hornwort. The only reason it’s growing, I think, is because their is a window that gives the tank direct sunlight for a couple hours in the morning. Anyways, should a get a carpet going and add hornwort later? I also have Anubias and vallisnera availible.
  11. I am looking for an aquarium for my apartment that limits tanks to 20 gallons. I have been looking at the fluval flex because it has a wide base which allows more aqua scaping options. What are peoples reviews on this aquarium I keep reading they have thin glass which scares me a little.
  12. Hello from Southern Maryland. My name is Jesse I recently decided to get back into the hobby when a friend of mine was offloading his 55 gallon aquarium. So I setup that aquarium in my basement with the fish he had, since then I have made a new home for a pleco that was outgrowing a 20 gallon tank from someone I know. The pleco can be seen in the 55 gal aquarium in his jacuzzi. Now i have taken control over 2 other aquariums a 5 gal that my wife had, which houses a platinum beta. A 20 gallon aquarium that I have started that is a planted tank (I have a plant in the front of that tank that was a bulb that i cannot identify. Hopefully someone can identify for me.) The 20 gal has a few fish in it mainly a powder blue dwarf gourami. Looking forward to learning and sharing with everyone here. I have included a few tank pictures.
  13. I have a 20 gal freshwater tank with a snail problem. I have glo 4 glo tetras and 5 small barbs and a small bn pleco. How do I get rid of the snails?!
  14. It all started September of 2019 when some sixth graders at the school I work for decided to get me a betta for my birthday. Fast forward a year and I have two tanks in my office (20 long and 40 breeder) and 4 at home (two 20's, 36 bowfront and a 75). Here are the current contents: 20 long - It's currently cycling. It was broken down a month ago. It will house my 9 pseudomugil gertrudae and 3 peacock gudgeons which are currently in a 10 gallon. It is dirted and I am still adding plants here and there. The "floating" plants are what I will be carpeting with. 10 gallon who will be getting upgraded soon to the 20 long. It's a tad bare now because I moved some plants over to the 20 long. 40 breeder - This is also dirted and has DIY CO2. It currently has 6 albino corydoras, a Siamese algae eater, an albino bristlenose pleco and a pair of Bolivian rams with a lot of various plants, rocks and driftwood. I have 7 celebes rainbowfish currently in quarantine that will be going in there. 20 #1 - This is another dirted tank that has 5 (soon to be a dozen) pseudomugil luminatus and a female apistogramma cacatuoides (the male died about a month ago). Also has various plants and a DIY CO2. 20 #2 - This one will be rescaped. It currently has 6 white clouds and an apistogramma agasizzii. It sits next to 20 #1 and will share the DIY CO2. No picture because it's ugly! lol 36 bowfront - This one is not dirted but has root tabs for the plants and a DIY CO2. Fish-wise it has 10 black harlequin rasboras, a dozen habrosus corydoras, 5 kuhli loaches, a Siamese algae eater, a bristlenose pleco, a female apistogramma borellii and a female apistogramma breitbinden (they are besties) and some cherry shrimp who love to hang out on the sponge filter. Some of the background plants died, but there are some "saplings" that you can't see behind the spiderwood. 75 - It's currently empty while I finish scaping it. Currently it has four pieces of driftwood and three swords and it also dirted. It will be room temperature because I want to put native fish in there. Mountain redbelly daces and some sort of darter are what I'm thinking at the moment. I also have a 2.5 gallon that has a few golden wonder killifish fry in it. Both parents died recently.
  15. Good morning! I am a newbie, setting up a 20 gallon planted community tank. I am testing the water almost every day and, even with fish and plants, the levels for NH3, NO2, NO3 have remained 0 and the water looks clear. I’m not sure whether to be pleased or paranoid! 🤣I have an HOB, a Finnex Stingray light, heater, 10 green neon tetras and one hitch hiker baby reticulated hill stream loach several plants. Here’s the timeline of adding stuff: 11/2 bacteria and fish flakes to get things going 11/4 plants and my unexpected little loach, plus food for him 11/5 fed loach 11/6 25% water change, added 10 tetras I have fed the plants twice (Easy Green) and the fish 2x daily. The levels have stayed 0. The ammonia shows a tiny bit and it turns out it’s the same as my tap water. Is all this ok or what? Thanks for the advice!
  16. I have a 20gal long divided into 3 sections with a nano sponge filter in each section. I plan on putting a betta splendens into the first 6.6gal section, which is planted and contains a sizable pice of driftwood. Would it be too crowded to put 5 Pygmy Corys into the same section?
