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  1. If my one sponge filter seems to be overwhelmed, do I have to get another one or can I just replace the one I have with a bigger one? Background: I have a 20 gallon tank with a medium aquarium co-op sponge filter. While trying to solve the mystery of my cloudy greenish tank, I decided to just see if cleaning the sponge filter would help. Well that thing was DIRTY! For reference the last time I cleaned it was 2 weeks ago.
  2. Forewarning, this is going to be a long post as I've been dealing with this since last Friday. Any and all advice is very much welcomed as I'm not sure how to go forward and rid my tank of whatever is currently plaguing it and my fish. So I've been dealing with an issue with my main aquarium and I could use some advice. Friday of last week, March 18th I switched out my display 29 gallon aquarium that houses my angelfish and bristlenose pleco with a brand new 29. I used new sand and gravel as well as added in some large river stones, I of course kept the same plants, driftwood, and of course all of my filtration. I dosed Prime, Stability, and Safeguard to help with the move as I knew it would be stressful. While I was exchanging tanks, I kept my angelfish and pleco in a 5 gallon bucket with one of the sponge filters running in the meantime, both were fine in their temporary quarters while I got their home in order. Later that day, I added them to the new 29 gallon. I noticed they were acting a little off with their breathing, and kept monitoring the tank throughout the remainder of the day. On March 20th, I was getting weird bubbles forming at the top of the tank in the corner where the sponge filter was. They weren't breaking like they usually would when they hit the surface, they were more so sort of gathering together. I did a 90% water change, redosed all the same seachem products and added carbon (carbon was added more as a precaution, and still is in the tank). At that time, I was checking water parameters daily (and still am) and my ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate all read in at 0ppm. March 21st I still had no reading on my cycle, but March 22nd I started reading in at 5ppm while still maintaining 0ppm for both nitrite and ammonia. On March 22nd I also performed a 30% water change. I ended up removing the new river stones as well, in case they may have introduced something to the tank (just out of a random guess). Still from March 23rd to even today, I'm reading at 0ppm for both ammonia/nitrite and reading 5ppm for nitrate. I'm assuming during the tank move I either crashed/stalled my cycle, but now that I've got it back I'm not sure what else to do about my fish. My angelfish still seems like she's having issues, she's only calm when the lights are off so the majority of the past couple of days I have left the lights off. My crypts in the tank are melting back, I figured that would happen given recent events (I'm not concerned about losing my plants, I just want my fish to be okay). The bubbles from the sponge filters are still a little odd like they have been previously and haven't really changed any at all. I guess I'm asking is what should I do next? I'm just stumped. My pleco for the most part is acting fine, it's just that my angelfish still seems like she's very stressed from her breathing and irregular behaviors since the tank move and even today (almost a week later). I don't want to lose either of them, I've had my pleco for about 8 years since she was a baby and my angelfish almost 2 1/2 years. I've still been dosing daily Seachem Prime, Stability, and Stress Guard. Carbon is still in the tank as well. The water has never once been cloudy during this issue. Attached below are photos from the past week of everything. The top two photos are from March 18th when I swapped the old 29 with the brand new one. The second set of photos are from March 20th, showing the gathering bubbles and how they wouldn't break off as normal. This standalone picture was from March 22nd from when I was doing my 30% water change to show the gathering bubbles from the hob filter. This picture above shows the test results from today, March 24th with ammonia and nitrite still being at 0 and the nitrate still at 5ppm. This final picture shows the 29 gallon aquarium today, March 24th, bubbles still the same with my angelfish still being very shy and stressed.
  3. Hi Aquariast’s, I’m Daniel out of CA, I’m relatively new to the hobby! I started with a 5 gallon tank with a blue betta fish, Saff. Recently, due to illness (he ate some Neon Tetras),RIP, I decided to upgrade to a 10 gallon tank and dive into a planted nano aquarium. Researching, watching Co-Op videos on YouTube, there’s so much information to consume and start a journey into this hobby. My tank is only a week old and I’ve been working on testing the water parameters pretty consistently. I still have lots to learn and already have questions bubbling up in my mind. I added an image breakdown of my creatures but here’s some insights on the plants I’ve added / adding: - Pearl Weed, Dwarf Sagittaria, Scarlet Temple, Micro Sword, Duckweed, and Fairy Moss, Fissidens Rock, and 2 Moss Balls I also plan to add in the Honey Gourami after a few weeks to be my centerpiece fish in the nano aquarium. Looking forward to seeing this planted tank come to life! Pleasure to meet everyone! -Daniel
  4. Sun-sun canister I've had been running on my 55g tank for the past 5 years sprung a leak. Luckily the leak had quite literally started as I walked into my fish room as I only had a 4" water spot to cleanup. Around the same time I purchased the large Intake Sponge from the co-op. Turns out that intake sponge is exactly the size of a small and medium co-op when stacked. In a hurry I cut a hole into the top of the sponge and put it around the guts of the sponge filter then hooked it up to a USB air pump. A week later and I've had zero change water parameters. Thank goodness I've been wanting to get rid of that canister for a long while but was always worried about losing the cycle.
