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  1. Absolutely love fluval flexes, but their pumps are kind of powerful for such a small tank. My betta and neons get blown away all around and struggle to remain calm, plus the food gets all scattered and sometimes end up outside the fish's range of vision. This is a quick DIY, cheap flow reducing method I managed to come up with. You can do it too with things you, being a fish keeper, most likely have lying around. Just 2 pieces of sponge and some zip ties. You just have bend around the sponge peices around the nozzles and zip tie them in place, then cut excess tie. Can even "control" the flow by slightly sliding around the pieces of sponge! Hope you find this useful.
  2. I woke up to 2 aquaclear on the same tank overheated not restarting and and 4 others shut down because of last nights power outage Thank goodness for the coop sponge filters being in place. On most tanks and on all my backup air supplies. Coop again saves my fish. After years of the non self starting and clog overflows from aquaclear I am done with them. Do the seachem tidal work similar? I have read a bit about them but want some opinions on user friendly durable and your experience before I replace all 6 aquaclears please thank you
  3. I'm pretty new to fish keeping and I have a Fluval Aqua-Clear 30 hang on back filter (20 gal long tank) I'm getting fish sometime this weekend and I'm finishing shopping for the aquarium (getting lemon tetras and it has a mystery snail in it) and I was wondering from yalls experience if a pre filter sponge would be beneficial for my tank. (my tank has been cycling for the past 3-4 weeks with that filter) (live java moss and 1 anubias nana in the tank and we're getting some floating frogbit this weekend) 🐠
  4. So I have a new planted 20 g I’m setting up, and trying to move everything from my pretty much failed 10 g. The pictures will explain everything. The 1st one is my 20 g, which I’m floating stems until roots come in and I can plant (I have a dirted substrate). All clean, starting to grow a little algae, but nice and green. I got them less than a week ago so I would expect it. The 2nd one is my grimey old filter (a Tetra Power Filter 40 if it matters) , which isn’t old at all but I forget to squeeze the sponges out every once in a while. Pretty much filled with sponge. 3rd one is the 10 g tank the HOB is running on, covered in algae and I’m hoping the new one will run a bit better. Still pretty damn dirty. I do water change once a week but it looks grimey as well. I don’t have a lid because….I’m using mine for the 20g currently. So I put the HOB on the 20g, I have a sponge filter in there and wanting to switch it out with the HOB thinking the HOB has more beneficial bacteria in it with so much sponge. Well the first thing I noticed in the clear water and bright light was a strange scum flowing from it (probably protein and other things) and these weird brown bubbles that came off that I assume were full of dust (they don’t pop and I remember having them when I put pool filter sand in my old tank and brown bubbles formed at the surface) , represented in the 4th, 5th, and 6th picture. Will the grime contaminate the nice plants? Because it also is bringing some algae.
  5. I am wondering how many gallons per hour I should use on my 80 gallon tank. I am running 2 Penguin 375 Bio Filters that have been updated like Cory’s video suggested with the large pre filters on both of them and then I have the reservoirs filled with the foam. With both filter running wide open I can cycle the 80 gallons 9.3 times per hour. I can turn them down to 37 gallons per hour so it will cycle the 80 gallons .9 times per hour. I am getting ready to make this a planted tank and then stock it with Gourami’s and Angle’s TIA
  6. Hello. As you can probably tell this is urgent and I need help. The other night I turned off the water flow to my Eheim canister filter because I was feeding microworms. I was going to turn back on the water flow that night but I forgot. I didn’t remember about it running and not have water flow until the next night. By then it was very hot and smelled burnt. I turned it off and waited for it to cool down. I then plugged it back in since it only slightly smells like burnt rubber. I hope someone can tell me if my fish will be alright and if I can still use the filter. Thank You
  7. Hey everyone - new to the forum. I’ve been a fan of Cory and Aquarium Co-Op for just about 2 years now. I currently have a 93 cube tank with a sump for my goldfish, but I plan to move them to a 180. I love the idea of simplicity that Cory discusses with HOBs and sponge filters. What are your thoughts for the 180? I’ll start with 8 fist-sized goldfish and probably go to 12-15. Can I pull of an aquaclear 110 with 2 sponge filters? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone today i decided to buy a fluval 207 canister filter and i had some questions about it.I currently have a hang on back and a sponge filter in my 37 gallon aquarium but my hang on back isn’t working that well anymore.my question was if i could completely take off the hang on back and throw away its media or do i have to put the filter media in the new canister filter.
