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About Me

  1. This is my first attempt at a SW tank. I am adding all sorts of life forms from Puget Sound, Washington State. The humble beginnings: Currently aiming for a stable 55F environment and waiting for the dust to settle. Had a molting from one of the amphipods. Well, I thought mystery snails were the only ones with more of a penchant for relocation, until I just saw the clam decided to try a new spot in the tank (and out of view, of course). I know he is there because I can see him from the top, but the little stinker has made it impossible for me to get a side view. I guess they all want to redecorate at some point. The snails and amphipods have pretty much decimated the green tuft seaweed. Littorina scutulata and several amphipods and copepods. Algae: Sarcodiotheca gaudichaudii, Cladophora columbiana, Prionitis lanceolata, Fucus gardneri, Alaria marginata. The tank today: I am also documenting this in YT so I can remember what things looked like once a transition has taken place. Please bear in mind that I do have a goofy sense of humour, so some of the videos are kind of wacky.
  2. Hi everyone. I'm very frustrated and need some advice. I have a 55 gallon tank. It's been up for 3 months now. My dip stick tells me no chlorine, no nitrates, no nitrites, 6.5 Ph, acidic water, but I still can't seem to get my ammonia levels to zero. I have been doing 50-80% water changes for a week now. The gravel is spotless and I condition the water coming out of the tap. I really want fish! I have some plants that seem okay, but the few times I've put fish in there, they don't last. I'm a fish killer, and I feel so bad about it. What could possibly be so wrong with my tank? I'm really wasting a lot of conditioner in this battle for good parameters. Any help would be very appreciated. Also, love your videos. You are very helpful and mellow. Keep it up. Thanks, Sweet Sharon
  3. I have two angels that were moved into the community tank almost a year ago. I'm guessing that they are about two years old. Aggression from the larger of the two pretty much ceased when they got to their new home. Last night, the smaller angel was for lack of a better description twitchy, whenever another fish was nearby. The tank has a large resin tree stump with exposed roots in the center. Tonight both of the angels seem to have taken the underside of the stump as their own, challenging all comers. They are not the biggest fish in the community. This behavior stops at feeding time. Am I seeing: the beginning of breeding behavior, has it already happened, or is something else happening.
  4. I’ve got two Threadfin Acaras (Geophagus heckelii) that were amazing g buddies… until they weren’t. Basically, when they grow old enough to spawn, they go into high gear every once in awhile and start digging a hole to China through the substrate. Plants come up… everything gets shoveled around. One began abusing the other, so I separated them. I’ve got in mind selling them both. But I’d like to learn more. Anyone have experience breeding these? Raising them? Heres a video where I ask some questions and show what’s going on more…
  5. I am thinking about getting a shell dweller tank and was wondering if there should be any fish I should stay away from? I know gold ocellatus are pretty aggressive. I like the similis and black ocellatus so if that gives you guys any direction.
  6. i started coding in python 2 days ago and my brother helped me make something to track water parameters action = input("what do you want to do A.write test, B.read test") if action == ("A"): ph = str(input("whats the ph")) gh = str(input("whats the gh")) kh = str(input("whats the kh")) nitrates = str(input("whats the nitrate")) tests = ("\n\nnitrates: %s general Hardness: %s karbonate hardness: %s nitrate: %s "% (ph,gh,kh,nitrates)) optional_tests = input("do you want to log NH3, NO2, PO4, misc") if optional_tests == ("Y"): phosphate = str(input("whats the phosphate")) ammonia = str(input("whats the ammonia")) nitrite = str(input("whats the nitrite")) chlorine = str(input("whats the the chlorine")) copper = str(input("whats the copper")) optional_test = ("\n\nphosphate: %s ammonia: %s nitrite: %s chlorine: %s copper: %s"% (phosphate,ammonia,nitrite,chlorine,copper)) optional_test_file = open("optional_test.txt", "a") optional_test_file.write(str(optional_test)) optional_test_file.close testfile = open("water parameter tracker.txt", "a") testfile.write(str(tests)) testfile.close download the latest version of python https://www.python.org/downloads/ you make a 2 text files called "water parameter tracker.txt" and ""optional_test.txt" make sure they are in the same directory as the program what have you made/working on?
  7. It’s almost been about 5 1/2 months since I have set my nano tank up and it’s been amazing. Although I’ve never really understood the calculating and all the scientific things that go on into a tank, I finally got a tds meter and shrimp minerals from saltyshrimp to start somewhere lol. I got the meter and shrimp minerals a few hours ago and I was shocked. I surely figured my tds was going to be over 300 since I’ve never tested it but check it out!😁 I haven’t even added the minerals nor do I use RO or distilled water. I do one water change a month of about 15% water. I don’t vacuum the substrate since shrimp are grazers and will eat just about anything. I add aquasafe to my tap water and stir the water for a few minutes and then let it sit for some hours. (Always test your water too) I dose my plants with 1 pump of Easy Green on one day of each week. Sometimes I may do 1 1/2 pumps depending on if I’ve trimmed plants. keep in mind, your tank could be different than mine so everything could be different. TDS / 173 Temp / 68-75
  8. Hi Fish Friends, I heard that you can feed Mosquito larva to your fish. Does anything have to be done to the larva to make them 'clean' before putting them in a tank or can I drain off rain water and put them in? Also, what live food would you all recommend growing in 'harvest tanks'. I currently do ramshorn snails in a 5gl for my pea puffers and got some great advice here for starting Brine Shrimp 🐡 Thanks everyone!
