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  1. There’s nothing dwarf about that sag wow 🤩 so excited to see the 30s coming up. That’s so exciting!
  2. @Dandy Pearli think for the python the actual hose and stuff is too hard for them to ship, I remember something about it in a past video. As far as my dream aquarium coop product that would be reasonable would be something like a turkey baster or syringe to feed frozen foods. Or something else but along that vein so that it makes it easier. I was totally mind boggled how to feed frozen until I started working at my LFS last week 😅 now dreamland CoOp product would be something like an apex but dialed in to freshwater tank needs. Complete with alerts to my phone when something happens and a camera that can stream live footage of the tanks.
  3. @BisScottiei believe his YouTube is FishofHex. I’m not sure exactly what else he does but you can certainly start there and poke around.
  4. @RovingGingeri too caught gecko fever and found Clints Reptiles, I now have 4 crested geckos... but onto aquariums. When my dad was a kid he had a fish tank in his bedroom, so when I was a kid we were allowed to get bettas. Granted, none of us knew what we were doing and id be horrified by how I kept them now, but that’s besides the point. My first real “tank” tank was a 10 gallon community that was way overstocked and had the weirdest mix of fish ever, but I got a Platy at petsmart to add orange color to the chaos, and ended up with 4 babies per month for a while. The original one died, and a few months later babies started popping up again. Finding those babies is what really sealed this hobby for me, the idea that I could make more of something living like that on my own was mind blowing at the time, and is my long term goal with the hobby now. That tank did eventually crash, and for my entire high school life I would randomly ask to set it back up again and my parents always had an excuse not to. Low and behold, the moment I got to college my roommate and I started getting fish tanks, and I’ve now been in the hobby a bit over two years. What keeps me most interested at the moment is that I’m always learning. There’s a million different things you can do with this hobby, and a million ways to do them. Getting to learn how to keep a beautiful slice of nature at home and always having something new to learn about has been my favorite part recently, partly because I’m limited in what I can physically keep. Being able to breed things and make babies of various species is my other motivator, and I’m excited to get a shrimp colony going again hopefully soon.
  5. I don’t have a 3D printer myself but a while back I won an Instagram giveaway from someone who does and makes betta training rings! I can only imagine the variety of things you’ve found. I know there’s a saltwater guy who has a website and several 3D printers and one of the many things he sells is tube drying racks, I feel like that would be my first thing I’d do. And maybe a new brine shrimp stand for the ziss Hatcher 😅 but I’ll probs just do the PVC tip
  6. Got my CoOp order today! Nothin too crazy. Did get an easy planters tho, I’m super stoked for that. I got my Crinum too and set it up in the easy planter in my 10 gallon for now. It will be going in my 20 long once that’s setup and going. I also got a banana plant to go with Drogo in the 5. I got a dennerle snail remover as well for when I have my pea puffers again (my last one got broken by a rambunctious pupper haha). And finally, I got stickers! I thought I only got the super red pleco one, so I might’ve gotten the rainbow one free? I don’t remember. Someone like @Randylmk if putting random stickers in boxes is a thing rn lol or if I’m going crazy 😂 and yes that’s a root tab. I hope I did that part right.
  7. Yes @DaveSamselltoothbrushes are a must, I mainly use them for algae removal, but now I’ll be using them on my HOBs too... thanks 🙂
  8. Just ordered one myself. Should be in soon. I’m excited to try it with a Crinum bc I killed my last one when I hat to swap tanks a bunch of times. I was gonna plant the Crinum in one of those Groot planters that @JimmyGimbalhad. I got one for Christmas actually 😅 so now I’m not sure what to do with it haha.
  9. Someone else please chime in too because I’m not really experienced, but I think it would depend on the size of the loach and the size of the snail. And the species. I think there are some loaches that don’t eat snails. I’m not super sure, I haven’t worked with loaches yet.
  10. Something I’ve learned from watching Cory for a while now is at the end of the day, every tank, fish, situation is different. For some ppl, they probably had the meanest rosy barbs on the planet, for others they couldn’t have gotten along more swimmingly (haha pun..). So I’d say, maybe get a small school to start with and observe them, see how they do. If they bully the angels, swap EM with something else. If they do fine, add some more to get numbers up a bit. You won’t know if somethings gonna work for you or not unless you try it. Good luck.
  11. Wow do I feel this. I’m in a 3rd story apt too. 2 bed 2 bath which is nice but my gf and I agreed to no fish stuff outside the designated fish room. Also, orange laser cities and all of the guppies are on my list as well. Speaking of list, I actually keep a running list in my notes section of fish I wanna keep down the line since I’m so limited rn (biggest tank is a 20 long). As far as stuff I’m eyeing right now, definitely short fin super red bristlenose and celestial pearl danios.
  12. Repashy is on my list of foods to add to the Arsenal and learn how to do. I’m curious, could you theoretically use silicone ice trays as molds? I like the idea of having cactus or pumpkin shaped repashy, I feel like it would be a fun way to add various holiday or seasonal fun to the fishroom.
  13. Interested to see on if anyone finds anything. In addition to freshwater tanks I’ve been hankering to do a saltwater mantis shrimp setup, and they’ve been known to go after and break heaters, so I’d like something like that as well.
  14. Nice that’s awesome! The fish gods were in your favor today. I’m intrigued to see how things go with the goodeids. Trout goodieds from Greg Sage are on my list of fishroom species, hope your goodieds are doing well. Excited for more updates 🙂
  15. Wow I’m so pumped to watch this develop! My goal is to breed a bunch of “fancy” plecos in my basement someday. Zebras and leopard frogs are at the top of my list, along with blue phantoms
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