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  1. The new generation of Orange Sakura shrimps (bought as, at least, I wouldn't know) shows some variation. A few has this bright band on their back, one in particular, shown here.
  2. Maybe you can cut a little wood with the Anubias? I'd hesitate to take too big risks, they do grow rather slowly and larger specimens are so expensive ☺️ Moss on the other hand, just pull some out I reckon!
  3. Here is my Hygrophila pinnatifida, and also above it another, less showy (but more coloured), Hygrophila. I don't recall the actual species. Edit: it's H. araguaia.
  4. Yeah, it often doesn't show up in lists of epiphytes! I also find the "golden" Anubias varieties very pleasing. I have the golden nana. The golden coin is possibly even prettier. I like the ordinary coloured Anubias too.
  5. Hygrophila pinnatifida should also be mentioned, I think.
  6. Technically TDS is usually too involved to meassure (evaporating water and weighing the small residue) so conductivity is measured instead. TDS can then be estimated by applying a guessed conversion factor.
  7. In my mind, 5.5 gallon is perfectly safe. The solid wood will distribute the weight nicely and wont mush up from spill. The front-center position would be the weakest, and that's where you'd never want it anyway. For extra credit, I live close to Arkelstorp! Similar desks may have a less tough surface, or be a bit unstable side-to-side.
  8. The hitchhiker shrimp is doing very well, so I put another young shrimp in the small tank, and it seems to be happy too. I have planaria worms in the big tank, they seem to be gone in the 15-gallon. I believe I saw two of them penis-fencing today.
  9. Animals seem to have little (no) ability to imagine or reminisce, that is, "mental time travel". As far as we know, they won't regret nor hope. (Many may recall or anticipate.) Therefore, many aspects of emotion that we are familiar with are simply unavailable. We dwell an awful lot in the past and in the future! While it is probably impossible to know (or even describe?) how animals feel, I am convinced that there are certain limitations to the range and depths that are reasonable to assume. One way to talk about this is to distinguish between affect and feeling / emotion. I think that will make things a bit clearer. Affect being a hard-wired "biological" mechanism.
  10. Yeah, various elements and compounds + light is "food" for plants. Tap water, substrate and hardscape also contribute. Newly planted plants may not be super "hungry". 🙂
  11. Magnesium is the other vital mineral. Chances are you don't need to add anything, your water (and food) may be providing it.
  12. The low KH means there is no buffering capacity; the pH may plummet and crash in short time for little reason. A decent KH (4?) will push back and hold the line to mitigate fast swings by neutralizing acids. I have not had to deal with this myself. You'll probably have to consider KH in conjugation conjunction with pH.
  13. Good. I only learned of it recently myself. I think the parasites, a few mites (?) if that is what it is, wouldn't manage to do so much damage. But unfortunately I have no better idea. Maybe it is the after effects of the low GH as suggested. I hope things get better!
  14. Magnesium is as important, but Seachem Equilibrium has got some, as has cuttlebone. Are there many males? I hear that this may stress them out, leading to failed molts.
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