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Found 3 results

  1. Hey y'all I got these Malaysian trumpets in today put them in a quarantine tank 10 gallon ph7.2 gh 300+ kh 80-100ish A,0 NI,0 NA,20-30 temp 82ish, with the medtrio, (there a ebay from Florida and look like pond raised, so zero trust given) but my question is, do they "require" a substrate because they've pushed up my filter and stuff, and there trying to hide under anything they can and I'm just wondering is it okay to keep them in a bare bottom med tank for the week or should I add some kind of substrate
  2. Hello! Quick backdrop into what got me into the hobby. I spent just over a year in Hawaii some time ago. I fell in love with swimming in the ocean. It was the hands down, my favorite thing to do. I could spend entire days swimming in schools of hundreds of fish. The first time I swam next to a turtle took me away. It was like the greatest gift I had ever been given. I've seen so many beautiful creatures... I was in love! Sadly, it was a love I had to bid farewell to. 😢 Now I'm back home in the dark turbulent north Atlantic. It had become such a significant part of my life that I became withdrawn, just seeing the ocean made me sad. Having grown up in Virginia Beach I never experienced such a thing. I always loved the water but It was never so personal as it was now. After after about a year and a visit to a large Aquarium, It was suggested that I look into the hobby of fish keeping. I guess the thought never occurred to me. Started with a small 10 gallon and I quickly realized this was the best next best thing to swimming with them in the wild. It's not the same, and I never expected it to be, but it has become the thing I am most proud of. I love my aquariums. I have become so invested in their livelihood. I'm so very new to this world but i've meet so many passionate people, who love their aquatic companions. Anyway, enough rambling. 🙂 Before you wonder, I have only freshwater aquariums. I've only been in this hobby since Jan 4th of last year. I haven't been ready to tackle salt water yet. Thinking of starting with a small reef and a pair of clowns at some point this year, maybe. So the 10 has come and gone and is ultimately a hospital tank/growth chamber for plants. I only have a 20 and a 40 currently. After I move I'm looking into getting a large aquarium and better designing my aquascapes. I've made a fair few mistakes over the year and I've learned so much. Never realized how intricate the world inside an aquarium really is. Every single cause and effect. My tanks are far from perfect, and I acknowledge that. I look forward to righting the wrongs and bettering everything for them. The 40 has been the my primary teacher. It's a bit of a jungle right now 😄 Started out with a single log and some plants. 10 months later it's chaos. I have to tear it all down before it even hits a year old. Moving very soon. At some point I was watching a youtuber who was growing fruits and veggies out of their aquarium I wasn't trying to do anything that crazy but I looked up what can grow out of an aquarium and came across Pothos. Now, It wasn't originally my intention to have it vine up the wall but Pothos isn't exaclty a slow grower and It needed a lot more space that I was willing to give it above the aquarium. The fish and shrimps all love the roots. It also keeps everything completely in check. Pothos is a monster water cleaner. I wouldn't be surprised if it's stunting the growth of the other plants too. The roots are all the way into the substrate. I haven't entirely decided how I want to make this work when I get a larger aquarium. I would like to make a mound and have the roots partially exposed before rooting in, a few inches below the surface of the water. That being said, I also know the fish feel safest inside those roots.🤷‍♂️ The 20 Is only a few months old. I wanted to experiment with sand. hindsight, white sand was not the move. 😐 Looks great, until someone poops 5 seconds after you just finished siphoning 😮. I have been playing around with ideas for a future large tank and recently discovered African Mopani wood. I love the rugged shapes, grooves and holes in every piece, so unique and cool looking!But yea.. You could say this was my unintended COVID hobby. Looking forward to future adventures. Bigger and better! Thanks for reading my blurb! -Kyle
  3. So, had another heater fail and decided to get an ink bird to hedge my bets. Instructions, well not the best for a gadget that is not very intuitive. (IMO). Got it figured out, but wondering if my setup is even close. for me I set the temperature on the heater a couple degrees higher than the ink bird. Set the temp to 80. With a differential of 3 degrees.
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