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  1. It looks close enough, especially if you got creative with a bit of silicone. My 3d printer help me revitalize my aquarium hobby. I keep pretty stripped down tanks, so I get my tech-fix by designing new tools to help me. It's nice to get the right part, fitting just right.
  2. It is regular PLA. Yes it is aquarium safe but I find PLA gets very brittle when waterlogged over a long time. This was the prototype, I think a transparent PETG might be the final filament choice. To handle the water better and see through the breeder box to inspect the media a bit. Thanks for the question! I've got the same problem because I keep bare bottom guppy breeding tanks. When I realized it could work with crushed coral too, that's when I knew I had to share it with the community. I know @Cory isn't a huge fan of activated substrate but I figured he could get behind a crush coral filter box using his cool uplift tubes.
  3. I wanted to show off my 3d printed box filter. This is modeled after a style of filter that is becoming popularized by shrimp breeders in Singapore. This is used as a method to utilize activated soil or crushed coral to alter the water chemistry all while being easy to remove when the soil has expired. It is air-driven, under a gravel filter so all you need to do is hook it up to an air line, fill it with soil, and plop it into the tank. When it needs to be changed out in six months, I can change it out for a fresh one without much stress to the shrimp. I wanted to try this new method with some caridina shrimp but getting the filter was a hassle having to ship a tiny acrylic box from Asia when I have a 3d printer in the next room. The uplift tube was always my issue, it's a bit too technical of a piece for my novice 3d modeling skills. So when I saw Cory announce this Easy Flow Sponge Upgrade, I knew that was my solution. I took some measurements of the kit and pressure-fit it to the base. Drop the base in the box and you've got a filter. I haven't set it up yet, but I figured this group would get a kick out of it! Enjoy your nature today!
  4. That's my next place to hunt tonight. I feel like it was a recent video too. Last 2 years give or take. Thanks for giving it a good look! There is some great info in the fish room tour! Here's some more eye candy for the searchers!
  5. I use this regularly in phytoplankton culture. I use bleach to sterilize my saltwater then add a little thio to neutralize the bleach. I can use the water to make new cultures immediately after using a clorine test strip to confirm. But I use it to neutralize straight bleach and don't know how effective it is at neutralizing what your specific water company puts in your water.
  6. I searched pretty hard this weekend and couldn't find it. If anyone has any ideas, I've checked tazawa's videos. But not sure if I should go thru Jimmy's channel too. I vividly remember the video but wanted to see which pump he used and how he attached the PVC. Thanks for anyone willing to give me a lead!
  7. Thanks I figured it would be a good way to lure in the nerms!
  8. Hi folks! Setting up my first fish room and starting to plan out drainage. I know I've seen a video/Livestream where Master breeder dean has all his drainage feed into a bucket with a sump pump in it. I've searched for a few hours and can't find it. This is kinda my last hope to find it. Can anyone link me the talk? This is the perfect solution to my problem in the basement. And you folks are the best! So hope someone remembers where it is. Ill do my best to post some things but honesty I'm bad at it. But hope you all are enjoying nature daily and thanks in advance!
  9. As a long time lurker, the thing I did today is: I made my first journal on the forum about my fish closet! This closet has been my secret to keeping my dream fish for over a year! Inside there is a live foods culture system that makes keeping different organisms simple and clean; Plus an endler tank that has more plants on the outside of it than under the water. I hope you join me as I explore how to best use this tight space, and share some knowledge that will make us all better aquarists. No matter the salinity.
  10. Welcome to my Fish Closet! This is where I store all the tools one acquires in the keeping of fish, culture zooplankton for my picky eaters and keep my only freshwater tank. Oh yeah and lots and lots of plants! I thought I would have to come to the true #nerms to get some appreciation and advice. It's by no means a finished project or very organized; but it's fully functional and I'm getting proud of it. I really attribute a lot of my fish knowledge to this community and even though I mostly keep marine tanks I wanted to share what I've been learning and enjoying. All in hopes you see how easy it is to start with live foods or diversity your live feeds. This year I took the time to design a system to simply culture some popular live feed organisms. I have found it to be easier than I thought and really rewarding to maintain. I plan on going into further detail on their maintenance but as a quick overview they are 1gallon jugs that are drilled for air, running off a few USB air pumps. They are all at 30 ppt salinity, fed phytoplankton daily, and harvested once or twice a week. I also use a ziss artemia blender to cook up brine every two days, extra brine also goes into a culture jug to be enriched and matured. I keep a colony of Blue Snake Endlers (Campoma no.31) in a heavily planted tank. The key feature being the spider wood moss island, adorned with houseplants. I really wanted to think outside the box and have been surprised at my success every step of the way. I plan to keep adding houseplant cuttings to the top and let the lilies, willow moss, and ludwigia go wild under the water. It's an easy set up that I can let get extremely overstocked and the plants just seem to do better. The last third is blanketed with bright indirect light which is perfect for houseplants, terrariums, and aquatic mosses. So I rotate propagations, rehabilitations, and transitioning plants here as needed. This is a brief overview of my fish closet. Please leave any questions or comments below . Plus, I'll have a species list eventually but if you really want to know what something is before then let me know that too! @Fragilenanotank
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