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  1. I don't recall seeing a price for the enviro-monitron, but the site said it was customizable for you monitoring needs. I did look at the items they had available and the dissolved oxygen probe for the system was $600+ , and I think the Felix is around that price for the whole system.
  2. So I was researching places to find rice fish again, and it occurred to me that I keep seeing all these scientific reports and that they must be getting fish from somewhere. I started looking up how to procure research specimens, but the few places I found didn't have pictures, asked for teacher ids and company names, and had order invoices to fill out. I didn't look into it much further. The animal science world is a trip.(you can get sheep and goats sent to your door) I say all that to say this: check out this ridiculously priced feeder. It reminded me of when Cory was talking about those people that will pay anything and overcomplicate things and want you to tell them exactly how much to feed and I had to share. Also, there is a water quality monitoring device called the Enviro-Monitron, catchy and futuristic.
  3. I'm so glad that this creek is essentially a block from my apartment. It makes it pretty easy to enjoy nature daily.
  4. Not aquarium related, but I want these only with green polarized lenses instead. I need to protect my eyes and be able to see fish underwater in nature daily.
  5. I used to have a firemouth about a decade ago, when I was in college, that I would feed live ghost shrimp. I thought the ghost shrimp were pretty cool and would see them carry eggs, but was never able to keep them alive long enough to reproduce. I got rid of the tank and fish after college instead of trying to move them. I wouldn't say I was in to the hobby then. It was more like "check out my FIREmouth eat these live shrimp." I didn't think about keeping an aquarium again until several years ago when I saw a Flip Aquatics video and was introduced to cherry shrimp for the first time. I had to have them. I don't have a local pet store, so I ordered a five gallon from Amazon and ordered 10 shrimp from Rob. That was four years ago, and now I have the 5g, a 4g, a 12g, a 20g, and two 2.5g tanks along with 6 species of community fish and numerous plants. It started back because of a genuine curiosity in shrimp and a need for something to focus on other than my stressful managerial job. I left the stressful job 2 years ago, but the hobby stayed.
  6. @aquachrisit's a made up word from a livestream when Cory misspoke trying to say "nerd" and "normal" while explaining a person who in all aspects seems normal, but is indeed a surprisingly big fish nerd. I didn't mean to hijack @DaveSamsell's post or try to assert my thoughts over his. I only wished to continue to ponder and pontificate on this accidental term and it's meaning.
  7. N.E.R.M = Never Enough Research Mindset It means to me to always be questioning, even when you think you're right or have the answer. Research all sides of a problem, issue, or question. Play devil's advocate, drop your biases, and stay curious. A lot of things are grey instead of black or white. Sometimes the rabbit holes you'll venture down will lead to unintended insights and knowledge that you wouldn't have gained by just accepting something as fact and at the very least you will most certainly know more about why that is a fact. And don't just research, but apply your research and learn from that. You see how that can be an endless cycle of research, apply, learn.
  8. Thanks for the insights @Daniel and @Green Thumb Aquariums. My only other thought would be that the ones in the cups have no competition from other plants. Even the red root floaters in the tank below the cups and beneath a lid are green. This makes me think lighting might be irrelevant and it might have more to do with nutrients or the exhaustion of nutrients. This wasn't an intended experiment, just the result of me being lazy and then noticing a change and variables.
  9. I have had red root floaters for about 6 months now. They are in an open top rimless tank with a fluval 3.0 on 50% for 12 hours about 6 inches away from them. They have never been red. Earlier this month I was getting ready to go to a swap and portioned out some to take and trade or give away. I started collecting the week before and left them in cups on top of another aquarium under a fluval 3.0 at 50% for 12 hours but about 8 inches away. I did not go to the swap and I have left them in the cups on top of the aquarium for about 3 weeks now. They are turning quite red. The lights are the same. Same settings and time periods. I would have thought that the red root floaters closer to the light that have a constant supply of nutrients from the tank inhabitants would be the better looking redder plants, not the ones further away from the light source sitting in stale water for weeks. Why?
  10. @HibiscusAquatics I'm going to assume that you will be using this rack for bettas from your other posts. When you say tiered do you mean like stair steps? You might check out Inglorious Bettas youtube channel. She has a metal rack with a tiered wooden rack on top. The metal portion holds tanks for fry grow out and the wooden rack holds jars for growing out individuals after separation.
  11. For the browning, yellowing, and holes this chart might help. I don't know what the white spots are on that plant(Anubias coffeefolia?). I see something similar on the buce in my tanks. I always thought it was just part of the leaf structure.
  12. From what I've been reading, it seems that it might be a snail leech. This has been some of the hardest research to do because most of the leeches look very similar and my skin has been crawling the entire time. The tank that I found it in has three Bristlenose Plecos and about 12 Daisy's Ricefish and probably hundreds of Malaysian Trumpet Snails. If there are more leeches in there, I guess I'm fine with them as long as they don't hurt fish and could put a dent in the snails. I imagine I would have seen the leeches on the Bristlenose, due to their habit of hanging out in one place and near the substrate. It also seems like dewormer would get rid of them if I had to.
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