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  1. I would be interested in your real life experience with it.
  2. The co-op power head looks like a redesigned aqua top that the co-op also sells. It is rated to push water a max of 3.6 feet high.
  3. Everyone here would like to help you but we need info. A photo of the whole tank, complete water parameters, your dosing and water change schedule etc. What light do you have? What animals do you have? What size tank do you have?
  4. I have the Fluval Aquasky on a flex 15, which is a couple inches taller than a 10 gallon and it performs very well on low and medium light plants. I doubt it would be good on any high light plants.
  5. Looks like snail poo.
  6. This is normal. The Maracyn kills a lot of bacteria and will cloud the water. It will clear up in another day.
  7. After I got back from vacation a couple weeks ago I checked my tanks to see how they fared. Not too bad, a few snails were gone from one tank but sadly one neon tetra was gone from the other. Today while doing a water change in my smaller tank I decided to see if I could quiet vibration from the pump. To my surprise there was the neon swimming in the filter compartment. It was kind of funny how eagerly he jumped into the net when I got him out.
  8. From the pictures it doesn't look like one handle will screw into another, but that would have been a cool feature. You could have bought two different size nets to get the length handle you want.
  9. I like the power head mated with a sponge filter idea.
  10. I would never trust a used tank. I made that mistake once and won't again. It was a 75 gallon that let loose in the living room of a condo I was renting. The water made it into the neighbors house. UHG. What a mess.
  11. I have had great luck with Fluval Aquasky. I believe the 18 watt size is the one for a 20 long. In your price range too.
  12. Everyone has their own quarantine method it seems. My best interpretation of the co-op trio is as follows. Week one, the 3 meds and little to no feeding. Week two, change water, feed lightly and observe. Week three, change water, redose Para-cleanse. Week four, change water, observe and feed. If all is clear now move your fish.
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