  9. We have had a small tub(around 10 to 15 g) in the back corner of our garden for a few years and this year I'm hoping to add some white clouds to it. The problem is that I'm not sure how to filter it. We have no outdoor plug sockets and running a cable from the house isn't really an option. I have african water lettuce and some oxygenating pond stem plant, not sure what kind. Side note: I live in England, UK so Co Op products aren't available. Anybody know how I could do this? Any help is appreciated
  10. Hello everyone today i decided to buy a fluval 207 canister filter and i had some questions about it.I currently have a hang on back and a sponge filter in my 37 gallon aquarium but my hang on back isn’t working that well anymore.my question was if i could completely take off the hang on back and throw away its media or do i have to put the filter media in the new canister filter.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm having an odd problem with my 9 gallon Fluval Flex. I set it up about a week ago. It's a heavily planted tank with a betta fish and a nerite snail. I did a in-fish cycling and so far everything has been going smoothly until yesterday. It's starting to cycle however, after I did a 50% water change last night and filled the water back up I noticed that the intake filter isn't working properly. I've done my research on the tank and I haven't seen any one mention problems with the intake per say. The problem is that it's sucking in debris and other things but it spits it right back out into the water. I ran some tests on my water as did my local fish store and my ammonia was spiked which is why I did a large water change yesterday and I'm glad I did. Would the intake working incorrectly have a large effect on the ammonia? I would appreciate any advice and or suggestions on how to fix this problem.
  12. After all the advice I have received from everybody in this site about my water clarity issue i think I have determined that my filter Just can't handle my tank. I bought a complete top fun kit that had everything i needed. Is it possibly that my filter can't keep up. I modified it to make it the best I could. I put a coarse sponge, fine filter material, bio rings, and then more fine material on top to polish that I remove every couple days. Nothing seems to be working. I also tucked a piece of fine filter around the intake tube in the back. I'm wondering should I replace the filter with an aquaclear, and go one size up to a 50. Or should I do something different with my current filter. TIA
  13. Hey everyone, I recently purchased a good bit of sponge filter media and put some in my filter intake. I was wondering if it's beneficial to also put some sponge filter media into a HOB filter in addition to filter cartridges I'm using. I don't know if there's such a thing as 'over filtering' but just wanted to check if this is beneficial or if I am wasting my sponge filter media. The sponge filter media just sits on the bottom of the HOB filter and some water passes through it in addition to filter cartridge. I figured it gives more surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow and will help filter the water some more. Is this correct? The pieces of sponge filter media are around 4-5 inches across and currently has some muddy looking stuff on it. I'm guessing it's decaying bio-mass from plants?
  14. I have a 10-gallon tank in my bedroom, and in the quiet of the night, I can hear my AquaClear 30's lid vibrating. Removing the lid prevents heat conservation and triggers too much evaporation. So I stretched a thin rubber band around the back part of the lid's lip: This suspends the lid a millimeter or two above the filter, yet holds it in place: No more vibrations! Enjoy, Bill
  15. Hello everyone, I plan on getting a 100 gallon pond from Tractor Supply for my red eared slider to put outside. Any filter recommendations? I’ve never done an outside pond, so I am totally unsure about what to get. I would normally do a sponge filter, but given that it’s a red eared slider... they get chompy.
  16. The intake filter on my alita 25m air pump is full of dust. Couldn’t find any info online on best way to clean it. I just took it off last night because it was restricting airflow and I’m out of town got a few days.
  17. Hello everyone. This is my first time here. Forgive me if this question has been asked before. Recently my tank has become pretty well balanced and hasn't needed a water change for around a month. I've just been topping off for evaporation. But it's time to rinse the filter materials in my hang on back. Question is... should I rinse them with dechlorinated tap water? Will I lose beneficial bacteria this way?Or should i break down and do a water change using tank water to rinse the media? Thanks in advance.
