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  1. First aquarium since one I had about 20 years ago as a teenager. First one with live plants. 29 gallons, maybe starting to get the hang of it. Fed them some love baby brine shrimp for the first time and it seemed like a hit. Maybe put too much in, but I can adjust that next time and it looked cool at least, haha
  2. I'm going to set up a 29 gallon guppy tank soon and I don't know what filter to choose? I want something quiet because the tank will be in my room. I want the filter to start up easily unlike my aquaclear that will power off from the power flickering. and I don't want it to be ugly like a sponge filter also It need to be fry safe. so after considering all that I was looking into the seachem tidal but I cant cover the skimmer part with a sponge so it will suck up fry. so I don't know what to do. any suggestions?
  3. The photo shows looks right now. With the exception of my having already removed the chunk of mopani that was in the left side of the tank, this is how it has looked for years now, with the exception of the plants coming out of the back and the duckweed, pogostemon, and monte carlo you can see in the middle area. Definitely time for a change. The pogostemon will be moved to a different spot, of course, don't want that right there in the middle. A lot of the crypts will come out. For now, I'll drop those into the QT I just set up. I'm waiting for the dragon stone I ordered, and I'll be ready to go to town on redoing this tank. New plants arrived from AC yesterday, and my new substrates are on hand. Just need the stone. I'm excited to redo this tank. I plan to part of the existing substrate in there as a base, as well as there being no change in the filter media, so it won't have to cycle from scratch.
  4. 29 gallon community tank before and after trimming. I even trimmed back my bolbitis which I hated to do but it was heading across the front of the tank. It usually takes a while for me to start liking the tank again after a trim but I like it a lot this time around. It also allowed me to float some of my wisteria trimmings which I always like doing. Tank inhabitants lost in the forest: Several Apistogramma Cacatuoides(triple reds), Amano Shrimp, Celestial Pearl Danios, Blue Ramshorn Snails and Cherry Barbs. Plants: Water Wisteria, Ludwigia Repens, Bolbitis Heudelotii, Java Fern Windelov, Anubias Nana, Anubias Barteri. Struggling plants: Monte Carlo, Staurogyne Repens.
  5. Hello, I am in the process of setting up a new 29-gallon freshwater tank. I would love for everyone to comment on the list of fish below, their numbers and anything that I can do to improve the mix before I head to my local fish store. I will be cycling the tank using the following: Tap water that starts out at 7.4 pH Fritz Complete FritzZyme 7 Fritz Fishless Fuel Here is the equipment I will be working with (unless someone sees an opportunity to improve) 29 Gallon Tank ( 30.6"L x 19.0"H x 13.25"W) Tidal 35 HOB Power Filter CaribSea Eco Complete - Black (mixed with some small natural colored substrate) I plan to use Purigen in the filter along with the the foam filter and Matrix Bio-Media (after the tank has cycled) Here are the fish that I am considering and where I really hope for comments and suggestions. I would like to see activity at all three levels of my tank (top, mid, bottom), a lot of activity, color, schooling and general interest. Silver Hatchet Fish - Top Level - Qty = 6 Zebra Danio - Top Level - Qty = 10 Neon Tetra - Middle Level - Qty = 10 Golden Mystery Snail - All Over - Qty = 3 Corydoras - Bottom - Qty = 6 (not sure what variety. suggestions?) I will also be buying all of my plants from AquariumCoOp. I will be asking for advice on the number and types of plants in another post. Is this a good mix of fish for a community tank? Is this generally a good number of each type of fish? Too many? Thanks you for your comments and suggestions! Joe
  6. Planning on getting a 29g tank but it will probably cost more than the tank itself to buy a stand for it. Do you know of any cheap stands to buy that look nice?
