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Found 5 results

  1. After doing some maintenance on my tank, I noticed a small caterpillar type thing. It was flowing with the current and doesn't seem to be alive. This is the first time seeing one after having fish for two weeks. Does anyone know if it's something to be concerned about?
  2. My false julii corys have lost their barbels and show signs of skin damage after being in a tank with what I thought was smooth enough small gravel. They are now in a hospital tank with sand. (Other then the obvious trauma, they seem fine. Active, and eating when presented with wafers or zucchini) I want to change my main tank aquascape to be sand on one half of the tank, and the other half to remain gravel to give them a better substrate (once they show signs of healing which I understand can take a while) 29 gallon tank. Planted, but no CO2. Other tankmates are 7 black skirt tetras, 8 leopard danios, one bn pleco, and two nerites. My question is.. is it more stressful to net and move the tankmates to work on the tank, and then move then back? Or is it more stressful to them to work on the tank with them in it? I would think the work would take several hours. Thanks in advance
  3. Been using my python to do water changes into my sink, problem is I pay for water and sewer. So if I can use a siphon into a bucket then send water out a window to yard I would save money. Only paying to fill not paying for water to start python or the sewer bill for draining. From the floor (bottom of bucket) it would be about a 4’ lift to get it out the window. Would the Aquarium Co-Op Power Head be capable of this? If not any recommendations on one that will work? I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now and $20 seems like a fair price.
  4. So idk much about lighting, but I got my 55gl running 2 25$ shop lights, (50w 6k lumen, color 5k, each) water Is 79°, A 0, ni 0, na 0, gh 300+ kh 40-0 pH 7.8-8.2, I'm having the issue of the water being to clean, like no amount I feed will shift the water and my plants (water lettuce and duckweed) are going the cycle of massive growth in couple days then massive die off just as fast, blasting my water to, A 1, ni 4, na 0, then swinging it back to 0,0,0 in a 6-8 day cycle, is there any way to stabilize this cycle, cuz I'm feeding 4 tbl spoons of repashy community Plus twice daily and it's just barley keeping it stable but it keeps going out of whack, anyone know what to do or any ideas, no easy green but I am using easy carbon 6 pump per day
  5. All right so here is a silly thing to whine about but it’s really frustrated me for a long while. To actually try to get in the fluval spec V to do plant trimming I have to take the lid and light off (it’s a planted plus HLC)...then it’s dark in there...even with the overhead on. If I leave the light scooted over to the side, I’m paranoid it’ll fall in or fall out. I tried a headlamp but I’m worried that freaks my fish out. Geez, Idk what I want from you really? I don’t know. Anyone have any words of wisdom? Do you use a headlamp? Just ignore me. Haha I’d like a really step by step procedure video of someone trimming their plants. Ya got that somewhere in your saved videos?
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