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Found 21 results

  1. So I recently acquired a mix of floaters in an auction (frogbit, salvinia minima, red rootfloaters) and snuck in the bag was duckweed and now it's over taken my tank my question is how much of a nightmare is it to get all the duckweed out? I want to keep the other floaters. Or would it be easier to just take everything out?
  2. Duckweed found its way into one of my tanks and into one container therefore I believe that it is only matter of time before it will move into my main tanks. So the question is how beneficial is it, Is it worth having? Pros/Cons? Thanks
  3. Ive been seeing this trend a lot more lately and I sort of got the hype but not entirely. So I tried it myself to get a first person perspective and honestly its a lot more fun in-person. Usually my tank's surface is all wavy from surface agitation for oxygen or is covered by duck weed. With the portal, I can stick in my fingers and have guppies nibble on them while seeing it crystal clear. 10/10 would recommend those of you who like seeing your fish from the surface and have a duckweed overload. What do y'all think of it?
  4. The bees get thirsty this time of year, and the floating mat of duckweed keeps the girls from drowning.
  5. Duckweed really does spread - into the dogs' water somehow! My tanks have lids... 😂
  6. Hey there everyone, I don't know if someone had someone had already asked this question before, but does anyone know of any uses for duckweed besides throwing it away? I accidentally got some in my tank and it is blocking out a lot of light for my other plants, as well as making it hard for my albino cories to make their way up to the surface for a breath of air.
  7. Someone locally is selling Salvinia Minima floating plants. Do any of you have experience with this plant?
  8. Hello everyone, thanks for reading this post. I have two fantails and one ranchu goldfish (all about 3”) in an outdoor pond. I have a heater in the pond so water temps are consistent around 73 degrees. I feed solient green, hikari sinking excel, hikari goldfish excel, and goldfish bug bites. I also feed frozen spirulina brine shrimp. I want to encorporate more vegetables but so far haven’t had success in getting them to eat blanched lettuce. I recently added duckweed hoping that the goldfish would eat that, but so far it looks as though they haven’t ate any after the duckweed was added about 5 days ago. I usually feed once or twice a day in small amounts but since I’ve added the duckweed I am feeding every other day. I don’t think temperature is an issue since I have the heater and the fish eat greedily when I use other foods. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get these young goldfish to eat the duckweed and/or blanched vegetables? Is it just a matter of not feeding them until they eat it or do some goldfish just not eat duckweed? I don’t think the size of the duckweed is an issue because the pellets I feed are similar in size, if not bigger. Also, could it be that I need to feed some floating foods to train the goldfish to look more on the surface for food? Reading all about bloat and goldfish, I have been reluctant to use floating foods although I know Corey has no issue with it. Thanks for any suggestions!
  9. I have a love/hate relationship witth duckweed...I want it in some tanks but it gets everywhere, and is sometimes fairly impossible to eradicate without resorting to a near scorched earth policy. I envied Cory his goldfish solution, but my tanks are too small. A few months ago I bought 3 mystery snails. I had heard they were not as great at eating algae, and I have tons of other kinds of snails, so I thought why bother paying for them? But then I saw @Kirsten's magenta snails, and I needed them. They were small when I got them, but they grew really fast. I was worried my tank didn't have enough algae, as it has nerites, pest snails, and otocinclus. But boy, did they grow... And then I realized suddenly my duckweed kept disappearing...weird. I thought it couldn't be...I put a cup full of duckweed in from another tank in order to get this pic. The snails made a beeline to the surface as soon as the duckweed hit the water. Who knew?!
  10. I keep giving a friend duckweed and he say is keeps disappearing. The usual supects(koi,goldfish) are not present in his tank.There are some giant daneos,electric blue rams,ember tetras,otociclus,some dwarf gurammis, a few small cat and maybe a few more that I can't remember. What other fish are known to eat duckweed. I've done a ton of research and am coming up empty handed.
  11. We clear out duckweed each week from tanks. It’s great stuff... just covers so tightly, bio film builds up. We have fed it to goldfish in times past. Had an idea to try it out on African Cichlids (mbunas). Anyone on the forum ever tried this? Short video...
  12. This one floating leaf with one root showed up in my tank....what is it???
  13. I love duckweed, all my tanks that have it seem to be super stable. I've found that a nice roof of duckweed lets me have lights for very, very long periods of time, and in full power, without developing algae at all. They do seem to keep nitrates down as well. Not to mention some fish love to be under the shade of it, like my paradise gourami, and my severums like to munch on them lol! But, I'm wondering, is it bad to have a full cover of duckweed? Will that negagtively impact gas exchange or other parameters?, my 20gal tank is by far my most stable tank of them all, is overstocked with mollies, 6 rasboras, a baby featherfin catfish, tons of snails and 4 ember tetras, yet nitrates are always low, and have near zero algae, which I attribute to the thick duckweed roof. Thanks!
  14. ... that duckweed smells like cilantro? Either that, or maybe I have some serious allergy/sinus issues going on. 😆😆😆
  15. Anyone have good ideas how I can segregate the tidal 55 in my tank so the surface plants don’t clog the skimmer but it can still intake water? Need a partition or something?
  16. Hi everyone! What would be the common reasons for the yellowing of my Salvinia? It's worrying me since they're supposed to be really resilient. I've added them about a month ago.
  17. The air coming up one sponge filter lift tube could not even clear the surface due to the duckweed. I have no doubt it was effecting the oxygen level in the tank. The fish were all hovering around the one filter that had a bit of space still left around it at the surface. I had no idea until I removed the lid from the back of the tank. The moral of this story: A little duckweed goes a long way. Slow and steady wins the race to cover the water surface. A duckweed in the hand is worth a million in the tank. Necessity is the mother of a hair pick for tank upkeep. Duckweed goes before destruction. Duckweed of a feather flock together. Every man (or woman) should be content to mind his own duckweed. Don't count your duckweed until it's... Well, good gracious! Don't try to count it at all. Just keep it under control! 😆😆😆
  18. Super-glued duckweed.🙄😁😆
  19. What’s the easier way to remove duck weed without taking fry or shrimp or snails with it ? I’ve used a fork but seems too take forever and bring snails with it
  20. I have been keeping a clear bucket for the Duckweed I pull from two shrimp tanks, so I can check for fry and pull snail snacks for loaches. About every month I bring the Duckweed to my LFS for their Koi. If I am already keeping a bucket going, why not get a small tank where I can host my own Duckweed-eaters and save the drive? What are your suggestions for fun fish for a 15-20 gallon tank for this purpose? Thanks!
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