  17. I'm using a fluval hang on back filter in my 20 gallon hex tank. This tank is approximately 20 inches deep from the top of the water to the substrate. With the flow set to max I am getting to much water movement at the top and barley any toward the bottom. I have put and extended tube for the water intake to get near the bottom. Should I run a small sponge filter with the hang on back filter that I have? Or should I switch to just a large sponge filter? Or any other suggestions?
  18. I got my gear (much of it from AC-O, thanks!) and I'm (finally) upsizing from my nano (2.5gal) to a 20-long! So, how should I do this, exactly? (Doh! Noob) I have one betta and 2 snails currently, and some plants. I plan to keep the nano as a quarantine tank. (I'll be adding to the collection in the 20 with a few betta-friendlies and more snails.) Do I... A) Take some (maybe half) of the substrate and maybe 1/2 the plants to the new tank along with half (~1gal) the water; then fill up the tank most of the way and treat it like I normally would (Stability, etc.) for several (6-8-12?) weeks until it consistently tests as cycled? (Then move the creatures over to the new tank, along with the rest of the stuff.) B) Move everything over and add 2 gallons of water (essentially, like a 50% water change) creating 4 total (shallow and long, but I don't think they'll mind that? It'd be ~20% full then); treat as usual, wait a week, test, add 4 gallons (total now 😎 like another 50% water change; repeat, adding 8 gal the next time (now at ~16), then one more time to add the last bit, then continue regular maintenance? C) Neither; something else? Also, what's easier to maintain for the quarantine tank: completely empty other than water (cycled, obviously, and continuing to monitor it) or keep some substrate and even a plant or two in there? Maybe even one or two snails? When it's not in use, how should I maintain it in readiness? TIA; never done this before. 🙂 Only a little over a year into this hobby and only with the one fish.
  19. I don’t get to see this tank often, but I set up this 20 gallon tank in my nephew’s bedroom for his 8th birthday. It’s a real simple set with ecocomplete substrate, rotala rotundofolia, bacopa, and Java moss. I also added some dwarf sag that I collected from my summer tubs last month. Stocking started out as 4 platys but a few months ago he came to the pet store I work at and he wanted to add some neon swordtails and I also added a lemon blue eyed bristlenose cull from my colony. It’s been a year and a half and this has been a really awesome hands-off tank and it’s always exciting when I go over and he wants to show me his new platy fry. He even asked me the magical question of “Uncle Mike, can we put another fish tank on the shelf under the tank?” Unfortunately his mother turned that down 😂
  20. As the title says, I always had external Eheim filters in the past. But in the 20G I will be setting up I want to try the Ziss filters I bought a year back. Since its only 1 tank with 1 Ziss filter, what kind of air pump should I be getting? In terms of capacity? I will be adding a simple sponge filter as well to handle some of the bio load btw. Edit: this might sound like a dumb question from a noob that never had a tank, but where I come from filtering through air pumps is not common at all. All cartridge sponge filters and external canister filters. Cheers! Ruud
  21. Hi my name is Robert I’ve been in the fish hobby for about 4 years now. I’m new to fish forums this is my first time. I’m a big fan of Cory on YouTube so I thought I would join his forum to. Right now I currently have 2 aquariums a 60 and 20 gallon. I plan on getting more tanks in the future but right now not enough room small house lol.
  22. Hello, I have a 20 gallon long tank that is fully cycled. I gravel vac and do ~20% water changes weekly. I don't have space for a quarantine tank. I added 5 new guppies 2 weeks ago and this week 2 new guppies and one of my original guppies died, all within a few days of each other. My question is: should I treat my tank with the 3 recommended meds from aquarium co-op everytime I add new fish to my tank?
  23. Hi, I'm San from Kent, WA. I have a 20 gallon planted aquarium with different species of ludwigia, bacopa, hornwort, anacharis, water wisteria, and one amazon sword. I'm trying to fill in my tank with a lot of plants. I personally cannot buy any more plants (because my parents won't let me). I want to grow the stem plants tall and trim it and replant the trimmed part, I also want my amazon sword to make baby swords. I have already doses the all in one fertilizer and root tab from flourish. My substrate is just plain gravel from the petstore and from a local lake at my house. I don't remember what light I bought, but it's not that good. The question is, should I get an led light at walmart? Should I get co2? Should I get better fertilizer? Thank you!
  24. Ive got a crypt spiralis in my 20 gallon tank that is covered in Staghorn Algae. Does anyone know how i can get rid of this algae problem?
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