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  1. This is happening to me right now. My male Endlers are relentlessly attacking my 2 remaining male guppies. I had added the Endlers thinking they would be chill and get along.
  2. I am dealing with something I’ve never dealt with before. Green hair like algae is on my plants. I took my water to be tested and my LFS and they said everything looked good. I’m using a Fluval Plant 3 but maybe I’m running my lights too strong? I usually run them for 8 hours as I’m trying to grow an Amazon Sword. I’ll attach my settings. Is there anyway to keep this from spreading more?
  3. Thank you for taking the time to drop some names. It seems Rasboras are fairly popular here. I've never kept them and many of the names being talked about I have no idea about so I'm reading up on them, I should have actually mentioned what you stated about the swimming area as the spiderwood and plants take up a lot of space,
  4. Just Googled both and love the look of the Sunsets. Very beautiful fish! The high fin looks very cool also.
  5. I've never heard of a Porkchop Rasbora. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Thanks for the reply. I'm definitely considering Endlers.
  6. Hello all! New to the forum but have kept fish on/off since I was a teenager. I finally got my 55 Gallon to where I want it and now I'm bored so I started cleaning up a 29 gallon last weekend with my youngest son. I need small fish that like plants and maneuvering around them. Any recommendations would be appreciated. It would be nice to add some color to the tank whether it be fish or plants. Going to let it cycle for a while but in the meantime planning on what I'll add to it.
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