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Red Mangroves - 1.5 years later

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share as there isn’t a lot of information out there about red mangroves in the freshwater aquarium. I got my mangroves off Amazon about 1.5 years ago, i tried them floating with all different kinds of lights and they really seemed to struggle. In the last year they have been in one consistent set up although it has been given minimal care on my part due to a few things. 

The tank is a 20 gallon high, substrate is 1/4 gravel from Home Depot and two Mangroves.

the initial stocking was 1 male and 2 female guppies.

The tank has been set up with no filter, airstone, and i recently added a heater for winter as it is now a garage office. But about 7 months ago i moved the set up to in front of a west facing window which caused and EXPLOSION of growth.

The tank has kept stable pH, great buffer and no ammonia, nitrite, nitrate. Currently there are between 200-300 guppies in this 20g talk all happy and healthy. I top it off once a week with a few gallons.

mangroves are incredible and they are my favorite part of the tank for sure. The water has never turned green. There is some hair algae but that’s great for the babies to hide in.




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That is fantastic growth. I’ve had my red mangroves for about 2 years. Most did so so for awhile then we’re shaded out by other plants. I only have 2 left that are doing ok but not impressive like those.  
I may have to move them to one of my window tanks after seeing how well yours are doing. 
Congratulations. 🎉 

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I think it definitely helps the tank. Since there is no filter and I feed pretty heavy i’d say there is a decent bioload. Far more than I’d think these plants could handle. I’ve been feeding about 3-7 times a day as I enjoy watching them swarm. Plus 200-300 guppies make some waste. Nitrates have never registered on a co-op test strip and they certainly do in my koi pond lol. I’ve done tanks with monstera, pothos, peace lilly and I think Mangroves for export are the best I’ve seen as of yet. Plus they’ve grown about 8” in 1.5 years. Super slow growing!

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On 1/2/2024 at 4:23 PM, anewbie said:

Do mangrove grow like swamp trees - what i mean is the root structure massive in the bottom of the tank and will they eventually get too thick for a small aquarium (i mean the trunk) ?

According to google it seems that it can take them 2 years to get to 6 feet if grown in a conservatory…but apparently in aquariums they stay at 80 cm or so due to nutrients and space etc 

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