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  1. I have a 300G pond and I was told that if you are changing water directly into a pond or aquarium that you should treat the whole tank or pond with the declinator equal to the tank size. Can a partial water change like 20% be done untreated?
  2. I in Santa Barbara County and have a 300G pond outside with sword tails, gold fish and a pleco. Started in May so I haven't had a full Winter yet.
  3. @Zenzo I got the email that we now can get 5% off at Twin Cities Guppies. I was disappointed to find that almost 90% of the fish on his website are "Sold Out" . Maybe you can find out what the story is at Aquashella.
  4. I have had Sword Tails in my outside 35g pond for over 6 mos.. The goldfish haven't bothered them. I am in California and the last 2 weeks temps have been in the 60's in the day and low 50's at night. I have just moved them to my 300g pond and expect that the quantity will be enough to buffer the lower temps. I am also thinking of adding a pleco to the pond. The temps in the plecos current 40 g tank has been lowered to the low 60's with no problems.
  5. I was going to put my Pleco in a 300G pond i have outside. Other residence Are Sword Tails and three gold fish. My only concern is the weather here in the central coast of Calif.. We are entering winter and the night time temps are starting to run in the 40's, a few nights in the 30's maybe 5 day's in a season and daytime 60's to 75. Will the temp. be a big issue?
  6. I am a member but don't see it on member YouTube
  7. missed the talk this morning. where can I go to see a replay?
  8. Love the vote survey. You often wonder what others like..
  9. @Aquarium Co-op I am setting up a pond 125 Gal for 4 goldfish, I also have Neon Swordtails, 4". Can I add them or what would go with the gold?
  10. Not in Aquarium coop or on this forum. where do I go?
  11. Santa Maria, Northern most city in Santa Barbara County. I see fish groups in la and san fran but would love something more local. Most of Corys meetings will probably be on you tube or some other website. I would just hope that he and his group come to California for an event. I raise and sell Pineapple Swordtails and grow Cherry Shrimp
  12. Cory talks about the new club and having speakers. when does this get off this get off the ground. When will the schedule of speakers and appearances get posted. I'd love to attend a meeting in California, San Francisco or Los Angeles. I really love the tours of the new fish barn. GREAT WORK Guys!!
  13. All the best to you in your new home. Thanks for all the great info on You Tube you've given me so many great ideas. Can wait to see the live stream from the new studio.
  14. I have a small wading pool in my back yard in California. I plan to get a larger one but the question is how cold will goldfish live in 48 degree water at night and in the morning?
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