  7. Entry #1 | Entry #2 Because of the prices and overall welfare of the fish in my city I decided to order my first additions from AquaHuna 🙂 I was SO impressed with their communication with me and the adjustments (two ivory mystery snails rather than golden) made for me before shipment. My 6 albino corydoras and 2 mystery snails were shipped Monday(3/28) and arrived TODAY (3/30) 😃 Below is a video of my, way over excitement, introduction of the fish to their quarantine tank 😜 So, the little guys will stay in the tank for 24 hrs to become acclimated to the new water parameters and then I will apply the med trio once, wait two weeks, and then insert them in my 29-gallon. I will put the snails in the tank sooner, but I need to maintain "0" ammonia and nitrites for 24 hours first. I just got in Fritz Zyme from Aquarium Co-Op and applied it to the 29-gallon. My 10 new plants arrive tomorrow, which I am thrilled about! This is all so new and experimental for me but I am currently enjoying the ride (except for maybe the patience part 😆) and my family still loves me despite my new obsession/hobby ☺️ Entry #3 Summary Corydoras & snails arrived today from AquaHuna Acclimation seems to be going well, will quarantine for two weeks 29-gallon still has 0.5 ammonia and 5 nitrite readings 😡 New plants arrive tomorrow Questions I Have What do your mystery snails prefer to eat, and if you blanch foods can you tell me how... If you have any other recommendations for "cycling" my 29-gallon please share. Keep in mind that I am new to the hobby so I do not have other cycled filters or media. UPDATE :: My plants arrived and I have them placed in my 29-gallon now! Below are pictures of the plants and their placement around the ones I already had in my tank. Also, what in blue blazes is happening here!! 😧 All the critters were doing fine and then I applied the med trio around 10:00 AM and come 3:30 PM they scare me half to death by pretending to be dead themselves! I poked them and they frantically swam back to the bottom and acted normal for a few minutes before they sam their way back to the top. I read that they can play "dead" if they are stressed or feel threatened... I know meds can stress fish so am I correct in placing my blame on the meds? Do you think they will be Ok 😥
  8. Forewarning, this is going to be a long post as I've been dealing with this since last Friday. Any and all advice is very much welcomed as I'm not sure how to go forward and rid my tank of whatever is currently plaguing it and my fish. So I've been dealing with an issue with my main aquarium and I could use some advice. Friday of last week, March 18th I switched out my display 29 gallon aquarium that houses my angelfish and bristlenose pleco with a brand new 29. I used new sand and gravel as well as added in some large river stones, I of course kept the same plants, driftwood, and of course all of my filtration. I dosed Prime, Stability, and Safeguard to help with the move as I knew it would be stressful. While I was exchanging tanks, I kept my angelfish and pleco in a 5 gallon bucket with one of the sponge filters running in the meantime, both were fine in their temporary quarters while I got their home in order. Later that day, I added them to the new 29 gallon. I noticed they were acting a little off with their breathing, and kept monitoring the tank throughout the remainder of the day. On March 20th, I was getting weird bubbles forming at the top of the tank in the corner where the sponge filter was. They weren't breaking like they usually would when they hit the surface, they were more so sort of gathering together. I did a 90% water change, redosed all the same seachem products and added carbon (carbon was added more as a precaution, and still is in the tank). At that time, I was checking water parameters daily (and still am) and my ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate all read in at 0ppm. March 21st I still had no reading on my cycle, but March 22nd I started reading in at 5ppm while still maintaining 0ppm for both nitrite and ammonia. On March 22nd I also performed a 30% water change. I ended up removing the new river stones as well, in case they may have introduced something to the tank (just out of a random guess). Still from March 23rd to even today, I'm reading at 0ppm for both ammonia/nitrite and reading 5ppm for nitrate. I'm assuming during the tank move I either crashed/stalled my cycle, but now that I've got it back I'm not sure what else to do about my fish. My angelfish still seems like she's having issues, she's only calm when the lights are off so the majority of the past couple of days I have left the lights off. My crypts in the tank are melting back, I figured that would happen given recent events (I'm not concerned about losing my plants, I just want my fish to be okay). The bubbles from the sponge filters are still a little odd like they have been previously and haven't really changed any at all. I guess I'm asking is what should I do next? I'm just stumped. My pleco for the most part is acting fine, it's just that my angelfish still seems like she's very stressed from her breathing and irregular behaviors since the tank move and even today (almost a week later). I don't want to lose either of them, I've had my pleco for about 8 years since she was a baby and my angelfish almost 2 1/2 years. I've still been dosing daily Seachem Prime, Stability, and Stress Guard. Carbon is still in the tank as well. The water has never once been cloudy during this issue. Attached below are photos from the past week of everything. The top two photos are from March 18th when I swapped the old 29 with the brand new one. The second set of photos are from March 20th, showing the gathering bubbles and how they wouldn't break off as normal. This standalone picture was from March 22nd from when I was doing my 30% water change to show the gathering bubbles from the hob filter. This picture above shows the test results from today, March 24th with ammonia and nitrite still being at 0 and the nitrate still at 5ppm. This final picture shows the 29 gallon aquarium today, March 24th, bubbles still the same with my angelfish still being very shy and stressed.
