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Found 9 results

  1. I am looking for recommendations for heavy duty steel racks for 20 gallon aquariums for my fish room. looking for it to hold 4-5 tanks on each rack. Thanks!
  2. This is one side of my cabinet the other side has my cascade 1000 canister filter.
  3. Hello All! Has anyone built a fish tank stand using Douglas Fir S4S Mixed Grain Board instead of 2x4's. Is it strong enough to hold a 40 gallon breeder (450 lbs w/ water) and 20 gallon (225 lbs w/ water) sump on the bottom? I've built stands with standard 2x4's but not the Douglas Fir Mixed grain boards.
  4. So I'm trying to make a fish tank stand using the concrete block method. I've tried using 2 x 4's on it and I just cut these pieces of plywood out to see if they'll be true. I know that all 4 corners need to be touching so it doesn't twist but no matter what I do I can still fit stuff underneath it. I've watched Co-Op's and Joey's videos on building one and this specific issue is never brought up. Can someone please help me figure this out and in return I will send you my eternal gratitude?
  5. Hi everyone, i made a cart system to be able roll auxiliary tanks in and out from underneath my display tank. Well last night the sump tank started leaking and i think it’s because the 2x4s lengthwise were 1/16 too tall compared to the sides. my question is - can i support the tanks only on the short ends? I noticed that the aquarium coop store is setup that way, but befoew i commit, I’d like to hear more opinions.
  6. Hello Everyone, This might be a silly question... I have a shelving unit that I'm wanting to put two 5.5g aquariums on (side by side, on the same shelf). The shelving unit is metal, with a slotted surface. Is it necessary for me to put something underneath, like wood, so that the surface underneath is not broken up and is instead smooth? Or are the 5.5g tanks light enough to not be a concern? Thank you!
  7. I am going to get my dream aquarium soon, a 50 gallon lowboy, where I can have several pieces of tall Mopani wood, and lots of emergent plant growth. I would like to invest in a stand that I can move around and level. I know it will take me a few tries to find the right location in a room. This would be on a concrete basement floor. I would appreciate any advice!
  8. Hello fellow Nerm's i need advice on what boards to use for a 55G stand made with cinder blocks. 🐟
  9. Well my next project i am slowly working on is slowly making some progress. Ill be updating things here from now on. Im vuilding a 29 gal setup and tonight I got the stand done. (Design courtesy of KGTropicals). Im not sure what kind of scape this one will have yet but I am determined to have some endlers in it (undecided which variant).
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