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  1. Hello Nerms, I am looking for help with speeding up my water changes. I purchased the Aquatop max flow 211 gph from the co op a while ago with the purpose of speeding up my water changes. I haven't been able to get to using it until now. Does anyone have a specific hose that that they like to use with this power head? Will this power head do the job? Any advice is helpful. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey everyone! so I’m in a bit of a panic… I have a tank I’m fish in cycling (I set it up with an established sponge filter but I am getting slightly elevated nitrites) so I changed 50% of the water, then on a whim I decided to re-test post change… and I noticed slight ammonia reading. Soo I tested my tap water and it’s 0.5 ammonia!!!! We moved to this place in April and I tested it then with no ammonia…. Am I poisoning my fish trying to change water because of nitrites???
  3. I am on well water that has been at 6.6 ph and my 2 tanks are usually at 6.8 to 7 ph. I just discovered that my well water ph is now 6 or possibly lower (a very pale yellow on the API Master Test Kit). This discovery was made after I did a 20% water change on a 5 gallon shrimplet tank. They all died within an hour. I am concerned about my 2 fish tanks. I have one 10 gallon, heavily planted tank stocked with 8 CPDs. I also have one 20 gallon long tannin water stocked with 15 chili rasbora and 4 sparkling gourami. They are fully cycled and both test 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 5-10 nitrate. I need to do some maintenance. I am worried that the ph difference is too great and will shock or kill my fish if I do a water change. I purchased distilled water, but it tested 6 ph. What do you think?
  4. Hello everyone, So i've essentially got an infinite amount of H2O at my disposal now that i've automated all my water changes using carbon block water filters and overflows. I'm wondering wether there's a limit for how much you can change the water before it will affect the bacteria or fish? Is 200% a week overkill when you're heavily feeding and the water being changed "gradually throughout the week" is pretreated, heated and oxygenated etc? I want to be able to over feed bucket loads of brine shrimp and not worry about clouding or ammonia spikes by doing 20-30% water changes on a drip system throughout the day. In an ideal world i'd have a drip system to feed live brine shrimp every 2 hours as-well but that's a problem for some other high-tech automation Nerm to work out 😅 I've successfully drilled all 20 of my Grow Out and Conditioning Tanks with 1/4 inch holes for attaching quick connect pipes and irrigation tube for draining water. Now drilling a few more for auto water top-offs and extra drainage on bigger tanks "it's painfully slow but doesn't really need to be much wider pipe with a drip system". Everything seems to be going smooth so far, for now i'm manually topping off the tanks every other day and they drain themselves to about an inch or two from the rim of the tank. 🤞🏻😅 I've also discovered adding a length of tube to an elbow or T-Fitting will bell siphon the tank to as low as you want and then you can fill to just under the outlet hole until you're ready to do another water change, top it off and let it siphon back down again! 😄 I use tap water filtered with carbon then catalytic carbon blocks (which filters out the chlorine + chloramines that I've discovered Melbourne Water has a small amount of in Australia) Now the plan is to set up a water pump on a solenoid to automatically fill the tanks each day through the inlet hole with a couple gallons of treated water from a big water drum hidden upstairs in the pantry haha (and auto dosing a dash of prime into the drum every other day to combat the excess ammonia that is generated when you filter out chloramines with carbon) Or perhaps I could be using Purigen or some other ammonia sucking resin for that 🤔 The third hole is going to be plugged or just extra drainage for now, but at some point I might use it for mixing RO water into specific tanks with fish that like super soft water or to trick Corydoras into breeding i've heard haha 🤣 Perhaps it can be my Brine Shrimp Dispensing Inlet when someone invents a live Brine Shrimp Generator hahaha
  5. Been using my python to do water changes into my sink, problem is I pay for water and sewer. So if I can use a siphon into a bucket then send water out a window to yard I would save money. Only paying to fill not paying for water to start python or the sewer bill for draining. From the floor (bottom of bucket) it would be about a 4’ lift to get it out the window. Would the Aquarium Co-Op Power Head be capable of this? If not any recommendations on one that will work? I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now and $20 seems like a fair price.
  6. Ok so I think I know the answer to this question, but I’m curious to see others thoughts. I was surprised to not find a similar thread already when searching the forum, but When/how often should you do a water change? some say every week some say every 2 weeks once a month when nitrates hit 40 ”I never do water changes just top offs” discus owners seem to do it daily 😂 So when or how often do you do a water change and why?
  7. So I did a small water change last night with my small Python (just the siphon, not connected to faucet)...I needed a little extra water to help with rinsing out my filter media/sponges...well, after I put the filter back together, I saw one of my small Amanos swimming around in the bucket of gross water...I scooped him out and put him back in the tank, so no harm...but...had I been using my bigger Python that I use for full water changes and tank maintenance, he would have been sucked through and I would have murdered my amano 😞 I don't necessarily need to do a thorough gravel cleaning, but I try to do at least some where I have some algae growing on it, so I could add a sponge, but I'd still like to get some of the "gunk" out so...? any thoughts? What do you do when cleaning a tank with amano shrimp? (I rarely even see them at all, so figures I would suck one up with the siphon 😐 )
  8. Hi everyone! I wanted to ask if there are any good rules of thumbs for when setting up a new 55 gal. For example frequency for water. Is it weekly, bi weekly, monthly, etc.? Filtering: * two marineland HOBs with filter media, carbon mat filter and filter floss *One Medium Coarse airpump filter. Stock: *Three Angelfish *Six Kuhli Loaches *One irredescent shark *Six congo tetra No need for heating since normal room temperature is around 75-85 degrees. And substrate is inert gravel with a thin layer of stratum underneath. Also, there are a few valisneria, one sword and one bolbitis. There is some driftwood also. I used bacteria 4 oz. The aquarium is the one on the picture.Constructive comments are appreciated.