  9. (1) Purchased supplies (with links) Petsmart: Aquarium stand (no link - moderator edit) Petco: 29 gallon tank and top (no link - moderator edit) Chewy: substrate and shovel (no links - moderator edit) Amazon: heater (no links - moderator edit) Aquarium Co-Op: Sponge Filter, Air Stone, Check Valve, Easy Green Fertilizer, Root Tabs, Scissors, Tweezers, Multi-Test Strips, and Ammonia Test Strips Etsy: plants and hardscape (no links - moderator edit) Facebook Marketplace: Fluval light (no links - moderator edit) *** I used money from our tax return to fund my new obsession 😁 (2) Preparing Plants I first drained the liquid from the eco-complete substrate, then poured both bags into the tank, and smoothed it out with my aquarium shovel. I drained the activ-flora substrate and then, a few cups at a time, I rinsed the rocks off in water and placed over the previously laid substrate. I originally placed the sponge filter and heater in the left corner of the tank but wound up moving them to almost the center (I will explain why later on) Because I have not yet purchased the handy python syphon I had to carry buckets of water from the kitchen which I poured into a strainer over the tank. I de-chlorinated the water and then began planting using my tweezers. 1 loose of anubias nana thick leaf 1 loose of anubias barteri Round 1 bundle of Hygrophila Corymbosa 1 loose of anubias species Golden 1 loose of Anubias coffefolia 1 cup of Red Root Floater 1 Potted of Cryptocoryne Usteriana Red 1 Bundle of Ammania Gracilis 1 Loose of Nymphaea Rubra Bulb 1 Bundle of Lagenandra Meeboldii Red Round 1 Bundle of Echinodorus Red Rubin 1 Bundle of Ludwigia Ovalis 1 Bundle of Echinodorus Hadi Red Pearl The problem for me was that the only plants labeled were the red root floaters 😐 I had it figured out which plants would go where due to height and lighting needs but I felt thwarted without the labels. So, I just started planting blindly, inserted root tabs, and fertilized the tank. After a few days, I decided to trip away some of the old stems so the plant would focus on the new and I had three of the plants melt on me. (3) Preparing Hardscape I scrubbed the rocks with a bristle dish brush and rinsed them (it was recommended not to boil them as rocks tend to explode 😳) I then (to my husband's horror) took one of our stock pots and boiled the driftwood for 3 hours (turning it over halfway since it was to large to fully fit) Afterwards I placed the driftwood in a clear bucket, so I could watch the color of the water turn and know when I felt it was acceptable to place in my tank) and left it there for a week before taking it out to boil it again. I did this to try to speed up the tannin release process. *** It still has not sunk on its own; therefore, I am probably going to resort to securing it to a rock. The rocks are in place and holding down the 3 anubi that did not melt. (4) Minor Adjustments I am re-positioning the heater horizontally in hopes that it better disperses the heat since I will be housing tropical fish. I want to purchase another heater since having two causes less stress on them and provides some security if one were to go out. I re-positioned the sponge filter to be more central since I found the other side of the tank to be stagnate with it only on the left side. I wish to purchase aquarium co-op's air pump since I think it will do a better job than this one is. Right now my light is set to 50% intensity for 3 hours with a 2 hour break and then set for another 3 hours. I will increase both the time and intensity as the weeks go on. I am looking at placing my one fish, Ruby the betta, in the tank this week and then purchasing one set of the following species below this weekend to get started on my community tank! 😃 3 oto catfish 6 albino corydoras 6 rummynose tetras 1 mystery snail *** Ruby in his current 5-gallon non-planted tank
  10. I’ve had a 29 gallon tank that I first bought for a grow out tank for Jack Dempsey cichlid babies. Then when they finally moved out, it became a plant holding tank, then got a temporary crew of bronze cories, then plant holding, and now it is evolving into a pea puffer tank. My shoal of puffers seems a bit crowded in my 20 long, so they will get an upgrade to 29 gallons. It’s the same footprint as the 20 gallon long but is 50% taller and of course, almost 50% more volume/territory. It’s got plenty of growing out to do and after the substrate settles, I’ll be adding some tall Anubias hastifolia, some big A. barteris, and a couple good sized A. nanas. I’ve also got an assortment of Java fern varieties that may go in either long, or short term. The Anubias and Java ferns are all on either wood or rocks so they can be rearranged if needed because, well, pea