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  1. Only running two currently. In the process of my 3rd which is a 140 gallon pond. Both of them are housing guppies and shrimp!
  2. I am looking for recommendations for heavy duty steel racks for 20 gallon aquariums for my fish room. looking for it to hold 4-5 tanks on each rack. Thanks!
  3. Looks like you have plenty of root growth to safely remove and plant else where!
  4. Yes it is! Thank you! They are a new breeding pair
  5. Hey guys! Kendall with Kendall’s Aquarium, have a small YouTube channel that I used post regularly. Had a baby and tore down the fish room. Slowly rebuilding it! Looking to start up my YouTube channel again and share all of my projects! Glad to be apart of a caring community! I miss forums! Lol IMG_6449.MP4
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