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  1. I have raised 6-7 spawns to sexable sizes (3 different kinds of apistos) in 10 gallon tanks. I am sure to remove the parents after the fry are little more than free swimming. its my theory that you can go about growing fry 2 different ways. A. lots of space so no one bothers each other and they have room for territory. or in a normal tank so no-one can establish territory and they are basically in each others space but no body has space so they are in co-existence with out killing each other. they might show here or there or even a quick nip but seem to be put back in place immediately. I have a water change system that changes 50% of their water every other day.
  2. Hello there I have a couple groups of L#'s. I have a group of L046 growing out in a 10 gallon. I have a group of L134's in a 40 breeder. I have a group of L236 RB in a 29. To be completely honest a 15 in my opinion is a bit small for 6 of any Lnumber pleco. They do get quite territorial I'm having issusse with my L046's and they are a bit bigger then 2 inches. i would try and get a tank with a bit more tank floor space. if you can get a sexed pair or a throuple you might be okay in your 15 gallon tank! Goood Luck just make sure you have space for more when the L Fever hits you haha. Im FishyMike on youtube
  3. Thank you for your data!! it is greatly appreciated! I happen to come accross a video on yourtube from Jack Watttley discus and Gabe said he would use the Waste water for his grow out tanks and he would use the RO for Breeding Tanks. i might have toi hook it up and see what kinda results I get.
  4. Hey guys just trying to get a better understanding of How the RO units work. As of right now out of my Tap (going thru a sediment filter and 2 carbon filters) i have a respectable 78ppm TDS at right around 7 ph. I purchased an RO unit a couple months ago and haven't installed it yet. I'm guessing my good output will be around 0 TDS so what should i expect for my WASTE water to look like? could i use the "waste " for some grow out tanks and other stuff. Really didn't want to waste water if i didn't have to.
  5. I’ve had a hands off approach to my angel fish pair! The other day I had free swiming baby’s look like they were eating brine and all then one day to the next GONE! Is it possible the parents ate them all? There is legitimate no sign of them. It’s like them disappeared. Next time I will be sure to remove them from the parents.
  6. This is going on a new build I’m doing. A 55 gallon discus tank I’ll be sure to take a pic
  7. I actually ended up going with a darker blue vinyl wrapping
  8. Actually it does appear abit clearer to me but the main difference is when you go drill it, it doesn’t explode into a billion pieces. It’s for people who want drill overflows
  9. My only draw back to the black was people are saying the discus can pepper or want to match the background but I don't think the tiger turquoise pepper much if at all.
  10. i could try the paper / film route i usually paint my tanks but definitely an option!
  11. Hello all Just a follow up to my last post. i found a 55 that does not have tempered glass! Marineland.......excuse me "top fin" at pet smart have the thicker real glass tanks! only down side is the Black silicon. Just a heads up to everyone or anyone looking!
  12. Hey Guys wanted to get some opinions on a background color for The 55 Gallon Tank. Its going to house 6 Tiger Turquoise Discus. I've heard people talk about how lighter colors make the discus look better, but I'm impartial to the black backgrounds. Every single tank in my fish room is black lol. I was thinking maybe a blue? Choice are Black, Light blue, white or Darker blue. I'm using lighter pool filter sand. Would love to hear opinion... wish there was a vote template.
  13. Had no idea about the laser cutter option! Hmmmmm!
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