  18. Just curious because I hear that sometimes you don't need to really mess with the filters if the balance in the tank is good. Do you need to rinse them? Or how often should you really change them, if at all? I have a slot for two filters, I changed one once, and read that you shouldn't really need to change them at all. So I haven't changed any since, but I have rinsed them one time in aquarium water.
  19. I have a sponge filter, with a bright white chimney. With the black background, it looks even whiter. Part of the issue is that my snails seem to be keeping it too clean. Do you know where I can find a black chimney, so that it blends in with the background?
  20. Dean and Cory produced a couple of youtube videos detailing how Dean raises fry. They showed and discussed the fry containers but not the tank in which the containers were suspended. Is there a video I missed that focuses on the tank?
  21. Hi, I am really getting tired of the noise level of my HOB filters. I have 3 tanks running 4 HOBs in my bedroom. Its mainly from my 55 gallon with the seachem Tidal 110 and a secondary top fin 20 HOB im running. using an app on my phone i measured 55-60 db from the filters. So I ordered a Penn Plax Cascade 1200 cannister filter in hopes of acheiveing a nights rest without having to get earplugs. But I saw quite a few people complain about the noise level of that filter in forums so I might return it if it is too loud once it arrives. Does anyone have a good recomendation for as close to silent filter for a 55 gallon tank? thanks
  22. Just wanting some input on this, as I had trouble finding contents posted by the Co-Op specifically on this equipment type. Not sure if the Ziss Bubble Filter counts, but I was thinking something more similar to this (just as a reference): https://fluvalaquatics.com/us/u-series/ https://www.amazon.com/Sicce-SIC113-Filtration/dp/B007GCFYW4 Are they not talked much about because many of them have quality defects or user-friendly issues? Or is it in the Co-Op's opinion that sponge/HOB filters simply perform better? I like my HOB because it takes little tank space, but it sometimes makes a lot of noise by vibrating against the glass or creating a waterfall when water level drops. That's how I became curious on internal power filters, but I don't want to waste money...
  23. Hey, My 40 gallon community tank is a bit cloudy. It is currently being run by a sponge filter. I was wondering if I run the filter below and the spongefilter if it will fix my problem, or is it a good filter? I wanted to get the AquaClear HOB but it won't fit in my lid and, I don't wanna cut holes in it. So I thought a internal filter would be the way to go. Here is the filter I'm talking about: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07YDK9HC3/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=AR7YVDDR7QAFR&psc=1 Also would the ziss bio filter work? My Stocking is: -Angelfish x3 -Zebra Danios x6 -Cardinal Tetras x5 -Bristlenose Pleco -Upside down catfish x2 My water parameters are: Nirates 25ppm Nitrites and Amonia 0
  24. I've been running an API Rena Filstar XP2 on my 40 gal. breeder for a few years. They have been discontinued and I can no longer find the seal/O rings for them. I'd like to get a new filter anyway as I'm getting older and it's starting to be hard for me to bend down and handle the canister. My problem is that the tank is only about 2 1/4 inches away from the wall so a HOB wouldn't be feasible either, though that's what I would like to switch to. I thought about putting it on the end of the tank but I have a glass lid. I also considered sponge filters. It's pretty heavy on plants and currently, I have 20 ember tetras and 10 paleatus cories in there. Obviously, something will have to change. I thought maybe some of you might have a suggestion that I haven't thought of yet. Thinking out loud here, I guess I could do something different with the lid. The thought of moving the tank out from the wall scares me. It's been on vinyl for years and it's probably stuck there, lol. I also worry about cracking the tank. I'm not sure my husband and I could move it anyway. Thanks in advance for any ideas you guys might have.
  25. Would love to get your opinion on size of HOB to use for a 75 gal planted tank. I’m leaning towards angels and some other small schooling fish to fill in. Would you use 2 55’s or a 110? (Or maybe a 75 is enough??) I am planning on adding a sponge filter or 2 as well. Or maybe I don’t need the sponge filter?? But I like the idea of having one in-case I need to set up a hospital tank I will have something ready to go. Also, where do you like to place the filter?? At one end or in the middle of the tank? Thanks so much!
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