  9. One of my corys has a fungus issue that they've had before. I treat it with Tetra Fungus Guard and it always works. However, I just noticed it last night (Monday) and am leaving for vacation on Friday. Typically I do two treatments. I put in the three tablets (29 gallon tank), then do a water change two days later. I then start the second treatment and do a water change two days after that. I can do the one treatment and then water change on Thursday. My question is if I do the second treatment and leave it till I come back would the fish be okay? I have someone that will feed them, but I don't know if I can ask them to treat and do a water change. Anyone have an idea or think the fish would be okay with the treatment remaining in the water till I get back. I'll be gone 9 days.
  10. Does anyone have suggestions/tricks on how to perform water changes in a tank full of teeny tiny baby Neo shrimp without siphoning up or scooping out the teeny tiny baby Neo shrimp? I just very carefully hand bailed a 5 gallon tank, carefully examining each scoop for shrimp, to discover that I missed 7 of them when I went to "dump the bucket" (I caught them pre dumping, so no shrimp were harmed).
  11. So i have a community tank that has 6 balas, a gourami, and a pleco. I just did a large water change, thorough gravel cleaning then put in the med trio. I noticed one of the balas had eroded gills, and the 3 older balas seemed to have stunted growth. So decided it would be a good time to medicate the whole tank; as none of the fish have been medicated/quarantine ever(due to ignorance). The day after adding the meds I got home and all 3 of the older balas had passed and the rest were gasping for air. I tested the water with my easy test strips and it showed nitrates between 20-50, nitrites 0, chlorine 0. I also have an air stone going. All other fish were acting erratic and except the gourami. Can anybody give some insight on to what went wrong? We’re the older balas just too weak and should have been treated much earlier?
  12. I'm thinking that, instead of simply disposing the aquarium water resulting from water changes, the aquarium water would make good garden fertilizer. The aquarium water contains nitrates, biodegradables and some nutrients, which the garden plants could utilize. Have you had experience with using the aquarium water as fertilizer or have some thoughts on whether this is a reasonable idea? Thanks.
  13. I have good well water here in Texas that is not too hard. I'm planning on implementing a water drip/change system that will use this well water. The issue I'm unsure about is the lack of Oxygen when it comes out of the ground. Should I stage/store the water prior to using in tanks? My tanks have 2 sponge filters and HOB to create surface tension; so is that enough to address the Oxygen in my well water?
  14. Nancy


    I lost all the fish in my tank on Friday, this week, and I am devastated. I've had my fish, for over seven years, and I know this might sound silly, but I enjoyed them so much and I would actually, play with them as they would follow my fingers. I am on well water and about a year ago, our filter went out, and on Thursday, we finally got a new filter with an ozone attachment. I had been treating my tank for three weeks as one of my silver dollars, was losing his tail fin and the largest silver dollar had a white spot on his nose. I did a 3/4 tank water change, and took everything out of my tank and washed it off with just tap water. I started adding the water back into my tank and I noticed immediately that the fish were acting unusual, at half full two of my fish starting floating sideways and at almost full two angels were dead and after a few minutes more the two silver dollars were trying to jump out of the tank, hitting the light panel with force. I took them out of the tank and put them in a bucket with tap water, and within a few minutes they were dead also. I have had fish tanks all my life, I am 68 years old and I have never experienced anything like this, does anyone have any ideas as to what could have happened. This morning I noticed a white fungus looking stuff on the bottom of my tank and on my plants and rocks. I have no clue what's going on, any help will be greatly appreciated.
  15. I have a 30 gallon tank with 8 fish: 4 small goldfish, 3 corydoras, 1 bristle nose pleco. I started this tank about 6 weeks ago but being of the older generation I started it as I always started my tanks 20 years ago, not knowing about the biological cycle. As soon as I found the Aquarium Co-op YouTube channel and this forum I saw the value of this method of good bacteria 😇 against evil bacteria 😈. I have optimized my Aqueon20 hob filter with carbon infused pad and coarse sponge media with a bit of fine sponge media at the spillway and a pre-filter intake sponge. This past week I also added the medium size coarse sponge filter in the opposite corner from the hob. Water is so nice and clear and ammonia levels are finally stable. I still need to do water changes because, well, goldfish. So my questions are: 1. Should I wash out the filters (in the used aquarium water) every water change or wait until there is gunk showing up on them? 2. Will rinsing them to often lose the good bacteria? (I usually do a water change once a week). 3. Does it harm the good bacteria on the glass if I wipe it weekly with my magnetic glass cleaner? My tank is not a planted tank but I am considering it for maybe down the road. Also the 4 goldfish will be re-homed to my neighbor’s pond as soon as they grow a little more. Then my tank will be a tropical only tank. Sorry this is so long, TIA for your help.😊
  16. I am looking into buying my first water changer I just discovered them today and was wondering what the best brand was I’ve seen python and Aqueon is there any other brands
  17. So, every time I try to do a water change, my ember tetras swarm the siphon tube. I'm forever trying to dodge them. Today, I used the coarse sponge pad from Aquarium Co op and stuffed it in the siphon tube. I like it better than a media sock or nylon. They are too fine. It worked great! No more water slides 💦 for my little fishies. I'm not having fun unless my sleeves are wet.