puffers are jerks. I’ve got some snails stocked in there already since the filter is well seasoned - a mix of bladder snails and red ramshorns. I’ll be adding some Amano shrimp, likely in about 1-2 weeks with the timing depending on the parameters settling so they can get settled in well before I add the puffers (the puffers are used to having Amanos in their current tank). Here’s to hoping for a slightly more peaceful puffer tank overall with more room for them to spread out. First pics (1 & 2) are the worst of the hot mess stage, next is partly cleaned up but with cories (3), next is completely bare and clean - woo hoo! (4), then with the first layer of substrate with pool filter sand margins and a center of heavy clay dirt with some Osmocote sprinkled on top (5), next with a very thin layer of sand over the dirt (6), then driftwood in place and more sand (7), plants in (8), finally with water in right after restarting the filter (9). Nothing quite like getting 3 or so hours into the reset and realizing you don’t have enough black window film to cover the back. 🙄 I still want to put moss on some branches, too, so I’ll need to drain it again for that so I’ll be able to slide it forward on the desk to make it easier to add the window film. I’ve also ordered a different filter (one that will restart without any fiddling with it after water changes or any power outages) and the sponge prefilter will be smaller. I’ve also ordered a better light. I anticipate some Crypt and Val melt, but I’m hoping for some good growth from the swords. The ‘Aflame’ swords have some BBA, but I’ve just treated it with peroxide and will repeat that treatment as necessary until it’s clear. I’ve got loads of red root floaters or frogbit that I can float if needed and the new light will have a controller so I can adjust intensity and timing. Once the Val gets tall, I probably won’t need any floaters, but we’ll see how things evolve. I’ll be adding an ACO sponge, too. Open to any thoughts or suggestions. I wants to get a big “mother” Amazon sword like I put in my 75 gallon, but couldn’t find one. Depending on how the Val does, I may entertain putting one there. Current plant list: Vallisneria americana (Jungle Val) back right, trimmed since I just got it yesterday. Echinodorus cordifolia (Radican Sword) back left that got a little dry in transit yesterday, some small E. ‘Aflame’ swords center right in front of the wood, plus a single baby sword just in front of the left side of the wood, that should be a ‘Red Flame’ but I can’t remember for sure. 😆 Helanthium tenellum (Pigmy Chain Sword) center front Cryptocoryne axelrodii right front and Crypt. balansae just left of the ‘Aflame’ sword Epipremnum aureus (Pothos) top left I’m still debating adding some Echinodorus vesuvius between the sponge filter and the wood. I’ve got loads of that but the leaves are so skinny and crisp they don’t really create much hiding effect and the peas don’t seem to like going into them. I’m just thinking it will soften the effect of that giant prefilter sponge!
  11. This is my first attempt at a planted tank and my first tank in a long time (~15 years) I know it doesn't look like it, but there are currently 18 Embers and 18 CPDs in the tank...the CPDs just went in today, so everyone was a little skittish when I took the picture...everyone seems a little more comfortable and are all exploring the tank now - it was kind of funny, when the CPDs first went in, they mixed in with the Embers and started schooling with them For my plants, I have one unidentified crypt, rotala, an Amazon sword, crypt wendtii, crypt lucens, anubias cofeefolia, water sprite and I am pretty sure my dwarf lilly finally started to sprout, so pretty psyched about that!! let me know what you think
  12. I am currently having three 29 gallons with 6 mollies, 6 platies & 6 Swordtails each respectively I do keep them with plants [hornwort, java moss, amazon sword & amazon frogbit] and as you may or may not have guessed i do have really hard water can I keep something else in the tank while also being able to spawn them i also use a matten filter all suggestions and opinions are welcome
  13. Figured I would open a thread in the journal area to track my progress. First week... Second week (after some die back) Week 3 - Added a pot of scarlet temple on each side of the tank. Seeing a bit of melting but overall they look good. A few of the Vals are starting to grow again in the back, The american frogbit has really taken off with 8" roots and two more new clusters forming. I think I will keep two separate rings of frogbit as opposed to one large one. The same Anubias keeps disconnecting from the dragon stone at the slightest touch - it really wants to be a floating plant.
