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  1. @ecarter A 29 gallon should be fine for 3-4 Indian mudskippers. The tank will definitely look better with the mangroves, and they will also aid in having some sight breaks. My advice would be to reposition the pots to allow you to fashion some type of lid or screen top (maybe move the pots rearward. More sand isn't really necessary other than for anchoring the stones. Keep in mind that they spend more time out of the water than in the water, so the more "islands" the better. Give us an update when the mangroves and skippers come in!
  2. Hi Everyone ~ While it may be amusing to many experienced fish keepers, let's keep in mind that we were all beginners at one point. As ridiculous as some reviews might seem, we still value the feedback and use them as learnings for the team as well as product development. Let's try to remember the spirit of this forum and keep things positive and constructive. I do appreciate all of you supporting Aquarium Co-Op though! 😃
  3. I have a mixture of glass and acrylic tanks, but the majority are glass.
  4. This issue has been fixed. Our apologies for any confusion, and thank you for bringing this to our attention.
  5. Don't be hard on yourself. We all made errors when starting the hobby. The fact that your tank is now a month old and has live plants is a good thing, and I wouldn't worry too much. Just keep up on testing the water for the next few weeks to make sure that there aren't any big swings in parameters. Getting an ammonia test kit would be ideal, as the multi kit doesn't test for that. Glad to see that you jumped in headfirst and are enjoying the hobby!
  6. Cute and creative! Happy Holidays!
  7. Hey Everyone! We have some new, super cool items in our retail store. We have the new Purple Jade Rock that many of you have been asking about, as well as the new Mountain Peak rocks. The Purple Jade looks exceptionally colorful when wet. We also have the new Aquarium Co-Op rimless Curved Front Glass Aquariums, in sizes ranging from 2.5 gallons up to 13 gallons. Come by and check them out!
  8. The Amanos would be expensive snacks. Nerite would be okay though.
  9. We do not have our items available in India. The only way that I am aware of would be for someone that you know in the U.S. to send you the items.
  10. Easy solution: Add your location in your signature if you'd like to share. 😉
  11. Many people are private and do not want disclose their location. It would be better to just ask the person posting what area they are referring to when it comes to their tap water, etc. This way they may choose how much information they want to share. If they choose to, they could give a general region (like Western Idaho, Souther Missouri, etc.), or be more specific and list a city or even a neighborhood.
  12. @Maximus I am sorry to see that this happened. I hope your platy recovers. Is the wound still fresh? If so, I would suggest using an antibacterial medication like Maracyn, or salt (if meds are not available to you). This will help prevent further tissue loss due to an infection. As far as food, I wouldn't worry until it has been 10+ days. Your platy looks healthy and could probably go a week or two without food. Maybe try some live or frozen baby brine shrimp, as they are small and should be easy to consume. From there, maybe some frozen brine shrimp (larger ones), and then back to flake.
  13. So cool! Thanks for tagging me @Beardedbillygoat1975, and thanks for sharing @Pigeonduck!
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