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Found 4 results

  1. For fun, because I am genuinely curious and maybe to inspire @Cory, what's your dream aquarium product that doesn’t exist? One that just occurred to me is a quick test strip for Ammonia. The one thing I do worry most about is an Ammonia spike due to an irregularity (dead fish etc) that I might not notice right away. My issue is my aquariums have to be negligent resistant because I have three young kids and pre-virus traveled for work a lot. So regular water changes can be spotty. I've tried those in tank circle ones but they always expire before doing anything (which is good I guess) and I am never going back to test tube drop testing. I burnt out on that years ago. Let's hear about your non-existent dream product! (desktop aquarium added for post thumbnail)
  2. I sometimes fall asleep while watching FishTube. Did I dream this, or will there be small nets suitable for shrimp for sale soon?
  3. Last night I had a dream that I had a ton of fry tanks to feed and only a tiny bit of brine shrimp. When I told my husband this morning he laughed and said “I bet you’re the only person in the world that has had that dream!” He was teasing of course (kind of). 😉 But I’m sure I’m not alone here! What are your fish nightmares?
  4. Lol I think the hobby is taking a toll on me! Today I dreamed that I was at Wal-Mart, they suddendly had brought back the fish section, but this time it was incredibly huge, like an entire wall of the building dedicated to fish. They had a massive section of tanks with tons of fish to choose from, it was what it looked to be 20 gal long tanks, stacked up to 5 time. Also had tons of supplies like aquariums, pumps, food, etc. Even Xtreme was there haha, I remember walking around and finding it and I was like SWEET I won't need to wait for it to arrive in the mail haha. Anyways I went to get some fish for as soon as I started looking at them the lights on the aquariums turned off. The clerk, which was an elderly lady told me she was going to clean, feed the fish and siphon the substrate (Thinking about it, I have no idea how a single, old lady in her 70's would clean like probably 200+ 20 gal tanks on her own haha, but that's dreaming for you). I was like ahhh damn ok, I traveled all the way from Mexico to see the fish, bummer. The lady figured I was from Mexico and let me pick some fish before she started cleaning, so I wouldn't waste gas and time haha. I was happy. Picked up what appeared to be very tiny, dwarf-like, white blood parrots, kinda like the size of white skirt tetras, also a single fish of what appeared to be a weird strain of harlequin rasbora, it had green and yellow, and it glowed, but just bought one because they were extremely pricey, seemed like it was the new fish everybody was talking about. Also a new kind of rainbowfish that was the shape of a crescent moon, and was blue all around like the blue you see on a neon tetra. The fish were spectacular lol. I picked up my fish and then went to the toy section to get something for my little niece, and I noticed they had placed the betta cups in the kid's toy section! Talk about outrageous lol, strategically placed them there so kids would see them and want one. I think I was so angry it woke me up lol. So that's my weird fish dream.
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