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  1. It's been speculated that some domesticated fish that have diminished coloration in contrast to wild caught may be affected by lack of natural light. I think it may have been Dean the fish breeder who said that, not sure.
  2. Your puffers dont murder your amanos? Mine grew larger on my cleanup crew than any my lfs had ever seen when I turned him in.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Would the betta be more sensitive to ammonia than the shrimp or gudgeon? They are fine this morning. I would think he would be much tougher than them relative to ammonia. Really, I was curious if anyone had one die due to eating too large or too many of an object
  4. We got the betta before my 2 yo was born. He lived in a 75g, then a 3g bowl for 6 mo ~ In the bowl is a peacock gudgeon and a shrimp, plus maybe 3 pond snails. All are fine. This betta has always gorged himself on blackworms and tadpoles in the 75g angel tank. I've been feeding him tadpoles for a week or 2 in this bowl. Is it possible he got one stuck in his gills or simply ate too many? He was fine when I put these wigglers in 3 hs ago. No sign of disease, no pine-coning, etc. Being everything else is fine and betta aren't usually sensitive makes me wonder if they can kill themselves eating? Water gets changed 50% weekly, never out of balance. Right now No3 is 25, No2 is 0. KH is 3, the GH tab fell off the co-op test strip into the bowl. The only thing I can't test is ammonia. I haven't needed to in any reef or fw tank in years. Would the betta be more sensitive to ammonia than the shrimp or gudgeon? What do you think?
  5. Maybe mollies for the algae? SAE can get aggressive when they get big. One of mine bullied angels and gbr and had to be taken in.
  6. SAE = Siamese algae eater, in answer to the above question.
  7. Srq airport used cedar for their large welcome aquarium. I used it for years after in a shrimp tank when I saw that, as it's the only available local aquarium-safe wood. I didn't have any problems, but who knows...
  8. Is your sewer on a meter? If I'm not mistaken in my county the sewage fee is based off the water used according to our water meter. Tank water is still a great way to water plants, regardless.
  9. Good times! Made the trip down with the kids to the water park Saturday the wife saw on fb. Mind blowing the change in the area, especially the ethnic diversity. Eastern Orthodox churches, Jamaicans, etc! Chickens used to handle the snakes around here. Wonder if Guinea hens would drive off a boa...
  10. In the 80's we used to go down there and fish the canals in canoes, they were untouched. Also, no exotics, just as many bass as you cared to catch. Also the roads had knee high or waist high grass growing in the asphalt cracks. We did some streetracing, too. There were a few rednecks there who had moved there from Arcadia, living off grid, or a handful of houses on the streets that had lines run. Here are the hatched tadpoles! That didn't take long, maybe 2-3 days? They are exactly the size of baby endlers. There is an ancient black neon tetra and a cory in here I didn't feel good about turning into the lfs for credit bcs they are so old. The tetra may eat them if it gets hungry, it used to when it saw the angels gulping them down. The betta and gudgeon ate well tonight! They slurped up maybe 10 I put in their tank in minutes.
  11. I'm in Sarasota, lived and fished here all my life. I've never seen endlers. We live on a creek and do see "dalmation" male mosquito fish. Next county South and below we have seen a steady increase in exotics over the decades. Maybe you are below me? Not sure how I feel about endlers in the wild here. Kind of cool, but I despise the way FL and the Everglades have been ruined with invasive flora and fauna. It is what it is, no going back 🤙🏽
  12. This is the frogspawn I am used to seeing 😉 I found 2 of those in my ponds, they couldn't keep up with the endler's mating!
  13. That's interesting, I must have never seen them at this early stage in the ponds. My indoor betta and gudgeon will eat well 😎 I used to feed tadpoles by the pint to my angels but they are traded in...
  14. The outdoor tank is greeeen. Supposedly this is very good for the Endlers, according to Dr Endler. Something has laid a gelatinous goop across half the surface, with black comma shaped dots which don't move. I've never seen this in my ponds or anywhere, does anyone know what this is?
  15. " 575 heavily planted liquid rock tap water safe declorinator powder co2 injection 2 sponge filters and a marineland 350 55 gallon feed omega one freshwater" there is the "powder" co2 😉 I'm guessing "pressurized" got auto-changed. Yes, you can buy powdered co2, common in smaller co2 outfits, or diy. Anyway, I too lose about 25% of otos I add. They are notorious for coming in weak, so it may be unrelated to the shrimp death. good luck!
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