  9. Hi so I have had my tank setup for 4 days now I used the fritz turbo start and fishless fuel to help boost the cycle and here on day 4 i am seeing a bit of nitrites, my ammonia levels are going down, and i have been seeing a bit of nitrate surprisingly. I have a 5 gallon with a hygger heater my tank fluctuates between 78-80 degrees and I have an aquariumcoop nano sponge filter with eco complete as my substrate I have a nice handful of species of plants; crypts, anubias, bacopa, java fern but recently my ph levels have been rising I started off with 7.4 on the high range of the api water test kit and within 2 days it has gone up to 7.8 I have 0 livestock in my tank but I plan on stocking my tank with a betta and 2 or 3 amano shrimp is there anything i should be concerned about adjusting? thankyou!
  10. Okay this is like my 8 or 9th Time trying to hatch these, I have about five pairs and it's either the eggs drop off the walls and into the tank or they do this or nothing at all, am I missing something here because I've tried multiple different tanks, multiple setups and for some reason I just can't do it
  11. I am sure everyone remembers or has watched videos where Cory and the gang visit Ocean Aquarium in the Bay area. In the first video, they looked at the way the owner of the shop was using a little CO2 gun or something to fill bottles that floated and let the CO2 slowly absorb into the water. I want to try something like that, but can't even think of where to start trying to replicate that. Any ideas are welcome, and I am almost hoping someone else is already doing something similar.
  12. Hello! I am planning to start doing more high tech aquarium setups. Learning about Co2 I came accross a video that did a DIY version. They did this by mixing 3.5 g of dried yeast, 200 mg of sugar, and water in a empty plastic water bottle. They then took airline and supergued it to a hole on the cap along with a diffuser. Would this work? If so, are there certain plants that this wouldn't work for? I attached a link to the video. The particular section I'm asking about starts at 4:56. Thanks!
  13. I have a used 36 gallon bowfront aquarium that has peeling seals along the bottom edges of the tank. It is not leaking now, but the silicone is beat up bad. Should I go about resealing the inside seals, resealing inside and structural, or leave it alone? This would be my first time doing this and would gladly accept any advice or tips.
  14. Hey guys! Crazy idea, but do you think adding carbonated water (like club soda) to a fish tank would have the same effect as diffusing co2? I feel like it could work unless there’s something toxic in it I haven’t considered. Thoughts?
  15. Hi everyone. I've got a preformed 1000lt pond that is being built into a raised bed. It's fine to have it fully above ground, but i wanted to know if it would be a good idea to put something under it, like some kind of insulation or cushioning? Also should there be insulation put around the sides of the pond as well? Thank you.
  16. Imagine having underwater glue like this available for your aquarium. Real life Flex Tape.
  17. Hello All, I was wondering how to breed CPDs I have very soft water and I want to try to spawn them but I don't know what I need or how to do it. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  18. Greetings fellow fish folks! I'm ready to take the plunge and start using CO2 in my 55g planted aquarium. Would anyone be able to assist me by providing a list (or point me to a list online) of all the necessary equipment that I will need to start off? I'd like to have all I'll need right there at hand rather than find out halfway through that I'm missing something I need. My sincere thanks in advance! Collette
  19. so I play uh . . . a lot of games and some games have amazing music. what are your favorite songs(with or without words. please no songs with bad themes or language) some of my favorites are . paulas theme earthbound(no words) . twoson town also earthbound(no words) . waterfall undertale(no words) . actually all of undertales soundtrack(no words) . rude buster deltarune(no words) . VS. Susie deltarune(no words) . some of minecrafts music(no words) I feel like game music is underrated.
  20. Hello everyone, I just started keeping real plants in my aquarium, and therefore now have a much nicer light to help them grow. I have a TopFin 29 gallon aquarium that came as part of a tank kit from PetSmart. Unfortunately, the 30” glass lids I’ve tried have all been too long and hang off the side. I would greatly appreciate any knowledge from someone who has dealt with a similar issue. It would be great if a proper-fitting lid existed somewhere out there. Otherwise, I may order a custom pane of glass. Thanks for any help! I greatly appreciate it. Erik
  21. Empire Gudgeon Goby, Well some how they spawn in my 120 tank with high flow. They laid the eggs on the intake tube for the FX6. 1.Do I have a chance of having these eggs and fry surviving? 2.How long before they hatch? The water is not brackish or salt water. Typical fresh water 77F Degrees. 3.Male is protecting the eggs. 4. Should I move the plastic pipe with the eggs on it into a plastic Container with tank water and an air stone? 5. Are Daphina, too big for the fry to eat? 6. Should I try to use green rain water to feed fry? The green-water has been siting for awhile . Its not stinky or bad just aged with mosquito larvae 7. Help!!!!! anyone Cheers, YodaKraken#1
  22. There is a great amount of debate in the fish-keeping world about the ethics of genetic engineering, and GloFish are usually at the center of this. I recently watched a pretty good video on not only the ethical questions involved, but also the surprising history of how and why they came to be. Here’s a link to the video, definitely worth a watch…
  23. Whether at home with me in the fishroom, or out enjoying nature, this kid is surrounded by fish! 😂 Just shattered his elbow ... being a boy ... but such is life! Pins out at the end of the month. Bluegills and sunnies every cast! Interesting colors
  24. I’ve been working on a green water setup for some scuds and daphnia that I got as a throw in with a shrimp order. It’s in my garage. It has a strong “earthy” smell kind of really smells like the bag of spirulina I’ve been using to feed it. Like potency is 10 x the bag. Anyway my wife whose so far been very supportive has decided that smells is not ok. My question is whether this is just a phase, maybe I have something in there that’s causing the odor besides the spirulina or if this just has an odor and I’m going to have to abandon this in favor of something live food wise that does not have an odor - been thinking I could turn this into a black worm tank or brine shrimp.
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