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  1. What a crazy cool fish to keep. I first heard of em from watching a CoOp unboxing semi recently but had forgotten about em till I was scrolling the forum and the coop local announcements and Robert had brought more in. I’m super excited to see how things play out, and I’m jealous for sure. I hope things go well!
  2. So I see you have live plants? How did you pull that off? or am I just dumb lol
  3. Well it’s time for an update. The rack is currently in stasis, I think I need to get the wood cut another time to fit a little less snugly so it doesn’t bow the shelf at all. In better news tho, I got wrestling halfbeaks! These are the gold variety, which have the same bacteria as that which gives the gold tetra it’s color. I got them this morning and drip acclimated them for about an hour or so, maybe even a bit more. CoOp fry food seems to be a hit. Then, I came home to my CoOp order coming a day early. I didn’t have time to really unpack it other than chuck the plants in my tank, but I got the Ziss hatchery so I’m excited to really be pumping out BBS
  4. Glad to see the photos, looks like a fun trip. Ngl I’m kinda jealous of that salad. The new shirts and the sign look snazzy as well. Super cool, glad that y’all were able to go this year!
  5. As someone with anxiety over a lot of things, and with a girlfriend with severe OCD and anxiety, I certainly know what it’s like to be anxious and worried all the time about my tanks. And, tbh, sometimes I still do, but definitely not nearly as much as I did when i first started. Now when I first get something really cool I’ve been after, I’m excitedly anxious bc I want them to do well, but once they’ve been with me a bit and I know they’re doing alright, I certainly calm down. This hobby can be a bit overwhelming at times, especially in the beginning, but as you experience and learn more, you’ll gain confidence, and the amount that you’re anxious will go down. Depending on who you are as a person, it might never fully disappear, but it’ll certainly get easier.
  6. When in doubt, the name says a lot. I’ve had Red Devils leave me bleeding for several minutes after I stuck my hand in the opposite side of the tank for a second. I’ve had flowerhorns bite my hand while it was still out of the water during feeding time. I’ve also heard of someone’s breeding convicts wrecking their adult flowerhorn to shreds, same with breeding red jewels. Working at a fish store, I’ve heard a lot over the past several months, and the stories only get wilder and wilder. Someone had zebra danios rip their betta to shreds. I’d say red terrors are pretty high up there too.
  7. I don’t know a lot about freshwater clams, but I’ve heard that they can be a ticking time bomb because when they die, you won’t notice right away and they’ll release ammonia (as dead aquatic animals do) and that ammonia spike can be detrimental to your fish if not caught in time. Dont let that completely dissuade you, just be sure to do a lot of research. And like I said, I haven’t really looked into them myself.
  8. To @Stef’s point, there’s also a FAQ page on fritz’s website that I used that walks you through how to make smaller doses of their powdered meds, I used that before for a sick betta I had in a 2.5 gallon. It’s a few more steps than dosing for 10 gallons but it’s easy.
  9. If you’re gonna be doing mass amount of tanks for the same room, I’d say heat the room to whatever temp keeps water at the temp You want most of the tanks at, then heat the few tanks you want hotter, aka discus/ram/pleco tanks (if you’re even working with those). Properly insulating the room and getting a heater for the room will be more $ up front but a Lot less risk and hassle in the long run.
  10. Anddd this would be the Co Op effect in full force 😅 I too am very excited for the nets. Will probably get one when they drop. For now tho, time to upgrade my brine Hatcher and get new plants 😅
  11. I agree, my best guess is freshwater sponges. Regardless I’m very intrigued and I hope you update this if you figure anything else out about it.
  12. As far as I’ve heard and to my knowledge, I don’t think fluval changed anything other than branding. Now granted, I don’t have misled to compare (I actually don’t own an actual aqua clear rn just the sponge bc my HOB still works, why replace what ain’t broke). Do take that with what you will, perhaps someone else is more versed in it and can voice their experience with the rebranding and changing of the product.
  13. Orlando is new for this year. It started a few years with just chicago, then added dallas. I wouldn’t be surprised if they continue with all three, or keep at least chicago and Dallas since the two guys who started it live in those 2 cities. I really enjoyed it the year I went, I only went one day. If you’re planning on going, save save save. You will find more than you planned on getting. And have a plan on how you’re going to transport things, especially if you’re flying in. I’m a few hours away from chicago so I just drove. If you think there’s any chance you’ll get fish, have a plan on how you would transport them. If it’s by car, have a usb air pump and a few buckets on hand. If it’s by plane, figure out if you’re gonna ship them home to yourself or take them on the plane. If you’re into both fresh and saltwater then try and give yourself enough time to shop both. Super high end corals are gonna go quick and a lot of vendors were sold out halfway through day 2. Plan out which talks and events you want to see and plan things around that. Also, a lot of the YouTubers we’re willing to sign things, so bring something just in case if that’s something you’re into. Aquatics is the biggest part of the event but there’s also a lot of random reptile stuff, and a really heavy focus on art as well. Finally, get there Early. I’m talking at least an hour. The line to get in Is going to be insane. Check out their video from Dallas 2019, they had to literally kick ppl out because it sold out and the line went out the parking lot. and don’t forget to have fun!
  14. Thanks for the advice everyone. I definitely should’ve known I was gonna be doing this sooner because I need to get tanks on it yesterday, anddd now the wood is just too long. Home Depot cut it for me but I should’ve gone 1/2” shorter than I did because it won’t fit. I’m running on a deadline and might just have to move everything twice because I have to have the tanks moved by the end of the day tomorrow (Friday). I don’t have any sort of cutting tools that would work, or stuff to paint. I did get a husky rack that’s 18x36 and has the wire shelves. And assembling that has been no issue. But the wood is just a hare too long and also for some pieces too wide.
  15. This actually happened a few years ago I think. I recall buying aqua clear fluval products with the box like that a couple years back from Petco. Could be tho that a lot of suppliers and wholesalers still had lots of back stock of the original aqua clear boxes so you’re just now seeing the change?
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