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  1. Fishes don't make friends in human sense. It isn't abnormal esp if they are young. Btw your aquarium should be at least 82 for the rams.
  2. bioload isn't the problem. The problem is tank size - it doesn't really offer enough room. Yea you could put in 5 or 10 but they really do need a large aquarium for swimming.
  3. How large is the aquarium and what is their approx age ?
  4. Most of the beneficial bacteria is in the filter; but tap water won't hurt it unless you like leaving it soaking in hot water for a few hours.
  5. Ouch - no need to shout ! More seriously how do you deal with summer for a 'cold water' aquarium ? Having once lived in your neck of the wood wouldn't the aquarium be mid to upper 70's during summer ?
  6. Sorry for your loss. You actually did quite well if the temp was really that warm in the tanks. Good luck on plant recovery.
  7. yea. If you want to breed them then avoid tetra in general. pencil fishes are recommended. What I would suggest since breeding is not important are 15 kubotai rasbora (these are not yellow but rather a very attractive green and unlike neon are always in motion); you could get some cw123 which are cory with yellow tipped fins. Being a fish from Peru they like upper 70's or even low 80s. if you skip the cw123 then i would suggest pygmy cory which are not the most attractive but a rather interesting fish and again small. I would consider some oto IF you have a reliable source as they can be a bit fragile. In general i would make your cockatoo the centerpiece and put smaller fishes around them.
  8. Answer depends on if you expect them to breed and if you want the frys to survive....
  9. This is my italia val in a 29. I have jungle val in my 120 and not going to post a picture but the leaves can get over 8 feet before i get around to trimming them. The 29 is a rather simplistic low tech tank but the stuff just grows and grows and grows. I've been tossing new plants which is why it isn't any thicker after all i need room for other stuff. The oto love hanging in the stuff like monkeys all the way to the top which makes them hard to find:
  10. You can do it either way - i've found the plants not sensitive. However if the runner does not have roots then i would leave it attached to the parent.
  11. don't cut back on fertlizer; cut back on light intensity and duration. Also for pleco and 20 high just say no.
  12. Not a great aquarium; basically a tall 40 long. The problem is not much can take advantage of the extra height. 29 is excessive even for angels and discus and i certainly wouldn't want to manage plants in an aquarium that tall. You really need more floor space. So unusual yes; but i suspect not many would find it pragmatic - at least for freshwater. I know nothing about salt water.
  13. angel females pick their mate. You might have to get several males; let her pick the one she likes and then remove the others; however a 29 is kind of a tight fit for a large male angel much less a pair. Using a 29 for breeding is ok but full time they should be in a large aquarium.
  14. Interesting. So i should find one that marbles; make the tanks more colourful. The stuff grows well enough... maybe too well.
  15. Bit confused; my pothos never marble but the leaves are dark green and very shinny; i would say they look really healthy. Are there different types of pothos or is this just the lack of light ?
  16. Did water changes on 29,29,120,5. Nothing exciting. Here are a couple of pictures of the 29's which are low-tech tanks. In the black 29 my 2 year old lily resprouted so soon it will be a mess. for some reason in the pictures the black 29 look a lot worse than in person. Also the stem plants in the back haven't really caught yet. It will eventually as at one time before i used furan-2 it was a forest but it seems to be taking its sweet time. The white 29 has a lot of interesting kids if you can find them.
  17. The runners are frequent and more will appear. The frequency depends on the plant size and age but my annoying sword will send them out about once a week or two and it has become a pest. As to when to cut (which is the correct thing to do) wait till the roots form on the baby plants are are approx an inch long at that point you can safely cut the baby plant off the runner and plant where you desire.
  18. I'm not over joyed with the sample image; while it captures the lady correctly with exposure it blows out the window; would be nice if it had greater dynamic range and smoothed over hdr. That is something i would like to see in this sort of device.
  19. I don't think it is that simple. Some fishes simply require special conditions not commonly found in the aquarium. I'm not sure how straight forward that fellow is being with regards to breeding clown loaches (i.e, i think a lot of details were excluded); but one thing he mentioned is that he conditions clown loaches at 7.5 ph but breeds them at 6.2; not many aquariums make that kind of shift....
  20. The L204 picture is from the 120; the full tank is a 40B (breeder).
  21. zebra loaches are nearly impossible to intentionally breed. It might happen in some rare cases but well report back if you are successful on a regular basis and you will be famous.
  22. Hum. For a single fish i would guess it would be the L204 as they are around $30 a pop and i have 7; but in the grand scale of things that really isn't that much. Some of the apisto pairs i've purchased have been around $50 which is a little less and I don't regret them at all. I kind of regret the group of orange laser i have since i never see them. Last but least there is the group of red fin oto. On the bright side they are doing well but the negative is they cost an arm and a leg for the group; though the individual fishes were not that expensive. - Some pictures: L204 (they were much smaller when purchased): one of several apisto i have: My orange laser - see how many of the 14 or so i have you can find; and while you are at it spot the group of 12 pygmy cory: Actually when they get hungry some of them are visible so i know they are still alive just a waste of money since well I can never see them ! -- Hum. No pictures of the red fin oto; hum. you probably didn't want to see them (but on the bright side they never hide)
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