  14. Hello!! Here’s my tank. I’m looking for some exciting stocking ideas that aren’t livebearers because I have those coming out my ears! Tank is a 29 gallon. Filtered by a medium sponge (thanks to the coop) and a Fluval 207 with two full trays of seachem matrix. The light on top is a fluval plant 3.0.
  15. Anyone ever used it the fluval 29 gallons aquarium stands? It seems so flimsy to be holding about 400 lbs of water…
  16. Finally got my 3rd tank set up. 29 gallon community. Dwarf guorami as my centerpiece fish. He looks angry all the time so my daughter named him buzzkill. Tank also has 16 neon tetra's, 2 albino beistlenose pleco's and 2 otto's, I have a hang on back filter and a sponge filter. With the fluval 3.o plant light. Not sure of the plants due to I lost my receipt. I really like the tank layout and wanted to share with the community.
  17. Hello! My name is Emma and I've been keeping fish since I was a toddler. I've only ever had one tank at a time, but I find a lot of joy in the hobby. Currently at home I have a heavily planted 29 gallon aquarium, with lots of pothos and a small as tree growing out the back. I just swapped out about half the plants in there, so we're going through an ugly phase while I re-balance everything 🙃. I've got harlequin rasboras, lamp-eye tetras, paleatus cories, otos, a clown pleco, a plakat betta, amano and cherry shrimp, one nerite snail, and a huge army of madagascar trumpet snails all living in harmony in there. I have also recently taken over care of the 50 gallon tank at my daughter's preschool. Currently it has one pictus catfish and one 10" sailfin pleco. I'll be seeking permission from the preschool to rehome the pleco for sure, and maybe the pictus as well. The rest of the inhabitants didn't survive covid (as no-one was allowed into the building to care for the fish 😔). I've thrown in a few windelov java ferns I had spare, but if anyone has suggestions for hardy, low maintenance "set and forget" fish for a tropical community tank that would be wonderful. I'm hoping to future-proof the tank as much as I can! -Emma
  18. Hey everyone, I would like some advice on stocking my 29 gallon. I know I want to do a school of congo tetras, but I read that electric blue acaras can actually work starting at 30 gallons. Does anyone think a school of congo tetras (like 8, maybe), a solo electric blue acara as a showpiece fish, and a school of something loachy (maybe 5 or 6) for the bottom would work out? It feels like a lot, but idk. I would be going heavily planted, including floating plants to pull out nitrates. Thoughts?
  19. Looking for some suggestions for stocking a 29 gallon tank. I have shrimp and guppies, swordtails, pea puffers and a community tank so looking for something different. Don’t really want cichlids except for maybe the dwarf varieties and prefer planted tanks.
  20. https://streamable.com/mixmp0 Just a quick video of the tank that makes me really happy. I got some cheap 'fake' decor for the fish and snails to hide in while the plants grow out. I hope to remove them (at least the fake rock cave on the left) and let the plants speak for themselves as they grow out. 🥰 I had no real 'plan' in mind, I just picked plants that made me happy and tried them out. What works will work, what doesn't will teach me to try a different strategy in the future. I can always change the scape later! Current residents are: 6 Juvenile Diamond Tetra 6 Juvenile Corydora Elegans 2 Nerite Snails (1 tiger 1 zebra) 1 Golden Mystery Snail Bladder Snail Hitchikers Tons of Plants!!!!!!! All the plants!!! The crypt tropicas in the middle are my favortes, followed by the dwarf aquarium lily that's sprouted very well and hiding in the back right corner. My water sprite is already a monster.
  21. Hey everyone I am setting up a new 29 gallon tank and I have an aqua clear 50 going on it. I was just curious what the best placement is to get flow around the tank? Is it best on the side of the aquarium so it’s flowing long ways across the tank. Or hanging off the back of the tank either in the middle or either side and bouncing off the front glass?
