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  1. Probably fine. Your fish will most likely eat them.
  2. It looks like hydra. Here is how to rid your tank of them: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/hydra
  3. While you do have a bit of algae, from what I can see, the melting back of the plants is quite normal. I planted some new aquariums about two months ago, and some of my small, slow-growing crypts are just now barely coming back. Instead of trying to figure everything out at once, try one thing at a time. In my opinion, the easiest place to start is with the duration of light. Ideally your lights should be on a timer. Since you recently made a change to the lighting schedule, maybe leave it be for another couple of weeks. You can start to make little tweaks from there. As for the life in the tanks (detritus worms, copepods, etc.), they shouldn't harm anything.
  4. Good point. Mine only gets direct sunlight for 3-4 hours per day. The rest of the time it is shaded, which also helps with the algae. Any algae that grows on the side, my goldfish mow down.
  5. If you are going to make your own or have one built, make it easy for yourself and make sure that it is winterized so that you don't have to transport fish in and out for winter. Also, if you can incorporate some type of marsh plants into the filter system, it may make it easier for you as well (water parameters, less water changes). Good luck!
  6. Who's going to be at the ALA event next week? Don't forget that we will be having a member meet-up next Friday evening at the event hotel (more details will be posted on the member-only community tab next week). If you are within driving distance of the event, you should come by. We will be there all weekend! To learn about memberships: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/pages/membership
  7. I love nerite snails for their versatility in both fresh and brackish water tanks as part of my algae clean-up crew. I like Malaysian trumpet snails for similar reasons (fresh and brackish), and because they are underneath the substrate during the day. They also do a great job of cleaning up anything organic or decaying on the substrate of the tank.
  8. I have a similar sized "pond" on my deck/patio (4x8x2) with a large trickle filter that I can grow plants and vegetables in. The only power that I need to run to the pond is for a submersible pump that pumps water up to the grow bed. It is actually my easiest system to maintain because the plants do so much of the filtration work. I hardly ever do water changes, but I do frequently add water due to evaporation (so I guess I am doing mini water changes). In this pond I have one koi (maybe about 16-18" now, and several goldfish (shubunkins and comets - all around 7-8"). I also have one huge dojo loach in there (about 7-8"). I usually do one larger cleaning per year, and occasionally run a net along the bottom to scoop out leaves and detritus. Water always tests less than 10ppm nitrates (usually around 5ppm). Not sure about estimating the cost, but if you have a way of having live plants in the system (where the koi can't bother them), it will help with the water quality, thus requiring less maintenance. Other than that, just the cost of running that small pump. My only concern would be to make sure that the pond is winter proof since you are up north. That's something I don't have to worry about here in San Francisco. If your pond is too shallow or not in the ground, low temps could be bad in the winter if there is a freeze.
  9. Some submersible pumps have foam inside them acting as a filter to prevent little things from getting sucked into them. I have several pumps, but use that style on the tanks with fry.
  10. @OnlyGenusCaps Please share away. The more the better. I love it!
  11. It could be an internal organ issue like the beginning of kidney failure, which can cause them to bloat like that. I have never had good success when a fish gets to this stage. Hopefully someone else here has a successful remedy.
  12. Thank you! I was very excited for this talk, and am happy that it worked out well!
  13. In case anyone missed this stream, it will probably be one of the most entertaining ways you'll ever spend 5$. Be sure to check it out...it was great!
  14. Not in my region, but I became super interested in rugby last summer and started watching a lot online. I find it fascinating, and now kind of wish I had played rugby instead of football. If I ever make it over to Australia or New Zealand, I would love to catch a live rugby match (or, if the New Zealand All Blacks were to come to California again, catch them playing here).
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