  5. This is my first time with a sponge filter. I have a 5 gallon (tall) tank. I bought the nano sponge filter from aquarium co-op, the ziss air stone, and the nano air pump. I have the air stone tightened all the way. I think I saw that it was safe for a betta. It seems like a lot to me, but maybe he just needs to get used to it? Does anyone else use the nano sponge filter in a betta tank?
  6. hi all been years since i had a tank . just recovered from a nasty messy divorce about 4 years ago and I've finally landed back on my feet once again. i really missed this hobby and would like to get my feet wet again lol and I'm looking at a eco tank setup if possible, but if need be, a filter powered tank is ok. would like to setup a betta with some betta friendly community fish tank near my bed. I've seen a few betta Nano tank setup ups at a fish shop and was thrown back with the pricing and they were generally around the 12 L capacity and thought, wow, that's small and be a challenge to keep the water parameters in check along with the GH and nutrient levels for the plants. saw a new tank, i think about 50L capacity at the store and I'm tempted to buy that, get some frost tint to stick on the back, a good light, heater and filter costing around the $350 mark I'm open for suggestions and after some good deals, if any, in this group. I'm also considering a HOB filter or a mini canister filter for the setup, mainly for the quietness . fish I'm thinking of raising in the tank (well not all, but considering only a few species of): betta Nano chilli tetra's Otto guppies I'm after some if those Indian almond leaves for treating the tank also
  7. I know that Cory is in favor or Coarse filters. I recently heard Jason from Prime Time Aquatics discuss in a video the differences (pros and cons) between fine and coarse filters. I see that Jason is in favor of the Fine Sponge Filters. I was wondering if any of you have tried both and can state which one you prefer and why?
  8. So I was wondering if anyone has taken small bio balls or bio rings and put them in the sponge filter uplift tube? Thinking if it doesn't slow down flow to much it would be similar to the twin sponge filters that have container for the bio media just thinking of ways to improve what we already have not reinventing the wheel
  9. How many of the Aquarium Co-Op Large Sponge filters would you recommend in a 55g quarantine tank? Is one sufficient?
  10. I had 2 nano sponge filters going in my planted shrimp tank. They got covered in black beard algae. I also had a big problem with planaria, which were feeding off the filters (and everything else). I removed the sponge filters, but would like to use them again in another shrimp set up. How can I prevent black beard algae on other sponge filters?
  11. I'm wanting to purchase sponge filters with air stones for my 75g Betta community as well as my 20g betta tank I already have HOB so the sponge filter will just be an additional filter for over filtration and surface agitation as well as Oxygenation, will I need 2 Med size for my 75g or will 1 be enough since I already have 2 HOB in that 2 tank? It is HEAVILY planted Thank you so much for any advice Tara
  12. I was wanting to set up a second sponge filter in my 36 gallon bowfront. I've heard of two ways to do this. One way is to use a splitter and the other way is just to stack the filters together. What's the difference and is one better than the other?
  13. Evening everyone, this may sound silly. I have a sponge filter that stopped bubbling bubbles. Air pump is working. I Cleaned the sponge yesterday. Today no bubbles. Anyone have this happen to them before?
  14. Hi all! I am replacing my HOB with Large sponge filters on my 75. How long do I wait before I can take off my HOB. I have 2 Sponge filter in the tank for one week now. And 2 HOB's. One HOB has crushed coral, so Ill be keeping that and maybe just have one Sponge filter. Thanks for any advice!
  15. As you can see, there is a white dot on the sponger filter and the heater. I don’t know what this is. I have a nerite snail, a betta, 5 Pygmy corydoras, and some black bugs in the surface glass.
  16. Getting a new 20g tank tomorrow. Dropped a brand new sponge filter in my well established and cycled 75g this evening. 1. How long does the sponge filter need to be running on the air pump in my old tank before it’s going to be useful when I transfer it to “cycle” my new tank for me? I’ll be filling half of the 20 with water (I know this doesn’t hold much good bacteria) from my 75 and moving a few plants over too. 2. Does a separate sponge from my old canister filter that’s been sitting on the bottom of my 75 (not attached to air) also have good bacteria in it? It’s been in for weeks.
