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  1. Everyday fishkeeping added a deer femur to his. No adverse effects
  2. I think you missed the point. It’s for the people that didn’t win that need proof that they did so they don’t get in trouble. Like buying an expensive toy that appears with a “congratulations on winning the blah blah contest” so you aren’t in the doghouse.. again 🤣
  3. No, it’s not a bad idea to include a certificate with congratulations on it with your order in case someone needs to explain to their significant other how this package appeared when they were told not to get any more stuff. I know a few places that provide a custom certificate of congratulations on the win for 3 to 5 dollars
  4. What you need is a dishwasher aerator adapter. It has dual thread inside and out for the aerator, and it has hose thread on the outside
  5. Sometimes sacrificing just has to happen when freezer space is a premium. At least the eggs are 🥶. I might be too when she finds her ice cream gone.. 😆
  6. I guess I don’t see why people want to get rid of duck weed. When I was at the pet store they actually had some duck weed floating in with some of their plants and I asked them to scoop it up and throw it in with mine, because I can’t find any anywhere, and I didn’t want to go through some farmers ponds just to get it. Besides it growing rampant, what’s the harm?
  7. Miracle super cure. My betta got some kind of infection or parasite that is causing popeye/dropsy and despite using the med trio 3-4 weeks ago, he started showing signs of bulging eyes last week on Tuesday. I changed his water again and used maracyn as Wednesday one eye was almost pushed out of his head and the other was bulging out. Added ich-x to the water too, and had to leave for two days for an out of state funeral. When I came back, he was clearly blind, and he hadn’t been eating. I know he had eaten Sunday, but not since. As of now, it has been 9 days without food, and 7 days afflicted. 3 water changes (90%) and maracyn as well as salt haven’t helped. I was hoping salt would help bring down the osmotic pressure and swelling, and it might have, but he is still blind. I love Gil, but I don’t think he will last much longer. If his site would come back and he could eat, he has a chance. He’s so thin right now and his poor fins are getting torn up from running into the side of the container. I know he’s scared and it breaks my heart😭
  8. Any further updates? edit- what the heck? It wasn’t showing me past January 9 or something.. disregard
  9. I can tell you for certain that your sewer is not metered. Sewer charges are based off of water consumption. In some circumstances, I had customers that had been charged sewer fees for years, but actually had septic tanks and weren’t actually connected to the sewer in the municipality; they were able to contact the water department and have the levied fees removed from that address from that point on, though they didn’t get refunded for years of overpayment (22 years in one instance) I was a plumber for 7 years, but no longer ☹️
  10. This is not my picture, but from a local group. I was hoping that someone could help identify this.
  11. Yeah, this week would have been the second week for parasites if I had done another round, but it was the week after the ich-x, para cleanse, and maracyn2 that she started going downhill.
  12. Yes, all the plants are real, and the filter is from the original tank. I moved it into my guppy tank while I worked so that it wouldn’t dry out. I also added some FRITZzyme to my tanks this morning just to boost the bacterial counts. I will check the water again later tonight as I am leaving for a funeral tomorrow morning. before I changed the tank, nitrates were extremely low, nitrate was zero, and the rest of the strip looked the same. She hasn’t had much in the way of energy in the four days or so before I remodeled the tank. I was afraid it was something environmental.
  13. I have a bunch of females that I thought should have been dropping fry, but nothing as well. It’s frustrating
  14. It’s a fairly new tank, and I just rescaped it two days ago. This particular betta hasn’t been as active, and hasn’t been putting on weight like the other bought at the same time of the same size. I will grab pictures of the other two. The black betta was the same size at the time of purchase
  15. Barry White and bloodworms? Could be a YouTube channel name soon 😆
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