  22. Hi everyone, I am getting back into fish keeping after about 15 years. I am starting with a 29 gallon and would love some advice...here's my plan (please no canister haters, I know I'm weird, but they make more sense to me) Fluval 207 (with sponge on intake) Sponge filter with airstone (I will keep in tank and use for quarantine tank setup as needed) Eheim heater Fluval Aquasky or Finnex Stingray 2 (leaning towards Fluval only because I am a tech nerd) Will start with silk plants until I am comfortable with taking care of the fish and then transition to live plants (Brother in law has a 55 and a breeder for his Cockatoo Apistos and will hook me up with some of his plants and is even giving me some of his cycled media to start!) Looking for a community style tank with some schooling fish, bottom feeders and a "centerpiece" fish - here's my current plan (end state): ~12 black neons ~12 ember tetras 4 panda corys 3 otos 3 Nerite snails 1 Honey Gourami (or other hopefully female Dwarf Gourami) I am not married to any of these choices, but I would like to stay with the general community tank feel with some color as well, please feel free to comment any suggestions you may have (quantities, anything not needed, need something else, etc...) - I am currently waiting for my house to get painted before I setup the tank, so it will be a bit before I actually have the tank setup and ready to go 🙂 So glad to have found this community and can't wait to get my tank back up and running!!
  23. Got all my plants in, did a Hydrogen Peroxide dip, let them rest in a bucket of water for a day, treated them to an alum soak and finished setting up the tank. Two bags of eco-complete topped with black gravel and some rinsed dragon stone. The base of the tank is eggcrate with some dense foam under the large rocks - partially to raise the stones and to keep plants from rooting under them if I want to redecorate. Planted Java Ferns, Amazon Sword, dwarf Sagittaria, Cryptocoryne lucens, Pogostemon stellatus octopus, Valisneria and various Anubias. The POS and Valisnaria looked a little worse for wear when they arrived compared to everything else. One of the POS stems melted and died the rest came back and is growing well. The Valisnaria died back to the gravel but there are a few green shoots so I am not giving up all hope. About half of the dwarf Sagittaria has melted the rest is still green. I will have to wait and see if any comes back. Added some American Frogbit at the one week mark. That doesn't seem to ship well as 1/2 were essentially DOA and did not recover. The survivors are shooting out roots and new leaves though. Started the fishless cycle off using Fritz Fish Fuel and bacteria. Started off by adding Easy Green (3ml), Easy Iron (3ml) and easy Carbon (3ml) once a week after water change. Ammonia went to zero but my NO3 (40) and NO2 (10) are rather high still. My KH dropped to 80 after the water change but my GH is extremely hard (300). My tap water GH is 150. Lighting is a Fluval 3.0. Total light is 10 hours. One hour sunrise, 7 hours at 50% (no blue), 2 hour sunset. Room has no natural sunlight but indirect lighting can be on for a few additional hours every now and then. Could GH be this high just from the fertilizers? Think my lighting is to high or too low? Thoughts or comments welcome, Tom
  24. My 29 finally cycled and now has inhabitants. My Bronze Corydora and two Siamese algae eaters. I'm having a bit of trouble with brown dust algae, some sort of string algae and overall my plants are struggling. I put a UV sterilizer online and I run it about eight hours a day. I have my light on about eight hours a day but I dropped it down to the low setting. I also brought my diy co2 system online and I run it about eight hours a day at about two bubbles per second. My Bacopa Caroliniana is the first so far to show any new growth. Should I discontinue Easy Green for a couple of weeks?
  25. I find that as my 29 comes together my stocking "plan" is changing. My driftwood still isn't waterlogged and a few videos I have watched mention that driftwood can lower pH. My current situation is that I need to raise my pH so a Bristlenose Pleco is off of my list because from what I understand is that it's best for them to have driftwood in the tank. Still up in the air on a Reticulated Hillstream Loach but for sure I want 10 Cardinal Tetras, 6 Sterbai Corydoras and 4 Kuhli Loaches. Currently I have one Angelfish and one Bronze Corydora. Not interested in goldfish, guppies or any other live bearers. Love to have a Satanoperca Jurupari but my substrate precludes that. Any ideas for other community members?
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