  17. Hello! I've got a JBL 28gal nano cube tank with 25 white clouds. Algae has been a problem, so has the water quality. The ecology doesn't seem well established after almost 6 months with recurring spikes in nitrates and nitrites. The tank has a built-in overflow style filter powered by a pair of pumps in the outside chambers that returns the water after it passes through the filter chamber. The removable chamber holds ceramic cylinders plus 3 chunks of porous foam. I'm wondering if this method of filtration doesn't work as well as it should? I could easily replace it with a pair of sponges and shut that mess down. I have been introducing plants that struggle with hair algae almost constantly on the growth. Thoughts on the filtration greatly appreciated! Perry
  18. Guppies everywhere. I use a Betta bow 2.5 to grow my male guppy fry for a few extra weeks before taking to LFS. I separate as soon as I can tell with a magnifying glass usually 4 weeks to prevent further breeding. Both of my sorority tanks are full. Local LFS has recently had a complete employee turnover. Their tanks went from pristine to frightening diseased mass dead fish, snail and shrimp graveyards. I cannot in good conscience take my babies there...good excuse for yet another tank...ROFL I bought a cheap 10 gal and glass lid. Used 2 of my extra AQueon clip on plant grow lights. All the gravel decor plants etc and nano ACO coarse sponge from the 2.5. I pulled an extra medium from a tank I keep for pulling in case of hospital need. I supplemented with gravel plants and such from other well established tanks. I decided to be brave based on all @Cory videos and only run ONLY sponges which I have never done. Always only supplement cans or hobs with sponges. So far zero issues stable never an off reading I’m a daily tester...retired bored love my tanks. Current stock males guppy fry 5 weeks and my breeding pair of clear gold iridescent honey Carmel spire bladder snails...they will produce quickly in a fry tank always do. The question after painfully long unnecessary explanation I would like to rehouse 2 magenta mystery snails both males to this new setup. Can the sponge filters medium and nano handle the load. I’m not experienced with not exporting the waste into hob or cans. Do I need to use larger I have another new unseasoned medium and a large ACO coarse i have multiple extra hobs I could add if needed but I’m really interested to learn the sponge only thing.
  19. I have a Tetra whisper 60 air pump and I am setting up a 29 g planted tank. Is that going to be too much flow for a medium Aquarium Co-Op sponge filter. I am going to use it with an airstone and the pump will be right underneath the tank, so less then 4 foot away.
  20. Do I need to sterilize my sponge filter that was in my quarantine tank before I put it back in my main tank?
  21. I have a tidal 35 hob filter. When you pull the media basket out , the water flows through the sponges backwards, effectively back washing the filter media to some extent. What comes out is a lot of algae, plant detritus, and probably some fish poop. This water does not really have any positive value to the filter and can/ should be removed, correct? I mainly want to confirm my understanding. That the bacteria in the sponge is the most important thing so not touching the sponge as often could be good. Then by back washing it could just make it not clog as quickly with detritus which also could be good. Thank you
  22. I just bought a medium sponge filter to replace my air stone. However I forgot to fit the piece of plastic tube at the top. Does this part serve an important purpose or can I just leave it as is?
  23. Is there any way to chase the shrimp out of a sponge filter before maintenance? Moving it a bit gets the big ones off but the shrimplets just burrow into the sponge deeper it seems.
  24. I have 2 AquaClear 50's on my new 75g. I'm really tempted to replace them with 2 large sponge filters. Also looking at Nano circulation pump...... I have 480 gpm that is way to much. IDK I wanna do it, but do I neeeeeeeed to? LOL Im thinking I can afford to do it, so just do it. Okay, I talked myself into it. Tank does not look as good now. Lost some fish and running meds as I some how managed to introduce "something" in my tank, so I'm working on that now.
  25. Hey everyone, I recently purchased a good bit of sponge filter media and put some in my filter intake. I was wondering if it's beneficial to also put some sponge filter media into a HOB filter in addition to filter cartridges I'm using. I don't know if there's such a thing as 'over filtering' but just wanted to check if this is beneficial or if I am wasting my sponge filter media. The sponge filter media just sits on the bottom of the HOB filter and some water passes through it in addition to filter cartridge. I figured it gives more surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow and will help filter the water some more. Is this correct? The pieces of sponge filter media are around 4-5 inches across and currently has some muddy looking stuff on it. I'm guessing it's decaying bio-mass from plants?
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