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Found 5 results

  1. In a recent discussion with @Brandy we both noticed that the 'Search' sometimes doesn't return a result. Brandy said: Maybe this there is room for improvement with the 'Search' feature, maybe not, but you never know until you ask. If there are other suggestions for making the forum more useful please reply to this thread with your suggestions.
  2. We have a 5 gallon with green neon tetras and one mystery snail. The current substrate is river rocks, but we are running into a problem with keeping the tank clean. Food and poop falls down between the stones, and when we vac, we have to stir up all the stones to get to the nasty, which really fouls up the water. We would like to replace the substrate, but are not sure what would be good. We want something that would be good for (or at least not detrimental to) our snail, Fred. We want small size particles. We also have a anubias coffefolia, a windelov java fern, and some java moss growing on some chollo wood Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Hello Fish Friends, I’m newer to the hobby and was looking for some suggestions on stocking a future 29 gallon tank. Currently I have a 10 gallon with 10 ember tetras and 5 amano shrimp. I do plan on moving my current fish over to the 29 gallon, along with adding additional fish. I’ve watched so many videos in regards to community tanks and specifically about the fish and shrimp I currently have. I wanted to see if anyone had any feedback on what they found works well for them. I would like to add some guppies, corydoras, and possibly a honey gourami. Does anyone have experience with putting a honey gourami with shrimp. I’ve seen videos that say gouramis will chase your shrimp and other videos that said honey gourami are peaceful, and can be kept with shrimp. I wanted to see if anyone had success with keeping them together. Also would love to hear any suggestions or ideas. I do plan on heavily planting the tank as well. Thank you, Ariel
  4. What kind of lids do you all recommend for a 10 gallon? I'm not really a fan of hoods because they restrict options for lights. So yeah, I would like to hear what lids you all like.
  5. Looking for some suggestions on what I could stock this tank with? I've been leaning towards brackish with a figure 8 puffer and maybe a goby or two, but I'm really liking these plants and I'm not sure if they will survive the acclimation. So I am curious what kind of sorta exotic freshwater hardwater fish y'all have in mind, I have guppies and mollies in other tanks (obviously not "exotic") so I am not looking down the livebearer path. There are some awesome nook and crannies in here for caves, so maybe some Rams or Badis maybe? Thank you for any and all advice or stocking ideas!
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