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  1. The herky-jerky wiggling action is one of the things that really activates the feeding instinct. If Bolivian fry are close to as small as GBR then I think it'll probably be critical. It is actually really easy to raise up the baby brine and takes maybe 15 minutes twice a day. You don't have to buy all the expense equipment either.
  2. I think Bolivians are highly under rated. They are more hardy than GBRs and while they don't have as much surface area covered in color they are very colorful. Plus they have all the fun Cichlid behavior with few of the down sides.
  3. Yes they are more closely related to the German Blue Rams. There are videos of watched on Bolivians that use the same setup as the GBRs. I love Bolivians myself and hope to start breeding some as soon as I get my fishroom setup.
  4. I saw this. I can understand spending that kind of money on Koi but if you're going to why would you buy them from Petsmart?! Worse why would Petsmart let him spend that kind of money with them when they know it'll be a disaster? Maybe he has a case.
  5. Fishroom design Part 3, Shelf Design: Due to my room constraints I have to go with a custom wood shelf system. I got started on the cut list Sunday and hope to begin assembly over the Thanksgiving weekend. Please excuse the cartoonish speed square, I can't find my good one.
  6. Picked up my new fish rack and plumbing today. Some assembly required.
  7. I love how this tread is not only so great for collaborating and brain-storming ideas but also to help folks connect to existing products too.
  8. That's a really good one. I wonder if it could work in a similar way to test trips combined with some pregnancy tests. In other words could the colors reveal a number or hash marks in addition to the color only.
  9. Fishroom design Part 2, Water conditioning and fill system: Here is a rough Photoshop layout of the water conditioning and fill system I have designed using photos of the actual parts. Please note none of this is in scale relative to each part. The plumbing is so crazy in this room that I am just going to take the hot and cold as a split from the outlets for the washing machine. I can always tap into the copper later if I want to. this is what is outlined in elevation 1 of may drawings but slightly revised for the space available. The system is 3/4" PVC to 1/4" RO hose. The sequence is: 1 - Hot/cold to thermostatic mixing valve 2 - sediment/carbon filter 3 - water pressure and temp gauges 4 - fill manifold with pressure reducers to 1/4" hose; drain to sink; outlet for hose
  10. Fishroom design Part 1, layout and elevations: I've finished the design drafting for the fishroom and I am starting to order supplies. Here is part 1 with the floor plan and elevations of each wall. Keep in mind this is also our basement laundry room in a 100 year old NYC townhouse so not a lot of space. I am trying to super optimize one rack with a fill system, drain system and air system. The good news is on the opposite side of the wall with the rack I may be able to build a second rack eventually or perhaps have one 150g+ aquarium. I've got one shot to get this right so I am always open to constructive criticism and suggestions!
  11. I finished drywall, caulking, painting the walls, painting the ceiling, painting the floor and adding a vinyl baseboard. The walls/ceiling are a semi-gloss anti-mildew paint and the concrete floor is an epoxy paint. I am going to put a seal on the floor too as it is still easy to scratch as it is so rough and uneven.
  12. Salt water coral guys use that lighting plastic egg crate you see in florescent fixtures to do something similar.
  13. How big is your house?! Don't you have 20 different tank sizes?
  14. Watch lots of youtube videos about other people's fish rooms. The early Aquarium Coop videos by Cory of his first fish room build are gold for first time fish room builders. Dean's Fishroom, which you can mostly see on Aquarium Coop but other channels as well, is the gold standard. Other's I like include Steve Poland, TM Aquatics and Jarden Aquatics just to name a few. Once you start developing your plans post them here for feedback. That's what I am doing for my own build.
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