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Found 5 results

  1. For fun, because I am genuinely curious and maybe to inspire @Cory, what's your dream aquarium product that doesn’t exist? One that just occurred to me is a quick test strip for Ammonia. The one thing I do worry most about is an Ammonia spike due to an irregularity (dead fish etc) that I might not notice right away. My issue is my aquariums have to be negligent resistant because I have three young kids and pre-virus traveled for work a lot. So regular water changes can be spotty. I've tried those in tank circle ones but they always expire before doing anything (which is good I guess) and I am never going back to test tube drop testing. I burnt out on that years ago. Let's hear about your non-existent dream product! (desktop aquarium added for post thumbnail)
  2. I find that on hobbyist forums, often interests are similar outside of the hobby. This thread is for items you've bought that exceed expectations or fully satisfy what you were looking for. This isn't just tech stuff, could be fast food, gardening equipment, anything really. My first would be the google mesh network pods. These were a game changer to me over 2 years ago when I installed them. Even just 1 pod outperformed the $700 router I was using in my studio. Now I have them in my studio, my house, the retail store and my warehouse and only have happy things to say about them. I ordered some of the new pods to test them out but so far only recommend the older generation. https://smile.amazon.com/Google-WiFi-system-3-Pack-replacement/dp/B01MAW2294/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=google+pod&qid=1599499889&sr=8-4
  3. For various reasons, I keep a lot of boxes from products that I bought, especially aquarium, technology, and media gear. I'm somewhat minimal, but my closet is 1/4 empty boxes. I also have boxes of used gear that I have held onto. I need to thin things out. What strategies do you use to decide what to keep?
  4. Assuming the connection is worth using, I could really use the ability to try out that connection for two boxes on a side project this winter. Is that something that will be available through the coop in the future ?
  5. Are there any products you wish were available in your country that you wish you could get your hands on? This is one of mine. JBL makes a quick connect coupling for cannister filter hoses. It's not available in the United States. It gets tiring to drain hoses every time you need to service a cannister filter.
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