  18. When do you add ferts after a water change? Personally I add mine the day after. I read somewhere that the water conditioner will remove some of the nutrients in the ferts so waiting 24 hours will make sure the conditioner is fully cycled though the tank and not impacting the ferts in any way. What do you guys do?
  19. In another thread it has been determined that my 75 is experiencing an algae bloom. According to Alexa, my new UV sterilizer will arrive tomorrow. Should I do a major water change prior to the running it? On another note, in the past, Cory has said in some of his videos that an algae bloom is good for the fish. Why? It’s just bad that I can’t see the bubbles coming out of my sponge filters or any fish in the back of the tank, lol. And one of my bulb plants is blooming, multiple flowers.
  20. Greetings! I have always used the bucket method for my WC, treating the water before filling back the tank but with 3 aquariums I would like to use my python. What scares me is to add untreated water to my tanks. I do use Prime and stability - should I add it in the tank before filling, while filling, after filling it? I am afraid to shock the fish with the untreated water, or overdose them if I add the products before, etc... What is the best course of action?I know most youtuber say there is no problem and just add the products while filling the tank but as mine are small (10g, 15g and 20g), I was wondering if it will make a difference Thank you!
  21. Hello all. I have a bit of a problem. Today I did about a 20-30% water change on my five gallon tank with 4 guppies and 4 pygmy corydoras in it. It's a temporary set up for a 20 gallon long. Before the water change, all of my fish were very happy and active as always. Within five minutes of the water change the guppies have started swimming extremely slowly, but the cories were in bothered. I don't know what exactly happened, but about an hour has passed. The guppies are still huddled in the corner of the tank and hardly moving and I found one of my poor baby cories dead! I don't know what I did wrong. The tank is about 3 months old, fully cycled. It has 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and typically 5 nitrate. The temperature stays at around 78 degrees. The pH is a solid 7. I'm new to the hobby and I don't know what on earth I did wrong. The tank gets weekly water changes. My only thought is something went wrong with the tap water or the bucket I used. (which was only ever meant for fish water)
  22. Hi, so i came up with idea to use active carbon for my water changes. I use two way siphon for water changes and i am adding water directly from sink pipe to aquarium. I was thinking of adding active carbon in mesh adding mesh inside of siphone pipe and capping it with gilter wool so particles/dust don't go in aquarium. Would this work!?
  23. I noticed a couple of my fish had some stringy poop and was watching them. I’m located in Canada so meds are not readily available to me. I have 1 box of API general cure (10packs). Yesterday my female peacock gudgeon started flashing periodically and I did a 50% water change. Today she is still flashing and also has stringy poop. So I decide to dose the whole display tank. Bear in mind that none of my fish have been medicated (to my knowledge) before...although they went through quarantine at my LFS and at my house. So I notice one of my honey gouramis swimming erratically and belatedly test my tank water (which I changed yesterday). My ammonia is 0.5! Not sure where it is coming from (tank is cycled and running for a year). The only thing I can think of is that my male peacock gudgeon might have passed away (he disappears all the time to nest and I’ve never found where) and is causing the spike. I’ve moved all my decor and can’t find him and everyone else is accounted for. So my question is should I do a 50% water change (tap water has 0 ammonia...I checked) and not give the full dose of meds (tank is 38G) or should I wait the 48hrs, double dosing with prime and then do a 75% water change and continue the med schedule? So far I have not seen my female flash again (lights are off) and my honey is resting on his betta leaf. My other fish seem unaffected.
  24. Does anyone else dread the idea of water changes, but once they actually start one it's relaxing and doesn't take nearly as long as you thought it would?
  25. on my 75 gal planted tank my bio load is small 4 angels and 6 baby rams a cpl corys and a cpl more algae eaters dont know ther name and two timy bristle nose plecos. anyway i was always at 0 ppm nitrates so i didnt think i had to do a water change to much i even seen Corys video when he showed the last tour of his shop because he was moving locations and he said the big bins in the middle that he never changed the water. well i ended up with that cyn dont know the real spelling but blue green algae but i watched another of his videos and learned to fix it with erthromyacin . to make a long story short id like to know how i got it. was it fish waist built up? also another question about simple green and iron it has .13 iron and your not supposed to go over 5 does that mean if i dose twice a week id be overloaded with iron? or does the plants eat it up? thankyou everybody.
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